Blackberry Innovation Forum 2011, London - Say Yes to your Customers, Anthony Vigneron


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In this presentation I share in 3 steps how you can say Yes to your users and promote consumerisation of IT:
#1 Understand the Demand
#2 (re)-Design your Services
#3 Everyone Say Yes!

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  • As a global firm, we take an integrated, full service approach which spans continents, cultures and time zones, jurisdictions, practice areas and industry sectors. We recruit only the best people at all levels of the business. We place a huge importance on teamwork. Our resources are second-to-none, thanks to our investment in the transference of global knowledge, skills, technology and know-how. We pride ourselves on our creative, 'smart' way of thinking - whether it's in how we analyse instructions and set up our legal teams, how we find the optimal solutions to complex business issues, how we approach billing, how we service our clients' on-going needs and how we work with rather than just for them.  No matter how challenging or complex the mandate, we are not satisfied until we have delivered the highest quality, most commercially effective legal advice. Among the market-leading initiatives that keep us – and our clients - at the cutting edge of legal services are: A cost-effective support service for our lawyers through our specialist centre in India A centralised administrative, business research, analytic and IT centre, also in India, which keeps costs down through efficiencies and budget control An in-house learning and development centre, the Clifford Chance Academy, which builds the legal and business skills of the firm's employees An active and well-respected thought leadership programme, which engages senior lawyers with those responsible for setting the political and economic agenda A leading corporate responsibility programme, focused on our people, our communities and the environment, which frequently finds us working on projects in tandem with our clients Our Consumerisation Strategy is ready to deliver Mobility, benefiting from our investments in building a global Blackberry platform supported by global management service from over 35 Mobile Service Providers
  • It ’ s not a choice: Not a choice, momemtum from Consumer market Tipping point was crossed some time last year: TrendMicro global survey: 56% have said Yes! to Consumerisation Applications Consumerisation has arrived (example HR systems) it ’ s in your Black Bugdet already Consumerisation is about end points strategy (laptops, Tablets, mobiles, TVs, etc) Don ’ t be the one left behind Cultural change: Mobility as a behaviour, not technology apps revolution started embedded in business processes. Staff checking what technology is available before joining! Enterprising Minds don ’ t wait: they take innovation in their own hands Consumerisation enables remote workers to be more proactive Empowers communication and customer interaction
  • Security Department: Content/access are concerns easily addressed but the biggest issue is Claims & Attributes Usability: Users want to make sure employers can ’ t “ read ” their personal emails on their own device, review photos, etc. Use native applications, that ’ s why they chose what it is they chose
  • Proactively Design Strategy Design Mobility as a cultural behaviour: Engage & Educate employees in Consumerisation brainstorming workshops to address all their concerns solutions to match human ’ s behaviours Is your business ready for this? Identify the champions & innovators in the organisation, find out what they want and use Profile the global work force based on their roles, LOBs, Locations and map SLAs accordingly Update your Acceptable Usage Policies Say Yes! But not Always Managed Diversity: responsibility between users (Have corporate standard, tolerated and unsupported applications/devices) Helps you say Yes but not to Everything, not to Everyone
  • Be the Enterprising Minds! Challenge Service Providers New Service Agreements Currently, most MSPs provide old-fashion service agreements, tied to certain technologies and consumption patterns. Truly Global & Flexible Services Agreements to support shifting end point technologies Address mobile data requirements & tariffs, including global data roaming Careful selection of Trusted partners (Network providers in particular to reduce risks of network level security incidents) New Services: Objective #1 Gain visibility, multi-platform It ’ s not all about devices Web-based apps Content & Access Control Security is taken for granted now, Next is need to implement Claims & Attributes security New Service Providers & Delivery Models Leverage volume discounts to present offers from MSPs to your staff Don ’ t build those services yourself! Benefit from SaaS services from RIM or major cloud service providers (Microsoft) or Mobile Service Providers
  • Continue to invest in RIM Platform: - Exceed our Clients ’ expectations: Our Clients expect the very best from our Lawyers, regardless of where they are. This means our IT services must exceed their expectations: We can do this with the RIM platform. Blackberry Balance: Blackberry smartphones for both business and personal usage, without compromise on features we want as consumers or the security we need in business! Applications Management : with corporate AppStore for required, suggested or most requested applications for our staff Devices: support more easily the device portfolio. Cloud Services Innovation: MS Office 365: for cloud Blackberry Enterprise Server Total Service Management: seeking consolidation of mobile services management in the cloud, including service life-cycle management, expenses management and devices management Manage diversity in the Cloud: manage BES, BES Express and 3 rd party devices.
  • Blackberry Innovation Forum 2011, London - Say Yes to your Customers, Anthony Vigneron

    1. 1. Say “Yes!” To YourCustomersAnthony Vigneron
    2. 2. We Say Yes!Enterprising Minds:• C lifford C h ance is one of th e world ’ s le ad ing law firm s , with 33 office s in 23 cou ntrie s and s om e 3,200 le gal ad vis e rs• C re ative , “ S m art” way of th inking• A glob al firm ̶O nly th e b e s t p e op le ̶H u ge im p ortance on te am work ̶E xce lle nt re s ou rce s for cos t-e ffe ctive s u p p ort s e rvice s
    3. 3. #1 Yes!Understand Demands
    4. 4. #1 Yes! Understand the DemandsWhy embrace consumerisation?• It’ s not a ch oice ! Yes! to Consumerisation *• We are in fas h ion b u s ine s s• Bigge s t tre nd for ne xt 9 ye ars 56%• C u ltu ral ch ange * Trend Micro Consumerization report 2011
    5. 5. #1 Yes! Understand the DemandsSo what’s stopping us doing it?• P ractice s of th e p as t• S e cu rity d e p artm e nt• IT d e p artm e nt (S tru ctu re / P olicie s / S u p p ort / C os ts / Liab ilitie s )• C om p le x m arke t force s• U s ab ility
    6. 6. #2 Yes!(re) Design Services
    7. 7. #2 Yes! (re) Design ServicesKey Principles for New Services• D e s ign for “ M ob ility” as a cu ltu ral b e h avior, th e way h u m ans actu ally b e h ave• Is you r b u s ine s s re ad y for th is ?• S ay ye s ! Bu t not always !
    8. 8. #3 Yes!Everyone Say Yes!
    9. 9. #3 Yes! Everyone Say Yes!Enterprising Minds: Challenge service providers• N e w s e rvice agre e m e nts• N e w s e rvice s• N e w s e rvice p rovid e rs & d e live ry m od e ls
    10. 10. Why BlackBerryStrategic Choices• C ontinu e to inve s t in R IM p latform ̶E xce e d ou r C lie nts ’ E xp e ctations ̶B lackb e rry Balance ̶Ap p lications Manage m e nt• C lou d S e rvice s Innovation: ̶M icros oft O ffice 365 ̶T otal S e rvice M anage m e nt ̶M anage D ive rs ity
    11. 11. @AnthonyVigneron© 201 1 R e s e arch In M o tion Lim ite d . All righ ts re s e rve d . BlackBe rry®, R IM ®, R e s e arch In M o tion ® and re late d trad e m arks , nam e sand logos are th e p rop e rty of R e s e arch In M otion Lim ite d and are re gis te re d and / u s e d in th e U .S . and cou ntrie s arou n d th e world . orAll o th e r trad e m arks are th e p rop e rty of th e ir re s p e ctive owne rs .