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WSI Onlinebiz Digital Marketing Taster


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A brief introduction to the services we provide at WSI Onlinebiz Digital Marketing

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WSI Onlinebiz Digital Marketing Taster

  1. 1. Internet Marketing Systems Delivering real results through Internet Marketing Tel: 01580 819529
  2. 2. WSI• Founded in 1995 in Toronto, Canada• Presence in 87 countries, 1500 consultants• Specialists in Internet business strategies• Full range of services from website design and build to marketing strategy and support• Highly qualified consultants and facilitators
  3. 3. WSI• Services: • Delivering:  Expert Consultancy  Internet visibility  Internet Marketing Strategies  Higher volumes of targeted  Website Design/Build website visitors  Search Engine Marketing  More Website conversions  Social Media Optimisation  Acquisition of new  E-Commerce clients/increased sales  Online Advertising (PPC)  Retention and development of existing clients  Email Marketing  Increased ROI for  Development and Support Marketing Spend
  4. 4. Typical WSI Customers• SMEs and upwards• Are often already familiar with concept/idea/need for Internet Marketing• Usually already have a Marketing budget• May already have an Internet presence, but are not getting a return and need further developmentAnd very often………• May have been “burnt” before by spending on a Website that does not deliver sufficient return (note NOT an Internet Marketing System)
  5. 5. Some of our International Customers
  6. 6. Some of our local CustomersSpecialist MarineManufacturer Services Group Automotive Marketing Group Inflatables Supplier Hotel Marketing Serviced Group Apartments
  7. 7. Some of our Ecommerce Sites Black Tangerine Green Bike Co. Badial Minoli Tiles