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Ct 10 S3 Anthony Feliciano


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Resume of Anthony P. Feliciano

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Ct 10 S3 Anthony Feliciano

  1. 1. Anthony P. Feliciano<br />Hartford, CT<br /> (831) 295-4440<br /><br />SUMMARY <br />Highly motivated SQL Developer with experience using both DB2 and SQL Server 2008. Experience in a Data Warehouse environment. Experience in developing complex queries in both DB2 and SQL Server. Experience in developing stored procedures. Trained in Oracle PL/SQL. Experience in backup and recovery operations as part of Disaster Recovery exercises. Experience in fine tuning databases to extract maximum performance. <br />TECHNICAL SKILLS <br />Database Management Systems: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, DB2, Oracle<br />Software: <br />MS SQL Server 2008 Integration Services (SSIS), MS SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services (SSRS), Microsoft Office Suite, IBM Websphere (MQ Series)<br />Development and Debugging Tools:<br />SQL Server Management Studio, Microsoft Visio, Business Intelligence Development Studio, Xpediter, Abend-Aid, File-Aid, Syncsort, Comparex, Intertest<br />SetFocus, LLC. Parsippany, NJ<br />SQL Master’s Program <br />The SetFocus SQL Server Master’s Program is an intensive, hands–on, project oriented program where participants gain knowledge and valuable experience putting the SQL Server skill set to use in a simulated work environment.<br />Created numerous simple to complex queries involving self joins, correlated subqueries, CTE’s and XML techniques for diverse business requirements. Tuned and optimized queries by altering database design, analyzing different query options, and indexing strategies.<br />As part of a team, analyzed the business requirements and systematically designed a database for an online-movie (DVD/Blu-Ray) rental company. Employed best practices in creating a complete schema including tables, relationships, stored procedures, views, clustered and non-clustered indexes and triggers, and implemented the import and export of data using XML and SSIS. <br />As part of a team, created various reports according to the business requirements for the movie rental company. Individually authored, installed, deployed and managed reports using SSRS for a library database. <br />Individually designed a bank application according to business requirements, and implemented robust stored procedures, functions, and triggers to implement required functionalities. <br /><ul><li>Created an ETL solution that reads Product, Vendor, and Order data from .CSV files on a network share into a SQL Server database.  The solution also validated incoming data and performed notifications when jobs were completed.  The order data thus loaded into SQL Server was used to generate reports using the new SSRS 2008 reporting functionality (including the Tablix control).  The reports were set up for automatic delivery based on standard report subscriptions.</li></ul>PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE <br />Travelers InsuranceSt. Paul, MN and Hartford, CT 1/06 - 12/07 SQL Development Team Lead/Offshore Coordinator/QA Analyst<br />Managed an offshore development team in Chennai, India<br />Developed, tested and implemented complex SQL queries for the Financial Systems Group; Converted DB2 COBOL programs into pure SAS programs to improve turnaround time on adhoc requests <br />Proposed and implemented run-time improvements to the Source Feeds job flow in the Personal Lines DW Application<br />Presided over Manual and Regression testing of the Auto, Homeowners Personal Lines <br />Created ETL packages using Data Stage for the Commercial Lines DW Application <br />Express ScriptsBloomington, MN 7/05 - 12/05 DB2 Consultant<br />Ensured the success of the Medicare Part D Production Load Project<br />Analyzed and provided corrective solutions to several DB2 CICS ASRA abends <br />Produced DB2 Easytrieve reports that allowed analysts to verify the correctness of the data loaded into the UDB database<br />PCI Equitable BankMakati City, Philippines 8/04 - 06/05 Consultant/Database Architect<br />Ensured the success of the Common Trust Fund rewrite project (Mutual Funds)<br />Converted and tested 60+ CA-IDEAL/CICS programs to VSAM COBOL/CICS<br />Produced templates for commonly-used routines and create a library for them<br />Architected several entity relationship diagrams for upcoming VSAM/DB2 conversion<br />Kaiser PermanenteWalnut Creek, CA 7/00 - 6/04 Programmer Analyst<br />Ensured the success of the Medicare ICD-9 Enhancement Project<br />Developed brand-new programs in IMS/DB2/CICS to support the Medical Records Management System and modified several others to make them HCFA-compliant<br />Produced customized SAS reports that showed usage statistics of medical records and effectiveness of certain procedures when applied to a group of diagnosis codes<br />Developed several stored procedures which were later included in the production job schedule for two other medical records-related applications <br />Electronic Data SystemsSan Francisco, CA 10/98 - 6/00 Programmer Analyst<br />Developed, tested and implemented several DB2/CICS/COBOL programs within the Travel Information, Auto Insurance and Emergency Road Service Systems for the California State Automobile Association (also known as AAA)<br />Migrated Unitech reconciliation processes to the Host Server (mainframe)<br />Provided off-hours production support for Membership Systems on a rotating basis<br />Served on the Project Management team for the Y2K remediation project<br />Visa InternationalSan Mateo, Ca 3/98 - 9/98 Y2K Testing Consultant<br />Ensured that the applications within VIPS (Visa Integrated Payment System), an Automatic Clearing House, were Y2K-compliant <br />Authored numerous Test Plans/Test Scripts for the Internal Audit Office that described procedures in the testing of both batch and online systems in the regions that were dedicated to Y2K testing<br />County of AlamedaOakland, CA 3/97 - 2/98 Remediation Programmer Analyst<br />Ensured the success of the Y2K Compliance Project for Welfare Services, AFDC Programs, Assessor’s Office, Family Support and Secured Property Subsystems<br />Used both file expansion approach (data-oriented) and windowing-approach (procedure-oriented) in addressing the Year 2000 challenge<br />Assisted in the evaluation of Y2K tools presented by several vendors<br />Pacific BellSan Ramon, CA 11/95 - 3/97 Programmer Analyst<br />Ensured the success of the enterprise-wide Data Warehouse Project<br />Developed SAS code to extract and summarize analyst-identified columns and fields in several source files which were maintained in several data formats<br />Transformed summarized data and loaded them into an Oracle DB running on Unix<br />Created SQL reports that were requested by customers of the Enterprise Data Marts<br />Department of Health ServicesSacramento, CA 11/93 - 10/95 Programmer Analyst<br />Supported and ensured the success of the California Medicaid Program (Title XIX)<br />As a member of the Provider subsystem, maintained the integrity of Provider DB<br />As a member of the Third Party Liability subsystem, designed, developed, tested, implemented and maintained complex computer programs and procedures in line with state regulations as well as in response to customer requests<br />EDUCATION<br />De la Salle University Manila, Philippines Bachelors of Arts, Major in Mathematics<br />TECHNICAL TRAINING<br />IBM Training Center San Francisco, CA<br />MQ Series Fundamentals and MQ Series Application Programming<br />AMDAHL Education San Francisco, CA<br />DB2 Fundamentals and SQL Programming<br />Techskills Inc.San Francisco, CA<br />PL/SQL Application Programming <br />