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The Assassination of a Soap Bar


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A look at brands and how to make a lasting impression by Nicolas Chidiac of Leo Burnett

Published in: Business
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The Assassination of a Soap Bar

  1. 1. Great brand speeches have, and always will be a g great way to drive purpose… y p p
  2. 2. Big Purpose stirs up Big Emotion. g p p g Emotion comes from the Latin term /Emovare... to move…to move to motivate .
  3. 3. What are we doing with this motivation? “We could sit around here all day talking, passing resolutions, i l i making clever speeches. It's not p going to shift one Roman soldier!” People Front of J d P l F t f Judea, ffrom Life of Brian, Monty Python
  4. 4. An Act is a useful gesture that serves a purpose… purpose
  5. 5. USEFUL
  6. 6. Beware of expectation inflation
  7. 7. Product Innovation
  8. 8. Applications
  9. 9. Brand Experiences
  10. 10. Brand Campaigns that add value
  11. 11. Kede Kasra: Promoting women's rights
  12. 12. Bergenbier Purpose: Fighting for men's rights
  13. 13. Nando’s