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Open Notebook Science - UNM Biomed Symposium Edition


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Scientific information is published in peer reviewed journals as a complete account. Unfortunately there is nothing complete about the process. Frequently intermediate and supplementary experimental data is excluded, methods are not nearly detailed enough, and results are manipulated for appearance. Open notebook science aims to be a complete account of the scientific process: from ideas and planning, to experimental setup and protocol design, all the way through data interpretation and commentary. Here I talk about tools to create and support an open notebook, effective use of the medium, and how social interaction creates a community using examples from my own open notebook for research.

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Open Notebook Science - UNM Biomed Symposium Edition

  1. 1. Open Notebook Science:Research in Real-Time by anthony salvagno
  2. 2. how is science traditionally carried out?
  3. 3. closed & isolatedideas results and the outcome...
  4. 4. peer review publication writing formatting acceptance inaccessible limited
  5. 5. peer review is designed to weed out misinformation... ...but now there are so many journalsscientists will eventually get published.
  6. 6. What is the alternative?
  7. 7. open science open access outreachdata methods public access reinventing discovery citizen science
  8. 8. open notebook science“ ...the practice of making the entire primary record of a research project publicly available online as it is recorded. ”and that record includes...
  9. 9. project inception,
  10. 10. plannning,
  11. 11. protocols,
  12. 12. equipment,
  13. 13. data,tobacco seed growth in heavy water via google docs and figshare
  14. 14. and conclusions.
  15. 15. what are the Key aspects ofOpen notebook science?
  16. 16. repeatability transparency provenancecommunication
  17. 17. Why do open notebook science?
  18. 18. lots of publications measurable impact open notebook science real-time peer review warm fuzzies and (outreach)collaboration
  19. 19. are there drawbacks?
  20. 20. can you still publish in a journal? -YES!will my notebook be around when I’m dead? many people are doing this? -small but expanding communitywould anyone even read my notebookand comment in it? -at first no, but over time contributions will come
  21. 21. How do we take open notebook science to the next level?
  22. 22. require open access for fundingteach students the benefits of onsshow professors that going openis not a sacrificereu/igert training specifically foropen science - proposal pending!find and propogate ons successstories
  23. 23. The Endbusting science open iheartanthony, do you?