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Academia\'s Complete Guide To Expert RFID Services


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Academia\'s Complete Guide To Expert RFID Services

  1. 1. the complete guide to expert RFID services The World’s Leading Center of Excellence and Academic Authority in RFID Technology
  2. 2. vendor-neutral consultation Academia RFID’s team of industry-leading consultants are led by PhD-level University Professors and Industry Experts specialized in the fields of industrial engineering, supply chain & operations management, telecommunications,transportation & logistics, distribution & retail and e-commerce marketing. Vision & Objectives Planning Needs Analysis Costs/Benefits Study Process Mapping Business Process Reengineering Site Surveys Product & Environment Testing Solution Evaluation Solution Selection Solution Design & Development Bill of Materials Proof of Concept Design Pilot Design Implementation Design Performance Measurements Sustainability Report Scalability Report Change Management Training & Support got questions? Ask a RFID Expert for vendor-neutral consultation that will give you the answers that work for your organization. w w w. R F I D a c a d e m i a . c o m
  3. 3. RFID business case One of Academia RFID Centre of Excellence’s core expert services (and its fastest growing professional service offer) is assisting organizations in the development of their RFID business case. Working closely with the RFID project stakeholders, the Academia RFID consulting team, including in-house business analysts and RFID solution engineers, develop comprehensive needs analysis’, business process mapping & re-engineered process flows, solution analysis’ and evaluation matrixes, market benchmarking studies and return on investment (ROI) reports. The importance of justifying the costs/benefits of RFID technology is as important as solving business problems and Academia RFID promises to always present objective recommendations for RFID integration. building the RFID business case with Academia RFID: After determining the initial scope of the project; simply put, a RFID business case is built with information from the site survey, data gathered through interviews, metric data, and cost factors received from the customer. After reviewing the Needs Analysis, an extensively documented report is then delivered with solution recommendations on how to optimize business processes given the customer's requirements. w w w. R F I D a c a d e m i a . c o m
  4. 4. RFID business case development methodology Needs Analysis Along with the RFID project stakeholders, the Academia RFID team will conduct a needs analysis and assessment of your objectives; followed by a site survey to identify pain points and application opportunities within your existing business processes. Process Design Based on the ‘as is’ and to properly design the ‘to be’ operational processes, our RFID engineering team will review the existing business processes to include RFID technology. A case summary will be provided and validated by all parties involved and will serve as the reference document for the solution design. Market Scan and Solution Evaluation Our team will conduct an industry scan to identify the appropriate strategic and vertical application solutions available on the market. Upon assessment of the solutions, our technical experts will benchmark the most mature and proven application that best meets the objectives identified in the needs analysis by evaluating the software, hardware and tags/barcodes to properly identify the costs and benefits of each (whether they are scalable, whether they have upgradeable functionalities and whether they are cost efficient). If the available solutions require adjustments, our Technical Experts and Software Team (TESTeam ®) will supervise the specific changes. If the solution does not exist, both TESTeam and our engineering team will oversee the development of a new and customized solution. Solution Recommendation and ROI Justification Based on the market scan and possible RFID solutions, the Academia RFID consulting team will scrutinize, qualify and recommend the appropriate RFID hardware and software suppliers to properly support the integration of your RFID solution and present a return on investment (ROI) report. w w w. R F I D a c a d e m i a . c o m
  5. 5. project management Academia RFID’s network of industry experts and certified RFID professionals are available for project management and end-to-end implementation mandates. With a senior consultant and hands-on coordinator, you can feel confident that the assessment, planning, strategy, integration and change management of your RFID project will be handled with expert precision and execution. research studies Academia RFID’s network of University Professors work year-round on in-depth research and development projects and publishes the results quarterly through international publications and industry whitepapers. No other academic organization or training institution has been so frequently invited to international conferences as guest speakers on RFID technology than the team at Academia RFID, making them the worldwide academic authority in RFID technology. Academia RFID has worked with Universities from around the world to set the standards and develop the industrial experience to properly identify the RFID best practices in numerous industries, including retail, manufacturing, logistics, aerospace, health care, pharma, security and government. ADD VALUE TO YOU AND YOUR ORGANIZATION WITH RFID @ YOUR FINGERTIPS: Contact us today to understand the who, what, where, when and how of RFID technology! w w w. R F I D a c a d e m i a . c o m
  6. 6. software development The Academia RFID Centre of Excellence's TESTeam® (Technical Expertise & Software Team), with its strong requirement analysis skills, mature estimation methodology and proven project management processes has developed an industry-recognized expertise for delivering software applications, on time and within budget. Working closely with organizations to understand their needs and meet their RFID software development objectives, the Academia RFID TESTeam oversees groups of software developers working from the technical specifications detailed by our in-house RFID software architects. 2007 Microsoft Impact award-winners, the Academia RFID TESTeam works to find qualified suppliers with proven applications that best meets the customer's needs. The Academia RFID TESTeam employs agile development methodologies and has a proven expertise in: Web Services Mobility solutions RFID Web Applications SOA Workflows Integration Data Analysis The Academia RFID TESTeam’s Software Development Best Practices include: Understanding & expressing requirements through wireframes, prototypes and technical understanding documents Evaluating and selecting the correct execution approach and technologies based on the client’s requirements, processes & performance preferences Using leading edge development technologies like Visual Studio, .NET and SQL Server 2005 to mitigate risk and increase throughput w w w. R F I D a c a d e m i a . c o m
  7. 7. system integration services Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is an invaluable tool for any continuous improvement or lean management program. When integrated correctly, RFID offers you the possibility to increase the visibility within your supply chain and permits you to adapt your management systems to fit your organization’s changing needs, resulting in greater control of your operations at all times. Our RFID solutions bring you great value and ensure reliable results by reconciling custom software, RFID systems integration and training within a well reasoned business case context. Training Business Process Analysis Radio Frequency Product Profiling Hardware Selection Peripheral Customization System Integration Implementation Validation Deployment System Management Remote Support ROI, Operational Verification & Adjustment Our team of integration professionals addresses customer prerequisites and the issues identified in previous phases by consolidating site survey data and business requirements through a series of logical sequential steps. w w w. R F I D a c a d e m i a . c o m
  8. 8. biztalk RFID services Just like Microsoft Windows works with hardware devices via drivers, BizTalk RFID interfaces with sensor & RFID devices via providers. The Academia RFID TESTeam ®, with over 10 years of experience building RFID UHF-based solutions, is able to help device manufactures implement high quality DSPI (Device Service Provider Interface). Typically the device provider is the first component that is installed by a customer after BizTalk RFID. Having a trouble-free provider from the first time installation to usability in the entire solution will result in more satisfied customers. Building applications for customers with a variety of needs allows the Academia RFID TESTeam to leverage its industry know-how to effectively build end-to-end systems using BizTalk RFID. The Academia RFID TESTeam is quickly able to customize its already implemented process workflows to client's specific needs and allows its clients to scale applications successfully. The Academia RFID TESTeam also uses robust tools such as Microsoft SQL Server, .NET and Dynamics to offer its customers complete and cost-efficient opportunities. w w w. R F I D a c a d e m i a . c o m
  9. 9. training + certification Academia RFID offers university-level, industry-recognized and professionally accredited RFID Training and Certifications worldwide in lab, on-site and on the web! RFID 101 The Fundamentals of RFID Technology RFID ROI Analyzing the Costs, Benefits and Return on investment of RFID Technology RFID LOG RFID Applications for Transportation, Warehousing and Logistics RFID SCM RFID Applications in Supply Chain Management Industry-specific Best Practices and Advanced Concepts of RFID Technology RFID 201 (Ex.: RFID Healthcare, RFID Pharma, RFID Retail, RFID Security, etc.) RFID PRO RFID PRO Business-Infused/Technical Certification Course RFID PRO+CCC RFID PRO & CompTIA RFID+ Certification Course w w w. R F I D a c a d e m i a . c o m
  10. 10. EPCglobal standards training + consulting Members of Academia RFID Centre of Excellence’s Team, including Dr. Ygal Bendavid (GS1/EPC Courseware Content Developer), Harold Boeck (GS1/EPC Courseware Content Developer), Anthony Palermo (Co-Chair GS1 Healthcare Sub-Committee, Member of the GS1 Education Sub-Committee and the EPC Strategic Advisory Council) and Dr. Ken Traub (EPC Architecture Review Committee, Lead Editor of the EPCglobal ALE, EPCIS, Core Business Vocabulary, and Tag Data Standard specifications) are extremely knowledgeable in EPC Standards and offer comprehensive training and consulting services. EPC DCSS EPCglobal Data Capture Software Standards Developed and instructed by Ken Traub, PhD EPCglobal has ratified a suite of 11 standards for the identification, capture, and exchange of visibility data using RFID and the Electronic Product Code. This seminar gives an in-depth tuto- rial on the standards used to capture RFID data and bring it into business applications. The Low Level Reader Protocol (LLRP) provides a standardized way for software to interact with reader devices. The Application Level Events (ALE) standard is widely adopted as the interface between business applications and RFID middleware. A working knowledge of these standards is indispensable for anybody who is planning to build RFID software systems or to deploy the many commercial products that implement the standards. EPCIS RDV EPC Information Services (EPCIS) for RFID Visibility Data : an In-depth Tutorial Developed and instructed by Ken Traub, PhD EPCIS RDV gives an in-depth tutorial on a standards-based approach for harnessing business level visibility information. The EPC Information Services (EPCIS) standard provides the standard way to represent “what, when, where, and why” visibility information that applications need to make use of RFID data. It is also the standard way the trading partners share information for total supply chain visibility. As this information is at the heart of every RFID-based business application, EPCIS is the backbone of a standards-based software architecture for RFID – even for projects that are within four walls or that do not use EPC identifiers. A working knowledge of EPCIS is indispensable for any organization that seeks to use RFID to know where assets are, within your own four walls or across the supply chain. For more information please contact us at w w w. R F I D a c a d e m i a . c o m
  11. 11. recruitment + placement Academia RFID offers international recruitment and placement services through their partnership with ProAction HR whose focus is on providing organizations with today’s best Engineers, IT and RFID Professionals. With offices around the world, ProAction HR has built an unparalleled network of opportunity channels and offers them to candidates seeking to improve their working conditions, in search of more stimulating challenges, and employment opportunities equal to their skills.. Recruitment Placement Outsourcing Relocation Services Headhunting Executive Search Whether it’s for executive headhunting or selecting specific talents or the coordination of country- to-country skills search events: PROACTION HR IS YOUR LOCAL PARTNER FOR GLOBAL RECRUITMENT! w w w. R F I D a c a d e m i a . c o m