Turning Parents into Partners SLIDES


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Slides from the workshop, Turning Parents into Partners, led by Anthony Prince at the 2012 Kidmin Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

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Turning Parents into Partners SLIDES

  1. 1. Turning Parents into Partners: Family Ministry Workshop KIDMIN 2012 (#kidmin12) Anthony Prince
  2. 2. A New Generationof Families• The definition of family is changing• When your church talks about families, it needs to move away from this…
  3. 3. A New Generationof Families• We define “Family” for our congregations with the… • Stories we tell • Stories we write • Stories we show
  4. 4. Be Like-able• People help who they like• Leverage social media: be a person• Return phone calls and emails• Smile. Often.
  5. 5. Casting a Vision forPartnership• Choose your language well• You cast vision with what you: • Say • Print • Show • Celebrate• Help parents imagine what end they’re aiming for
  6. 6. Resources for Vision Casting
  7. 7. Resources for Vision Casting (cont.)
  8. 8. The Parent is the Expertnot the Enemy• You are not the greatest influencer in a child’s life• Talk as though you’re on the same team• Remind your team: you don’t serve children, you serve families• Speak partnership into reality
  9. 9. Families are Busy• Families are being pulled in more directions than a decade ago• Parents are already overwhelmed. Adding to that doesn’t help.• Do what matters before it matters so that, when it matters, you’re already doing it.
  10. 10. The Family & Technology Report • How can churches help families in the digital age? • Has technology had a positive or negative influence on families? • How is technology shaping family time? • How many parents are “tech addicts”? • What conflicts are families having about technology? • Do families take “sabbaths” from technology? • Do parents place limits on the family’s use of technology?
  11. 11. How Families Spend TimeTime in Minutes Parents Teens/TweensTelevision 71 65Using the internet 63 67Talking with kids/parents 43 29Watching movies 42 48Listening to music 36 53Driving somewhere together 33 35Talking on the phone 26 20Emailing 18 10Playing video games 15 39Texting 12 32Playing board games as a family 12 12Praying or reading scripture together 9 8
  12. 12. Not Everyone Cares• The 20/80 Rule• There should always be new families that need to catch up. Act like they’re there.• The “Take Home Page Challenge”
  13. 13. Determining Levels of Engagement• Not showing up• Showing up• Showing up regularly• Asking you what their child learned• Asking their child what they learned• Talking about Jesus/The Bible/Faith at home• Telling others about Jesus
  14. 14. Baby Steps intoPartnershipConsider…•Calendar Alignment•Table Talks•Identifying your “A” Team