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Drafts of my table of contents


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Published in: Education
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Drafts of my table of contents

  1. 2. This was my first draft of my Table of contents. I was inspired by an NME look, and I feel I have gained this look. I added a bold masthead with a catchy middle so that it is appealing to my consumers. All my images are direct, so it makes it more personal for the consumer, and it makes it feel like they are almost having a conversation with the artist. I added a subscribe box as often a lot of magazines have this. I included page numbers so on the pictures so that It looks more professional. I included a editors note to look professional. Added a page number for a professional look. I used a lot of catchy language to entice the reader ‘ are you Tonkin to me for instance works because the artists last name is Tonkin .
  2. 3. What I changed: I mage everything aligned, I also made my editors note look more professional by adding a signature, this was effective as it added to the real quality of my magazine.