Broadband Enabled Innovation Program - Happy, Healthy and at Home


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Medication Management via Video Conference and Intel Health Guide at RDNS Australia
April 2013

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Broadband Enabled Innovation Program - Happy, Healthy and at Home

  1. 1. BEIP – Happy Healthy and at HomeMedication Management via VideoMed-e-TelLuxembourg11 April 2013Stelvio VidoRDNS Australia
  2. 2. BEIP – Happy Healthy and atHomeToday’s PresentationRDNS – Who are we?• Our context – external• Our context – internal• BEIP what is it• how does it work• findings to date• Next Steps
  3. 3. BEIP – Happy Healthy and atHomeWho is RDNS?• NGO• 130 years old• Home nursing and home support• 45,000 clients• Australia and New Zealand operations• 2,000+ staff• Strong clinical focus
  4. 4. BEIP – Happy Healthy and atHomeOur context – externalAn ageing population01002003004005006002010 2020 2030 2040 2050Australias Ageing PopulationTrend 2010 - 2050Index Base = 1000–6470+85+85+ populationforecast toincrease from365,000 to1, 800,000 overnext forty years
  5. 5. BEIP – Happy Healthy and atHomeOur context – externalA population that is living longer…..7476788082848688901983 2001 2012Life Expectancyat age 65MenWomen
  6. 6. BEIP – Happy Healthy and atHomeOur context – external…and needs increase as people age020406080100120140160180DomesticassistanceMeals Transport NursingService Need according to AgeNumber of people per 000 popn65–7475–8485+
  7. 7. BEIP – Happy Healthy and atHomeOur context – externalOur client population is becoming more diverse020406080100120 ItalyGreeceVietNamChinaGermanyPhilippinesNetherlandsIndiaLebanonPolandPeopleaged65yearsandover(000)1996 2011 2026
  8. 8. BEIP – Happy Healthy and atHomeOur context – internal• Our workforce is alsoageing• Many home visitsinclude medicationmanagement• Travel time is highand increasingAverage is43 yearsandincreasingOver430,000visits peryear21% ofpaid time– 235,000hours peryear
  9. 9. BEIP – Happy Healthy and atHomeOur context – internalPast Dimension FutureBlock/ episodic Funding Packaged CareProvider Funds holder ConsumerState based Funding Program NationalLow Competition IncreasingNGOs, Charities Competitors Broad mixLow ICT investment Critical to survival
  10. 10. BEIP – Happy Healthy and atHomeTelehealth – one response to our challengesThe RDNS Telehealth PlatformCustomer Service Centre• 24/7• Clinically led• Contact centre disciplines• Effective ICT
  11. 11. BEIP in a NutshellBEIP – Happy Healthy and atHome
  12. 12. BEIP – our objectives• Empowerment and enablement• Improved nursing workforce utilisation• Build interdisciplinary teams to deliver nursinge-health• Service delivery cost reduction• Cost benefit analysis of home healthtechnologies.BEIP – Happy Healthy and atHome
  13. 13. BEIP – Happy Healthy and atHome5 -6 Video visitsper week plus oneface to face visitper weekThe BEIP Service Model
  14. 14. BEIP – Happy Healthy and atHomeBEIP Age Profile4% 4% 9%26%43%13%BEIP Clients - Age profile40 to 4950 to 5960 to 6970 to 7980 to 8990 to 99
  15. 15. BEIP – Happy Healthy and atHomeBEIP – Impact on visit timesWeekly visit duration4.2Hours2HoursWeekly Clienttime – f2f andtravel timePre BEIP With BEIP
  16. 16. BEIP – Happy Healthy and atHomeThe ProjectMay 2012 June 2013Target - 50 Clients49 Clients to dateCalls to DateOver 3,000Calls per Client20+ per monthHome visits perClient5 per monthClient engagementBEIP Visits750 per month
  17. 17. BEIP – Happy Healthy and atHomeOur Approach• Research ethics approval• Clinical leadership and governance• Reference Group• Client selection and enrolment• Client choice paramount• Independent evaluation
  18. 18. BEIP – Happy Healthy and atHomeAttitudes• Clients• Staff
  19. 19. BEIP – Happy Healthy and atHomeFindings to Date – Staff0 20 40 60 80 100Allow clients more flexibility in how they use their dayHelp clients to live independentlyHelp clients to manage their medication in their homeBe a positive experience for clientsHelp supplement home visitsPositively impact on client nurse relationshipsImprove the way RDNS utilises its current workforceAssist RDNS to manage workforce shortage issuesAssist RDNS to provide care to more clientsRDNS Nursing Survey Results - pre ProjectAgreeUndecidedDisagree
  20. 20. BEIP – Happy Healthy and atHomeNext Steps• Complete formal evaluation• Assess suitability for business as usual• Business case to support transitionKey challenge• Funding and business models
  21. 21. BEIP – Happy Healthy and atHomeQuestionsContactStelvio 3 9536