Ella the engineer concept v2


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Ella the engineer concept v2

  1. 1. Ella the Engineer Concept Document Thursday, January 30, 14
  2. 2. A kids-focused animation series about Ella, a software engineer Thursday, January 30, 14
  3. 3. Ella uses her engineering smarts to solve everyday problems Thursday, January 30, 14
  4. 4. Each episode supports the concept of software engineering through problem solving techniques Thursday, January 30, 14
  5. 5. At the end of each episode, kids learn how to do a simple coding challenge and go offline to a website and/or app to see the results Thursday, January 30, 14
  6. 6. In the first episode, we meet Ella, a software engineer. Ella uses her skills in development and engineering to solve everyday problems. In this episode there seems to be a problem with the main traffic light in the town. The light is controlled by computer software and it seems to be blinking all the colors randomly, causing a traffic backup in the town. All the people in the town are having trouble getting to work, school, and the stores. They are stuck in the town square. The mayor calls Ella to solve the “glitch”. Through her software and computer skills, Ella realizes there is a “glitch” or “broken” code. She fixes the problem with the help of Tabby (her Tablet), Smarty (her Smarthphone), plus Mac (her laptop) and Mousey (Mac’s mouse). They all act as friends and advisors to Ella. Ella uses her coding skills to solve the problem and the result is that the traffic light operates as normal. Now all the town people can get to work, home and school. In the end, Ella provides the kids at home with a coding challenge. They can interact and write code on the Ella the Engineer app, which creates a scene/action, opens additional scenes, secret codes, or earns points for merchandise, other stuff The main purpose is to educate kids on how code and how software is being used today on things that they see everyday (e.g. traffic lights). It also provides an engaging experience by providing a coding challenge at the end of each episode, which is then discussed at the beginning of the next episode. Sort of “did you get this result”. Thursday, January 30, 14
  7. 7. Rough Sketches of Ella & Tabby Thursday, January 30, 14
  8. 8. More of Ella... Thursday, January 30, 14
  9. 9. Finish the idea! Thursday, January 30, 14
  10. 10. Contact: Anthony Onesto aonesto@gmail.com 347.744.9070 Thursday, January 30, 14