Interated Palette


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A fully adaptable kit of parts.

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Interated Palette

  1. 1. Haworth’s Integrated Palette™
  2. 2. Haworth’s Integrated Palette is a grouping of product lines that stem from our extensiveresearch, vast knowledge, and countless global influences. With this set of cards,we’re pleased to share the details of this strategy and give a brief overview of theunique design and engineering behind the industry’s only truly integrated and fullyadaptable kit of parts. Within these cards, you’ll find the seven design logicsthat inform our Integrated Palette, an introduction to the kit-of-parts, and highlights ofthe customer advantages that result from this strategy. Integrated Palette helps to createan integrated, adaptable, and more sustainable workspace.
  3. 3. What is Integrated Palette?
  4. 4. Haworth’s Integrated Palette stems from years of research that indicatedupcoming changes in how people work, where they work, and evolvingorganizational cultures. Since that time, in early 2004, we’ve made aconcentrated and continued effort to expand from a furniture provider toa provider of complete interior spaces. By infusing our product designsusing seven key design logics, and combining our human, organizational,and facility performance understanding, we created a tremendousdifferentiator for Haworth—a family of platforms that are truly moreintegrated, more adaptable, and more sustainable.The Integrated Palette allows Haworth to provide our customers withdesign freedom, a promise of integration, and future assurance.
  6. 6. The Integrated Palette allows for a wide range of Design Freedom—fromtraditional applications to unconventional, and anywhere in between. Usingvarious components from different product lines that integrate creates theability for the designer to have endless possibilities and true design freedom.Pieces can be moved, swapped, and rearranged, allowing customers to focuson a design that works for today, knowing that change for future needs andevolving workstyles will be simple to carry out.The integrated kit of parts also makes available unique combinations, and offersboundless potential to pursue distinctive layouts.
  8. 8. To carry out our Promise of Integration, Haworth carefullyconsidered the future of building construction, design principles, work styles,and organizational cultures when designing a holistic kit of parts. Like thearchitectural pieces and furniture we produce, each of the variables above mustcome together in the right way to have a positive effect on performance.Unlike other manufacturers that coordinate their offerings to match only visually,Haworth product platforms are engineered across seven design logics (Part 2),creating true integration that provides limitless opportunities for new spatialdesigns, as well as future adaptability with the same products.
  10. 10. Haworth’s Integrated Palette offers not only a sound investment with unparalleledquality, but it also represents Future Assurance. This comes from buildinga long-term partnership. Haworth’s future product development will follow thesame product design strategy, assuring your furniture and architectural interiorassets will serve even more application needs over time. This approach will furtherease space reconfigurations by broadened application possibilities, savingmoney, waste, and downtime.
  11. 11. 1 / Visual Logic2 / Interface Logic3 / Interconnectivity Logic4 / Dimensional Logic5 / Planning Logic6 / Materials Logic7 / Finishes Logic
  12. 12. 1 Visual LogicComplementary to other product, the space, and the building. Timeless beauty.
  13. 13. 1Visual Logic relates to the individual products beingvisually appropriate and complementary, and more importantly, they canbe used to create a coherent visual landscape. All products look like theywere designed concurrently, while remaining timeless and providing theright mix of mass, scale, and proportion at the floorplate level.
  14. 14. 2Interface LogicPerfect fit within the built environment.
  15. 15. 2Interface Logic defines how the products relate tothe built environment. Interior architecture elements are consideredwhen our products are developed to leverage the connection to a raisedfloor and ceiling, or any built structure in between.
  16. 16. 3Interconnectivity LogicUnparalleled connections acrossproduct platforms.
  17. 17. 3Interconnectivity Logic defines howthe products connect to each other between and across platforms.Shared products have a common connection to ensure easy adaptabilityacross platforms.
  18. 18. 4Dimensional Logic The right scale matters.
  19. 19. 4Dimensional Logic defines the dimensionalconsistency between product platforms. Common dimensions ensurefurniture, systems, and architectural products are compatible with oneanother for ease of application. Variation in scale and the progressionfrom one scale to another is critical to make certain the space capturesa changing rhythm and visual interest, yet feels consistent.
  20. 20. 5 Planning LogicProduct platforms combineacross space to becomestunning, effectiveworkspaces.
  21. 21. 5Planning Logic defines a consistent, coherent, andintelligent relationship when multiple product platforms are appliedtogether. Features include an open-frame panel for both on-modularand off-modular planning, a wide array of planning configurations bycombining various platforms, and the ability to span various elevations.
  22. 22. 6 Materials LogicWhat we use to buildour products makes abig difference in quality,performance, andsustainability.
  23. 23. 6Materials Logic defines the continuity of materialsbetween product platforms, clarifying strategic distinctions and overlap.This logic encompasses Design for Environment (dfe) strategies that ensurethe degree of sustainability that all products will possess or attempt toachieve. Forward-thinking toward reclaiming/reusing/recycling ensuresmaterials are as sustainable as possible, while retaining superior performance.
  24. 24. 7 Finish LogicChoose your look, and make it yours.
  25. 25. 7Finish Logic defines the scope and rationale for finishselection and specification. A simplified offering of basic elements likewood, glass, fabric, and laminates can be combined to create a rangeof visual “moods.” Finishes between product platforms are consistentin availability and longevity, and the compatibility of finishes acrossproducts eases the specification process.
  26. 26. Haworth’s Integrated PaletteThe Great Alone, Better Together Kit of Parts Compose® Enclose® Patterns™ Planes® Reside™ Beside™ Belong™
  27. 27. Compose® System
  28. 28. ComposeThe Compose® system brings a sense of design integrity to the openplan, adding refinement and clear attention to details. Compose createsflexible work environments perfectly suited to individual tasks.And with a range of tile options, innovative support solutions, and aclean, cohesive aesthetic, Compose naturally allows greater expression Systemwithin the workplace. So, you can Compose precisely the environmentyou envision.
  29. 29. Moveable WallsEnclose®
  30. 30. EncloseEnclose® moveable walls offer highly adaptable architecture yearafter year. With options such as glass, metal, laminate, wall coverings,wood and more, there are many ways to define design with Enclose. Moveable WallsNow, with frameless glass available, Enclose offers the ultimate intransparency. From design to acoustics to sustainability strategiesand beyond, Enclose walls can perform for you.
  31. 31. Architectural SystemPatterns®
  32. 32. PatternsPatterns™ is a conscious break from standard office solutions.It offers sophisticated design, a wide variety of material options,and an anodized aluminum inlay, all of which bring refinement tothe workspace. From low, sleek benches to the clean lines of studio Architectural Systemdesking, to significant workwalls, Patterns redefines how youexperience an interior.
  33. 33. Planes® Tables
  34. 34. PlanesPlanes® tables and ancillary products integrate seamlessly with allHaworth products. Sleek and ideally proportioned, Planes offers a wide Tablesrange of aesthetic options from materials to configurations. And Planesis the office workhorse when it comes to functionality—specificallydesigned to support the needs of business and technology today.
  35. 35. Many of our clients are actively searching for new product solutionsand non-panel-based workstation plans that will help them balance thechanging needs of their organizations. While the foundational elementsof Furniture Systems, Moveable Walls, Architectural Systems, and Tablesare present in Compose, Enclose, Patterns, and Planes, the platform willsoon include elements that allow even more adaptability and focus onthe individual occupant. Research
  36. 36. The introduction of Reside™, Beside™, and Belong™ in 2011will broaden Haworth’s product application capabilities toinclude desking- and storage-based planning. While each willbe great alone, they will inherently enrich the possibilitiesof the Integrated Palette, providing a powerful and uniquelyHaworth “Better Together” kit of parts.
  37. 37. The Benefits of Integrated PaletteHaworth’s Integrated Palette makes designing beautiful, effective, andadaptable workspaces easier and more intuitive than ever.Join the evolution. Bring your space to life.
  38. 38. Unscripted Design Single-source Supplier SustainableThere’s no set prescription. Haworth’s full kit-of- The Integrated PaletteJust a simple, complete kit parts and accessories represents a new approachof parts to meet your unique is designed to create a to modular interiors. Oneneeds and support various high-performance interior, that will enhance your work environment, whileworkstyles, applications, from access floors, power, sparing valuable resourcesorganizational cultures, data systems and lighting, in the natural world. It willand desired brand. The to the Integrated Palette— also prove a sustainablerange of application will moveable walls, systems, investment as your businessexpand as new products tables, and storage—that needs evolve, changingenter the palette, ensuring all work together. with minimal cost, waste,that Haworth product will and downtime.serve your evolving needs.
  39. 39. Return on Investment Reduced Inventory Less Wasteful ChangesBy providing optimum Storing less inventory is Not only will it take youworkspace configurations always a benefit. With the less time to change aand multiple levels of adapt- inherent adaptability of space when churn occursability to accommodate Integrated Palette, you or workstyles shift, it willeasy change and updating, can change workspace create less waste, and inIntegrated Palette pays you easily with few extra parts. the end will be less costlyback with enduring quality Reusable product reduces to reconfigure.and reconfigurable layouts the need for purchasing newthat cut waste, downtime, parts, as well as the need forand expense. a large inventory.
  40. 40. No Vacancy Effective Use of Endless PossibilitiesWhen space needs to be Billable Hours Integrated Palette allowsreconfigured for a new Because the product is easy a designer to make atenant, Integrated Palette’s to specify, the project will mark on any space. Withmoveable, adaptable be easier to specify with a thoughtful finishes, invitingproducts help speed up simple kit of parts. aesthetics, full breadth ofmove-in times by making product, and abundantthe process easy and quick. applications, the designer is truly the master artist.
  41. 41. | | haworth-asia.comFor more information call 800.344.2600 or 616.393.3000. Haworth is a registered trademark of Haworth, Inc. Printed in USA ©Haworth, Inc. 2010 12.10