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131126 - social media tools - ecorys


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Presentation slides for the #wellbeingsocialmedia workshop hosted by Ecorys. The document is a bit of a whistle stop tour of up and coming platforms including Google+, Prezi and Twitter Vine

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131126 - social media tools - ecorys

  1. 1. Social media tools #wellbeingsocialmedia
  2. 2. About me • Managing Director at Big Cat Group • A marketer at heart • In love with all things digital • Co founder and MD at Big Cat • 19 years experience • Started as a music promoter in the early 90s • Like to work at the leading edge • & test & integrate new tech
  3. 3. About Big Cat Group • Born in Birmingham in 2000 • A family of integrated agencies • Offices in London, Birmingham, Barcelona & Paris • Deliver the best possible experience • Leading edge digital in our campaign mix • Strong focus on ROI
  4. 4. We Build Marketing Assets Strategy Websites & interactive Events & stunts Ad campaigns Measurement & ROI that people want to consume
  5. 5. Social media tools that help customers find you.
  6. 6. What is social media? • A marketing channel • A customer service tool • A communications tool • A news and public relations outlet • A sales development channel • An HR and recruitment tool • It depends on what you need it for…
  7. 7. Social media tools
  8. 8. Infographics • Information graphics or infographics have gone viral • From employment statistics to endangered animals • Infographics spice up „boring‟ data (by turning it visual)
  9. 9. Infographics • Social media tools • The social media universe
  10. 10. Infographics
  11. 11. Infographics • Social media vs search engine marketing • Fun illustrations with stats • Compare, evaluate & benchmark relative strengths & weaknesses • Memorable results ocial-vs-search-infographic/
  12. 12. So why Google+ • 2nd biggest social network • Google likes you the more you like it • Search is going social – More +1s = better SEO • It integrates lots of cool stuff, such as…
  13. 13. Company page
  14. 14. Google+ • Like Facebook you can share thoughts, links, photos, videos or events
  15. 15. Circles (Segmented contacts)
  16. 16. Hang outs (video chat / conference)
  17. 17. Youtube
  18. 18. Google+ tips • Start adding people to your circles • Post share-worthy content • Link to other profiles from your Google+ “About page” • Add G+ share buttons to your content • More tips here:
  19. 19. Prezi • A welcome break from „death by Powerpoint‟ • Very visual and dynamic • Non-linear method of story telling or idea sharing • Intuitive once you‟ve learned the basics • Very shareable content • Can be presented offline (much better online)
  20. 20. Prezi
  21. 21. Prezi - drawbacks • You need to be pretty creative to make presentations amazing • Takes time to learn, so don‟t use for a last minute presentation • It is easy to add transition and complexity because it is fun • Believe it or not people actually prefer Powerpoint • Works using Flash so can‟t create on iOS / iPhone / iPad
  22. 22. Twitter Vine • A micro video sharing platform • Owned and fully integrated with Twitter • Uses the same system of #hasttags, @mentions, replies, etc • Looping 6 second videos (but can be filmed in shorter segments) • Need to be creative and confident
  23. 23. Social media tools Get a custom demo of any of these tools and watch your social media marketing fly