How to Make Money Online Easily - 3 Powerful Make Money Online Business Modules


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Want to start earning money online? Download this E-Book to know about 3 powerful make money online business modules that have been tested for years.

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  • Guys a lot of people get confused with making money online and make it too complicated. I've been helping my friends out lately and have started earning between $6-10K a month with something called binary options. It's easy and it works. I even made a website to share with my friends on how to do it, it's at
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How to Make Money Online Easily - 3 Powerful Make Money Online Business Modules

  2. 2. Disclaimer This e-book has been written to provide information about online marketing and business revolving Internet marketing. I have taken every effort make this e-book as complete and accurate as possible. However, there may be mistakes in typography or content. Also, this e-book provides information on Internet marketing only up to the publishing date. Therefore, this e-book should be used as a guide with a purpose to educate. This E-book also contains information about some third party resources that I have personally used and found very useful. These recommendations must be taken only as my personal views and I am not liable for privacy policy or services of these products. I do not warrant that the information contained in this e-book is fully complete. I do not possess any liability or responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by this e-book. Confidential This free report is for your own personal use. The information contained within may not be sold, exchanged, or shared in part or in whole.
  3. 3. Introduction Hi, My name is Anthony James and I thank you for grabbing this free e-book. Let me start by stating what this E-book is not about. It is not about:  A List of Get Rich Quick schemes.  Any kind of Multi Level Marketing Schemes.  Any kind of secret tricks that can make you thousands of dollars per day.  Any kind of Black Hat or Grey Hat methods to make quick cash My main motive behind writing this e-book is to push you on a path where you will work to setup a solid online empire for yourself, which will generate you a passive income of thousands of dollars per month. It may be possible that you have heard of these business modules before, but if you haven’t taken any step because you think that it is too hard to succeed with these methods; then you are totally under a wrong impression. In fact every business needs hard work, dedication and a right guidance to succeed and this also applies to online business. Making money online is easy and there are millions of people who earn a couple of dollars online by taking part in MLM schemes, paid to click or paid to surf schemes, chain email sending schemes and many more. But these types of business don’t last long and you can’t make enough money with these so as to be able to quit your day job. I will provide you step-by-step guide to get started and proceed not only to make your first income online, but to setup a solid online business empire that will earn you thousands of dollars per month of passive income. This E-book is divided in three major parts which are actually three online business modules you will setup for yourself with my simple step by step guide. Let’s start with first one……………
  4. 4. PART I Blogging: What is a Blog? A blog is a kind of journal which you update daily or at some regular interval with latest information, news or original ideas. A blog can be maintained by a single individual or more than one individual. You can start a blog around any specific topic but this is not necessary always. You can start a blog on almost any topic that you find interesting. From photography, to spirituality, to recipes, to personal diaries to hobbies – a blog can target any specific topic that you can imagine. How you can earn through blogging? Blogs have a huge earning potential if you know what you are doing. You can earn money from various sources through your blog out of which adsense and third party advertisements are most popular. Other ways to monetize the blog is through affiliate marketing, selling links, paid reviews and many more. In fact if you have a good blog with lots of unique content that interest readers, than you need not to work hard to make money through it. Blogs which are written on a specific topic are considered best as these blogs attracts lots of targeted visitors. How much you can earn through blogging? As I mentioned it depends on the quality of your blog. There are several blogs on internet that started with a single blogger writing about his/her passion and interests. There are blogs like,,,, and etc. which make millions of dollars per year and now have a staff of paid reporters, and a specialized sales team. On the other hand there are some individual bloggers who make six figures income with their blogs. Some of them are John Cow of, Darren Rose of, Yaro Starak of, Jeremy Schoemaker of, Steve Pavlina of and Amit Aggrawal of
  5. 5. This is just a glimpses of the earning power of a blog and there are many other high quality blogs that generate somewhere between $500 and $10,000 per month without any extra efforts. But all these blogs have one thing common. All of these blogs were started by a single person and they took right steps to monetize the power of blog. Advantages of Blogging If you are passionate about a particular topic and you have lots to say about that, Blogging is perfect online business module for you. Everyone has some interest; it may be Photography, Music, Internet, Technology, Self-Development, Fitness, Cooking, Travelling, Car Racing, Bike, Golf, Movies, Gardening, Aerobics etc. etc. All you need to do is to start a blog and keep updating it with some great tips or information regarding your topic. As people find your content online and if they get interested in your writing, you can establish yourself as an expert of your field. After than it become very easy to leverage the power of blogging. You can easily earn a substantial income without thinking much about it. How to Start Blogging and Start Earning Money: Step1: Choose a topic for your blog: This is very crucial step in blogging. The topic of your blog must be something on which you can write flawlessly and something you are passionate about. It will not only increase the chances of your success, but you will also enjoy it. It will be far easier for you to write on a topic that you have knowledge about rather than starting with a random topic. Step2: Get a domain name and a web hosting: Now when you have decided the topic of your blog, you now need a domain name and a web hosting. This will cost you around $45 to $60. There are many best companies that provide domain and hosting space like Hostgator, Go Daddy, Web Hosting Pad, Blue Host, Just Host etc. I personally use and recommend Just Host as they are not only cheap, but provide best services with a great customer support. You will get one domain name for Free,
  6. 6. when you purchase their hosting plan. Go Daddy is also good and provides cheap domains. Setting up domain name and blogging software on your hosting is very easy and with just a click of mouse you can setup all things. You can use Wordpress as the blogging management system of your blog as it is very easy to use and highly efficient. If you don’t want to spend that much amount then you can use free blogging platforms. The two most famous blogging platforms are Wordpress and Blogger. All you need to do is to register on any of these two, get a blog and start blogging. When you sign up with these you get a domain name like or You can switch to your own domain and hosting anytime if you feel comfortable with that. However if you are really serious about making money through blogging, a personal domain name is recommended from beginning. It will help you in establishing yourself as a serious blogger and it looks more professional. Step3: Choosing a professional design for your blog: A professional design is must if you want to capture attention of your visitors. Have you ever heard this quote: “First impression is the last impression”? This imply on your blog as well. There are many services out there which provide you specialized services to design a suitable theme for your blog. However you can use free themes if you are on a budget and upgrade further when you feel comfortable. You can find many free themes at E Blog Template. Step4: Write High Quality Content: Now you have everything setup and running. All you have to do now is to start writing some good quality content related to your topic. Posting frequency depend on your ease. You can post more than 1 article per day or you can post 3 times or 2 times per week. One thing that I recommend is to maintain a consistent frequency of posting. This is a good strategy for maintaining a blog with new post and ideas on a regular basis. You can search for other blogs related to your topic to find an idea of what other bloggers are writing. To search for this go to and search for “Your Topic” + Blogs. This will give you unlimited ideas to start your blog.
  7. 7. Step5: Promote your Blog: Promoting a blog is necessary if you want to leverage your knowledge and passion about a particular topic. So what does promotion means? Actually, It is an art of driving traffic to your blog. It starts with a proper SEO (read about Keyword research and optimization in Part II) of your website. If you are using Wordpress blogging platform then there are many plugins that can help you in this. You can use social media like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, My Space etc. to drive traffic to your blog. There are blog communities such as Technorati where you can connect to fellow bloggers and promote your blog. Other major social media sites are Digg, Reddit, Mixx and StumbleUpon. These sites are very powerful in driving traffic to your blog, but you need to learn the social media marketing strategy in detail before using these sites. You can get a copy of Blogging to the Bank, a powerful blogging system that has helped thousands of people to master of art of profitable blogging. Rob Benwell has done an impressive work on this system and you too can get this system for a small price of $37. Another great blogging course is Blog Mastermind by Yaro Starak. Yaro Starak is known as one of the most effective blogger who earns massive income through his blog. Although his course is expensive, but best things in this world carry big price tag. Isn’t it? Anyway the choice is yours. Step6: Monetization of Blog: Once you have an established blog with some good quality content and a good traffic, then you can start monetizing your blog. Monetizing a blog is an art and it can be learnt only by experience. There are people who own a good blog with nice traffic, but fail to earn a good income out of it. On the other hand there are bloggers, who use each and every method of making money through their blog.  Adsense: Adsense is a CPC (cost per click) advertising module of Google. If you have a good blog then you need to register at Google Adsense for displaying adsense on your blog. Once you get approved, you can simply put the script provided by Google on your blog and Google will automatically display the advertisements on your blog.
  8. 8. Whenever any visitor clicks on any of these ads you will get paid. This amount depends on many factors and can range from 0.5 cents to around $2-$3. You can get more information about important terms like CTR (click through rate), CPC (cost per click) at their website. There are some more advertising services such as Chitika and Bidvertiser but no one can beat Google Adsense.  Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is to sell other’s product on your blog. Affiliate marketing is a vast topic that I have discussed in part II of this e-book, but in context to blogging it is fairly simple. As you have a niche related blog with lots of targeted visitors who are interested in your niche. So you can simply put advertisements of any product on your blog (or you can review a product related to your niche on your blog). If your visitors find it useful they buy it from your affiliate link and you will earn commission.  Selling Paid Reviews: Selling paid reviews is another method to earn revenue from your blog. In this method you review about a website or any product related to your niche for a pre-decided fee. If your blog is popular then advertisers may contact you directly. You can also register your blog at Pay per Post which is a blog marketing tool to build relationship between bloggers and advertisers. You can earn from $10 to $500 per post depending upon the value of your blog.  Banner Advertising: Banner advertising is a method to provide exposure to a company or its products through your blog. In this method you add a banner of an advertiser with a link back to their website on your blog at some prominent place. You can charge somewhere from $20 to $200 per month per banner if you have a low to medium traffic blog. Blogs with high traffic earn around $500 to $2000 (sometime more than this) for banner advertising.  Selling Links: You can also earn by selling links on your blog, however it is recommended that you link only to websites or blogs closely related to your theme. Although selling links is not a good practice as it is against Google recommendations, but if you doesn’t smell fishy then you can do it without any harm.
  9. 9. Blogging is not only a best way to make money online, but you can also enjoy the status of being recognized as an expert of your subject. You can use your blog to make friends, build a loyal audience, establish your expertise, network with people of same interests, and in launching related products. And these things are beyond making money from your blog. If you remain dedicated to your blog, add useful and unique information to your blog at regular intervals and promote it well then within 2-3 months you will start earning from your blog. In starting the earnings may be low, but as traffic on your blog tend to increase you will see considerable hike in your earning as well. Resources you will find useful: 1. Just Host 2. Go Daddy 3. Wordpress 4. Blogger 5. Blogging to The Bank 6. Blog Mastermind
  10. 10. PART 2 AFFILIATE MARKETING: Affiliate Marketing is undoubtedly the best make money online method that is being used by millions of affiliate to earn income ranging from $1000 to $1, 00,000 per month. Yes, this is absolutely true and achievable. There are many super affiliates who earn thousands of dollars per day. I am not one of them, but I make six figures income per year by affiliate marketing. If you take right step, I guarantee you that you can easily make around $500 to $1500 in your first month. That’s the power of affiliate marketing! Let’s start with learning the basics………… What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing is a method by which you can sell the products of other people (called Merchants or Vendors) online and you will be awarded with a commission on the selling price of that particular product. Actually Affiliate Marketing is a broad term and there are different kinds of commission structures like Pay per Lead, Pay per Action or Pay per Sale etc. In this way Merchants or Product Owners get more and more sales as there are many affiliate promoting their products and in return they give a part of their profit to their affiliates. So this is beneficial to both product owner and affiliates. Today affiliate marketing covers a wide range of products and services, from household items to telecommunications offerings and from E-books to DVD’s. Benefits of Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is one of the best methods to earn recurring income. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you can start with a minimum setup cost, even without spending anything. Does this sound ridiculous? If yes, check out The Affiliate Code, by Michael Jones and you will get to how you can earn a whopping income from all free traffic.
  11. 11. You don’t need to have a website of your own (although your own website is always good), you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on any initial setup, you don’t need to pay anything to publishers and there is absolutely no other monetary investment. All you need to do is to learn basics of smart affiliate marketing and devote some time to it. 3-4 hours per day is enough in starting, so you even don’t need to quit your day job. I again concise that if done correctly, Affiliate Marketing is the most lucrative business you can do online. Starting with Affiliate Marketing Starting with Affiliate Marketing is really easy. Do you already have a Website/Blog? If you already have a website/blog related to a particular topic with some decent traffic, then it’s very easy for you to promote other’s product. All you have to do is to find the best suited products to your website and put advertisements on your website with your affiliate link. Visitors of your site may be interested in some of these products and if someone purchase by clicking on ads on your website, you will earn commission. The best place to find products to promote are the famous Affiliate networks. Some of the best affiliate networks are Commission Junction, ShareaSale, Clickbank, LinkShare, Amazon, and Affiliate Window. You can sign up with any of these and search for the product related to your website or blog and just start promoting it. Don’t have a Website/Blog? Don’t worry! If you don’t have any website or blog till now and you are just starting out in Online Money Making arena, then here are is the step by step guide to affiliate marketing. Step1: Finding a Niche: Start with finding a “Niche”. A niche is a certain segment of market where you will promote products and try to sell them. Some examples of niches are Weight Loss, Insurance, Golf, Computers, Marketing, Video Games, Music, Relationships, Forex and many more. In each bigger niche there are many sub-niches. For example health niche includes many sub niches like acne, weight loss, hair loss, anxiety, grow taller etc. In Insurance niche there are sub niches like home insurance, car insurance, life insurance etc.
  12. 12. You can dig deeper to find less competitive niche to yield optimal results. If you start with a huge niche, you will find higher competition. 3 Points to consider while finding a niche:  Consider your Interest and Passion: This is important when you start as you need to do lots of work on setting up your website and to promote it. If you know about your niche, it will become easier for you to work on it. To create a successful affiliate business, choosing a profitable niche is important but if you have knowledge of that particular niche the chances of your success will be higher. When I started with affiliate marketing I started with the Body-Building niche as I was a maniac of body building since my college days and hence it was easier for me to write on the subject. However after getting some success, I jumped to more competitive niches to make more money. But in starting it is recommended to pick a niche you know.  Consider the Competition: I believe if you believe in yourself and have interest in your niche, no one can stop you from achieving success. However it is a better to check out the competition in a particular niche before you start with it. High competition means you will need to work more and hard to see initial profit, while with less competitive niches you can earn your first money online within few days. Read Step 2 for information about competition and niche research by Keyword research.  Consider Profitability: You are working for money and what if the niche you are working in is not profitable? Check out if there is enough market for product you will be selling. Niches like weight loss, relationships, green energy, poker etc are known as highly lucrative niches. Niche selection is a very crucial step in affiliate marketing. You can use Micro Niche Finder, to effectively research on any niche and to find best niches to work with. This is a great tool for beginners.
  13. 13. Step2: Keyword Research: What is a keyword? A keyword is a search term that is used by users to search for any particular information on search engines. Actually the term niche and keyword are synonymous to some extent. If my niche is weight loss, then the keywords related to my niche will revolve round the term Weight Loss. For example some common keywords related o this niche will be How to lose weight, weight lose techniques, weight lose diet, lose weight, exercises for weight loss etc. What is Keyword Research? Keyword research is a term coined for collecting all keywords related to your niche. By keyword research we can get to know which terms people are using to search for particular information. This helps us to optimize our website or blog for search engines for highly searched keyword which in turn leads to higher visibility and traffic. How to do Keyword Research? There are various tools that you can use to do keyword research. Google keyword tool is a free tool for researching your keywords. I also recommend Keyword Elite which is a great and comprehensive keyword research software by Brad Callen. It is actually much more than a simple keyword research software. First of all, after choosing a particular niche, you need to think about various search terms that people may use to search it online. Brainstorming is the best thing to find keyword ideas. How to lose weight, weight loss exercises, tips for weight loss, how to reduce weight, weight loss diets, are some of the keywords related to your niche. Now when you list around 15-20 such keywords; put them one by one in a keyword tool and search for more keyword ideas. Keyword tool will also show the estimated searches for a particular keyword and estimated advertiser competition for that keyword. From that you can select some good keywords will high searches and low competition.
  14. 14. Step3: Setting up a landing page: A landing page is a web page where a potential customer lands first time and where you promote your products. It may be a home page of a website or any other custom made landing page on your domain. You can book cheap domain names and hosting server from Just Host or Go Daddy and quickly setup a simple HTML landing page. Although it is not necessary to get your own domain and hosting and you can use free services like,, etc to setup a landing page, but if you want to look professional use your own domain. You can easily communicate with merchants and even get review copies if you own a website of your own. How to make a landing page depends upon the product you are going to promote. You can write a review page about a single product or you can write about a general problem and introducing your product as a solution of the problem. You can also choose to make a general informative website or blog about a niche and then promote different products on your blog. Step 4: Choosing an Affiliate Program: There are many affiliate programs with whom you can partner as an affiliate. You must check out the product quality, commission structure, payment structure etc before starting to promote it. There are many affiliate networks you can work with. These affiliate networks are like a mediator between Affiliates and Merchants. After joining an affiliate network you need not to worry about tracking, payments and other issues as these networks handles all this. Some of the famous affiliate networks are:  Pepperjam Affiliate Network  Commission Junction  ShareASale  LinkShare  Amazon  Clickbank  Affiliate Scout You can search for other affiliate programs by searching in Google: “Your Keyword” + “Affiliate Program”.
  15. 15. Step5: Promotion and Getting Traffic By now you have a website related to a particular niche and you have signed up for a affiliate network and affiliate program. This means you have chosen which product(s) you will promote through your website. Now all you need is to drive traffic to your website and by traffic I mean targeted traffic. People who are actually searching for solution of a problem or people who are really searching for products listed on your website. You can promote your website by working to improve your website ranking in Search Engines which is a time taking process. If you need immediate traffic then you can use PPC or Article Marketing. I recommend using article marketing as it is free. Article marketing is a powerful technique to drive massive traffic to your website, but it is only possible if you work in a right direction. Basically article marketing is all about writing articles related to your niche and submit them to article directories like,,, and with a linkback to your website. As people find your article online, they will follow the link of your website. Truth about Article Marketing: Article marketing is a time-consuming if you are going to write articles yourself. You are going to sit down and write a bunch of articles. And I'm not talking about just 10 articles. I mean you should write about a 100 to 200. Too many people only write a few articles and wonder why they are not finding success. Well, you are never going to be a successful article marketer writing a few articles. You have got to write, write, and write some more. And if you have some extra money you can pay for some cheap writers. If you are not a born writer then Magic Article Rewriter is an amazing tool you cannot neglect if you want to earn decent money through article marketing. You can produce up to 1000 of unique articles in a short time with Magic Article Rewriter. I really appreciate Alexander Krulik, for creating this unique software. If you take proper steps and work in a right direction you will soon make your first sale online. As commission for products ranges from $5 to $150, you can easily think about the power of affiliate marketing. There are many affiliates who earn more than $5000 per day by affiliate marketing. You may not do so initially, but achieving around $1000 to $1500 is very feasible in first month, if you pay attention to the information provided here and choose some good software and courses.
  16. 16. Resources you can use: 1. Just Host 2. Go Daddy 3. The Affiliate Code 4. Papperjam Network 5. Commission Junction 6. ShareASale 7. Clickbank 8. Amazon 9. Google Keyword Tool 10. Micro Niche Finder 11. Keyword Elite 12. Magic Article Rewriter
  17. 17. PART III Domain and Website Flipping What is flipping? Flipping is a term used for buying an asset and quickly reselling it for profit. So by Domain and Website flipping we mean the same. Domain Flipping: You purchase some good, keyword rich domains and sell them at higher price. Website Flipping: You purchase (or can build) a website and sell it at higher price for profit. It you are building the website by yourself then your profit margin will be higher although you need to do some basic work on it. Flipping business is a great business and if you do it in a right way you can easily earn $500 to even $10,000 per month. There are many Internet Marketing experts who run a big empire based on flipping business. It may take around 2-3 months to setup a regular income, but you can start earning within a matter of days. So basically flipping can be done by 3 methods:  Purchase a domain and sell it for profit.  Purchase a developed website and sell it at higher price thus making profit.  Purchase a domain, develop this in website and sell for profit. Benefits of Flipping Business: Flipping business is easy to start and implement and require very little knowledge or expertise to implement. Think about the scenario where you purchase a domain name for $8 and then resell it for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. This sound impossible to you, but there is many people who do this on a regular basis.
  18. 18. Flipping – A Step by Step Guide: This flipping guide is basically a mix up of all three methods I have state d above. You can use it anyway you like, but the following method is best and is recommended for beginners. As I have already told you flipping domain or website is a practice to purchase domain/website and sell them for a profit. It is not a new term and it has been in business from a long time. In past there were stories where one domain flipping deal made the original domain registrar millionaire. Yes, it is true. Do you know was sold for $14 million and for $7.5 million? I am not going to list all such domain auction here as the list is huge. So if you are lucky enough to find such a premium domain name than you can sell it for a big profit. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible or extremely hard to find such a premium domain which is not registered till date. If you find one, you are lucky. Then how exactly will you earn money from Domain flipping. The answer lies in “Niche”. If you remember I introduced this world in Part I of this guide. So this particular system of domain flipping revolves round some small niche and local business owners who want a web presence but are clueless about internet marketing thing. Step1: Think of some Micro Niche and Select Domain Names: A micro niche or a sub niche is a small part of big niche. Suppose I choose niche Insurance and digging further I go to the sub niche Home Owner Insurance. This is actually just one example, but there are thousands of such examples that you can think about. Think about common products and services such as Dentists, Auto Repair, Furniture, Architects and many more. Now do some basic keyword research to find most common keywords related to these products or services. Now combine this sub niche with regional attribute i.e. city or state name. Suppose you choose Florida then your target domain names will be,, and so on. You can also try other variations such as,,, and so on. I think now you have understood what you have to do.
  19. 19. Step2: Search for Available Domain Names: Now head over to Just Host or Go Daddy and search for the availability of domain names from the above list. If you find some good domain available, then register it. Start with around 10-15 domains at first. It will cost you around $80 to $120. Step3: Setting up a landing page: Now put landing page on the domains. You need not to make a very professional landing page. Just a simple HTML page will work fine. You can also install Wordpress as Just Host gives you one click Wordpress installation facility. Now write a simple content with the domain name as primary keyword of around 200- 250 words. For example if your domain is, then your primary keyword will be “Architects in Florida”. Put this keyword in Title, Description and H1 tag. You can also do some basic off page optimization like directory submission etc but this is not necessary. The only point of this is to push the domain name in top 10 rankings in Google. Now as your website is targeted to a less competitive keyword and you have the exact domain name, you will find your website on first page of Google for your keyword within some days. Step4: Find potential buyers: Finding potential buyers is next step. For this you need to search on Google for the exact keyword phrase. For example if your website is, then search for keyword “Architects in Florida” and check for the results coming on right side of page or at the top of organic results. These are the website owners that are spending money on PPC for getting traffic to their website. Step5: Email to potential buyers: Now search for the emails of these website owners on their website, or search for the domain information at Domain tools to find the contact information of website owner. Then send a personalized email to each of than making an offer to them. Wait for the replies, and check each offer made to you. Negotiate or accept based on the offers you have. If you don’t get any offers, don’t lose heart. This whole system of flipping is based on hit and run method. Suppose you purchased 10 domains for $80 and you could sold only 2 of them for a price of $60 to $80, then also you are in profit. If you work on this plan on a
  20. 20. regular basis, then soon you will find yourself making hundred dollars on a daily basis just by flipping such micro sites. Going to Next Level: You can also go one step further, by creating a complete niche website, make around 10 to 15 pages, setup some products to sell on it (or you can add adsense on it) and sell it for a higher price at places like Flippa. You have to do exactly what you have done in above steps, but instead of setting up just one landing page, make it a complete website. This will certainly increase your profit to a higher extent. Once you become expert in this and start getting many offers on a daily basis, you can then also buy website from a smaller marketplace and then sell it for higher rates somewhere else. This is called arbitrage method of Flipping. So you can see that domain/website flipping is a great make money online opportunity which can earn you a decent income on a daily basis and you need not to be an expert for this. You need not to promote your website, you need not to worry too much about search engine ranking, and you need not to spend much on design of website. See how easy is this! Resources you can use: 1. Just Host 2. Go Daddy 3. Flippa
  21. 21. Final Note The three business modules I showed you are not hard to setup. With a little investment you can start working on any one of them, but you must be concentrated towards a single module in starting. Rinse and repeat each of the steps and generate more and more profit. I hope you enjoyed this report. I have tried my best to present you the detailed steps of not only making money online, but to setup a powerful online business. You can choose any of them according to your liking. Also you can mix and match these methods if you want. I promise that I will send more informational reports like this one directly to your E-mail address that will help you further. To your success! Anthony James