Ballet Magique Press Kit Ring of the Rose


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Ballet Magique Press Kit Ring of the Rose

  2. 2. ballet magiqueRING OF THE ROSE
  3. 3. Letter from the CEO ballet magiqueAs the Chief Executive Officer of BalletMagique Entertainment I am supremely BALLET MAGIQUE ENTERTAINMENTcommitted to supporting and manifesting theprofoundly exquisite vision of the company’sfounder, Anthony W Johnson.It is this vanguard vision that has alreadycaptured the imagination of thousands of loyalfans over the past decade. There is no questionin my mind, that Mr. Johnson’s foresight andcreativity will ignite a revolutionar y,fundamental and affective appreciation for thearts of global proportions.I remain confident that, once you absorb theinformation contained in this document, anddiscover the unprecedented world ofimagination and magic that we at BalletMagique Entertainment are creating, it will castits spell on you, as it has me and countlessothers. BALLET MAGIQUE VIDEO PROMOFor Anthony W. Johnson there is a much CLICK HEREbigger picture, a larger calling. For him, BalletMagique represents the reinvention of the art BALLET  MAGIQUE  ENTERTAINMENT  (BME)  established  in  1999,  by  Anthony  W  Johnson  and  became  a  full  forms of dance, ballet and magic, the company  with  late  partner  Gene  Wooley  in  2001.    reinstatement of authenticity, excellence, With  Johnson’s  strong  and  innate  creativity  alongside  the  creation  of  four  spectacular  shows,  BME  is  poised  dedication, hard work and commitment to the to  become  a  household  name  in  the  realm  of  live  theatrical  entertainment.  arts, the dynamic and explosive results offusing of art forms to create something new BME  has  created  a  unique,  groundbreaking  way  for  audiences  to  experience  dance,  martial  arts  and  theatre  and exciting and spectacularly entertaining. while  also  changing  the  face  of  magic.  Ballet  Magique  is  a  fusion  of  dance,  magic,  illusion  theatre,  martial  arts   and  music.  But,  unlike  an  Opera  or  a  Musical,  it  is  the  Dancers  and  Martial  Artists  performing  magic  that  take  It is without question that Ballet Magique is a center  stage,  as  the  singers  are  the  backdrops,  making  Ballet  Magique  a  new  form  of  entertainment!smart, innovative, extraordinary company, butbeyond that it is a blueprint for a worldwide, Ballet  Magique  Entertainment  harnesses  the  powerful  forces  of  Dance  and  Magic  and  combines  them  into  an  sustainable, and long-overdue contribution to audience  thrilling,  seat  -­‐packing  production.  This  is  due  to  the  masterful  storytelling,  distinct  choreography,  the arts whose legacy will impact and inspire and  extraordinary  vision  demonstrated  by  the  eyes  of  the  company’s  Director  Anthony  Johnson.millions of people for generations to come.Our mission is to continue to entertain, enliven Based  on  the  level  of  artistic  achievement  brought  forth  by  Mr.  Johnson  and  most  importantly  by  stunningly  the spirit, and spur excellence in aspiring artists differentiated  content  of  its  productions,  BME  is  indisputably  independent  in  this  Uield.  There  is  nothing  that  and audiences worldwide. combines  magic,  dance,  plot,  and  martial  arts  anywhere.  Ballet  Magique  Entertainment  stands  alone  in  the   pantheon  of  artistic  achievement.  Ballet  Magique  and  its  entertainment  continue  to  spawn  the  unexpected  Franco Sama CEO and  the  alluring  mystery  of  suspense  and  magic.  But  to  truly  understand  the  mystique,  the  power  and  the  Ballet Magique Entertainment euphoric  experience  of  a  Ballet  Magique  performance,  you  would  have  to  be  there.    Welcome to the We  have  three  shows  with  one  in  development,  “Ring  of  The  Rose”,  “Expulsion”,  and  “Les  Vampires”.   Are  you  brave  enough  the  to  enter  into  the  ring  of  suspense  to  indulge  into  the  mystique  of  Ballet  Magique? Mystique!
  4. 4. The Ring of the Rose “The Ring of the Rose by Ballet Magique was the most thoroughly developed work on the program. Their technical level of performance was higher than the others.” Diane Monroe Beverly Hills Outlook Ring of the Rose written by Anthony W Johnson The Ring of the Rose is a passionate story of love versus obsession, beauty versus commitment and joy versus sacrifice; In this parable of love lost, then found lies a story within a story whereby two Brothers battle against an outsider who falls in love with their sister. At the height of this magical tale, a spirit tells them the story of theTHE RING OF THE ROSE “Rose”. Like television shows such as “The Bachelorette” and “The Bachelor”, two couples fight with all of their might to win the love and desire of the “Rose”. As each couple vies for his attention, they eventually resort to manipulation, deception and jealous rage towards one another. In their quest and behind the masks, their true hearts and natures are revealed. In the end, however, their selfish efforts prove futile as the “Rose” ultimately decides to keep those who has the respect, loyalty and commitment to him; the very thorns by his side. It is they, whom have loved and protected his beauty from sheer ugliness. It is they BALLET MAGIQUE who encircled him with a ring of solidarity and taught him that the true meaning of love is inside respect, sacrifice and devotion. On the other hand, for the brothers, the “Rose” is time lost. For it was their belief that love is something that you take, that is yours to possess. Instead for us, in this life, it is a symbol, simply a reminder that we love and are loved every year on February 14th. Nevertheless, for these “Thorns” their conviction will forever lie within... The “Ring of the Rose”. With original music score produced by late partner Gene Wooley, the fusion of east and west brings this story to life © Copyright 2011 Ballet Magique Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. through dance, Wushu (martial arts) magic, music and theatre.
  5. 5. CEO FRANCO SAMA CREATOR/DIRECTOR ANTHONY W JOHNSON Independent feature film executive producer Franco Sama boasts an impressive Franco Sama and extensive history in marketing, public relations, television and filmIt comes as no surprise that Anthony Johnson shares the same birthday as the late, development. ANTHONY W JOHNSONgreat Ballet Master and the father of American Ballet, George Balanchine. Throughouthis illustrious career, Johnson, (Founder, Director and Choreographer of Ballet After graduating from the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of ArtsMagique), has trained and performed as a soloist for many prestigious Ballet/Modern/ degree in Psychology, Sama decided to move to Los Angeles in 1997 where heOpera companies throughout the United States and around the world including: The landed his dream job as publicist to the late, renowned celebrity photographerLyric Opera of Chicago, The Los Angeles Opera Company, International Ballet of Jay Spence.Rotaru, Tampa,/Colorado Ballet, Contemporary Ballet Theatre, Ballet, Ballethnic, TheLula Washington Dance Theatre, Atlanta Ballet, The Los Angeles Opera Company, In 2004 he completed production of a journalistic style photography bookGUESTED with Moscow, and Demetrius Klein & Dancers to name a few. titled “Fearless Women: Midlife Portraits” which quickly became a top seller and an favorite. Then, in 2005 he co-founded and became CEOAs The Director of Ballet Magique, Johnson also received a 2004 Lester Horton Award of Fylmar Productions, LLC.nomination for “Outstanding Achievement in Choreography” for Ballet Magique’s“Ring of the Rose"; Ballet Magique received Outstanding Achievements in Costume After spending several years executive producing a litany of indie films, inand Lighting Design.” nominations as well. Johnson has received accolades from 2010, Sama produced the independent feature film “The Land of thePresident Ricardo Martinelli, (Panama ), Master Magician Lance Burton, renowned Astronauts” starring David Arquette, Vivica A. Fox and Bijou Phillips whichillusion designer Jim Steinmeyer, The Orange County Chinese Association, and the premiered at the Montreal Film Festival and is expected to reach theaters byBeverly Hills Outlook. the end of 2011.Johnson toured with Sir Paul McCartney in “Drivin’ U.S.A.”, several Pacific Tours onRoyal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and a plethora of television and film appearances Most recently, Sama co-produced the film “Guns, Girls and Gambling”including “Son of the Beach”, “Hoodlum”, “Skin Walker” “The World Magic Awards”, starring Christian Slater, Gary Oldman and Sir Anthony Hopkins also due out“Jackson’s: An American Dream” and most recently, The Land of the Astronauts, in theaters soon and Executive Produced “Petunia” starring Brittany Snow,“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”. Thora Birch and Christine Lahti, which recently completed principle photography in New York City.In 2004, “Dance Spirit Magazine featured an article on Johnson with an interviewabout Lyrical Dancers in Los Angeles. Next, Sama will Executive Produce “The Unknown Son” which is scheduled toJohnson began his choreographic career as the assistant choreographer for The begin principle photography in Montreal, Canada in August 2011. Sama alsoBackstreet Boys, and has since worked on several shows like The World Magic Awards, recently partnered with Amir Salehi of Persepolis Entertainment and hasArista Records 25th Anniversary, 80’s pop star Paul Lekakis; several Magicians, The begun producing his films under his own banner, Samaco Productions that isbands Empress and Salon K, and, of course his solo for the Paul McCartney tour as the located in Brentwood, California.Khatakali Indian God and numerous concerts.Johnson is best known for training some of the BEST DANCERS/ACTORS in theBusiness. His Private students have also gone to soloist contracts with Bejart Ballet,Hamburg Ballet, Columbia City Ballet, Ballet de Printemps American Ballet Theatre,and Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre, Cirque Du Soleil, and on Broadway in “Mama Mia”,Movin’ Out,” “Come Fly Away”, The Lion King” Films like Across the Universe, Stepup, You got Served, and have appeared on Dancing with the Stars. This year, he hastwo students that made top 20 on “So you think you can Dance!” Alex Fost & MirandaMaleski. Some have also toured with Janet Jackson and Britney Spears, ChristinaAguilera and are in various productions of “Cats”.From 2006-2009 Anthony joined the dance faculty at the Los Angeles County High Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself but talent instantly recognizes genius!School for the Arts. In 2009, Anthony landed a small role in the independent motion Sir Arthur Conan Doylepicture “The Land of the Astronauts” starring David Arquette, Vivica A. Fox, andAngela Lansbury.
  6. 6. COSTUME DESIGNER CHRISTOS ANDRIOPOULOS ΧΡΗSΤΟS ΑΝΔΡΙΟΠΟΥΛΟS Born in March 13, 1972, in Athens. Until, today Christos is sought after for his talent as an Image Maker, Stylist, Fashion Designer, Costume Designer, Art Director and Special Event Planner/ Coordinator. With twenty (20) years of experience, in fashion, TV & cinematography, worldwide, and his background learning and working with today’s top professionals. Christos believes that, “The best image is a result of professionalism & focus, mixed with the knowledge & talent, looking always for the last details, to the absolute!”ΧΡΗSΤΟS ΑΝΔΡΙΟΠΟΥΛΟS Christos’ career began with a Diploma from PANSIK Scuola di Modam and several seminars throughout Europe. In 1998 he makes a bold move and moves to Los Angeles.There Christos gained practical experience while working as a stylist on Jerry Bruckheimer’s TV production ofFearless, CBS news 60 Minutes, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Late Show with David Letterman, WarnerBros, Universal Studios lot at Gold Pictures, several HBO TV series such as, "Sex & the City", "Six Feet Under","Sopranos", "Carnavale", and "Angels in America."Eventually meets his lifelong mentor New York fashion photographer, Fadil Berisha, and he begins anotheradventure working with him on many projects (catalogues & commercials of shopping centers, in New York &Los Angeles, as Bloomingdale, Macys, and Nordstrom, American & worldwide magazines` editions as, Elle,Vogue, Mademoiselle, Seventeen, People Magazine- 50 Most Beautiful, YM, etc.In his twenty years as a fashionisto, Christos has designed and styled for the likes of Hilary Swank, Julia Ormond,Charlize Theron, Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Ellen DeGeneres, Uma Thurman, Catherine Zeta- Jones, SarahJessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Evan Handler, Mary-Louise Parker, Patrick Wilson,Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayak, Paris Hilton, Nia Vardalos, Patricia Heaton, and Doris Robert to name a few RING OF THE ROSE COSTUME DESIGNS BY CHRISTOS ©Copyright Ballet Magique Entertainment All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7. REHEARSAL DIRECTOR Past Reflections KATINA CHILDS-MULLERKATINA CHILDS-MULLER “‘The Ring of The Rose’ is truly a masterpiece that best reflects the linking from the East to the West.” Steve Jia President, Orange County Chinese Professional Association "The Ring of the “I am very impressed with KATINA CHILDS-MULLER REHEARSAL DIRECTOR Rose" by Ballet your work!” Magique was the “I think you are ontoKatina Childs -Muller has been teaching dance for over 20 years. Though known for her Jazz andContemporary classes, Katina and has taught everything from Clogging to Musical Theater and African most thoroughly something that is veryDance to the Waltz and her students have been seen on SYTYCD, ABDC, and AGT.Professionally her credits include: “Guys and Dolls”, “West Side Story”, “Funny Girl”, “Singing in the developed work on artisticRain”, “Music Man”, “Sweet Charity”, and “Godspell” and on TV shows 90210 and Melrose Place, a dancer the program. Their and very commercial at theand actress to famed Spanish television star "La Chilindrina" (live shows), and commercials for Friends,Bridal Wear, and Polaris, Jay Leno, Tom Jones, Kenny Rodgers, Tim Conway and The Brian Setzer technical level of same time...”Orchestra and as a principal dancer for Los Angeles Choreographers and Dancers. Katina has beenhonored, Tremaine, KAR, NYCDA, and MOVE National Dance Conventions. Besides, producing performance was It can turn into a multinumerous shows through her company, VertiGo Productions, She also created the coveted dance program higher than the million dollar business.”at Taft High School (Center for Creative Expression Magnet) and wrote the Los Angeles Unified SchoolDistricts Jazz Dance Curriculum. others. Lance Burton- Master MagicianKatina and her husband were producers for the film “What Love is” with Cuba Gooding Jr. Katina and her Diane Monroe - Review(professional dancer) stepson Nick won a dance game show called “Your Chance to Dance” (episode103). Beverly Hill OutlookKatina is also the choreographer for the up and coming “tween” rock band called "M4".Katina has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Theater from Western Michigan University. ballet magique
  8. 8. R R We, as a group of Chinese people who are actually from China, all are amazed by how well you merged Chinese elements and Ballet techniques together, which interpreted a beautiful oriental love story. ‘The Ring of The Rose’ is truly a masterpiece that best reflects the linking from the East to the West. STEVE JIA Former President Orange County Chinese Professional Association“A thorn defends the rose, harming only those who would steal the blossom.” Chinese Proverb ballet magique