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Responsive Prototyping with WordPress - UXCamp DC 2016


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Sometimes a static InVision prototype isn't enough for a usability test and creating multiple sizes of prototypes to run desktop versus mobile can feel like a waste of time. In this talk, I show non-developers how to use WordPress as a means of quickly and easily creating responsive prototypes to usability test across all devices with one, live prototype.

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Responsive Prototyping with WordPress - UXCamp DC 2016

  1. 1. Responsive Prototyping with WordPress Anthony D Paul UXCamp DC 2016 • Washington, DC
  2. 2. Preparation before digging into prototyping
  3. 3. remove tagline
  4. 4. create pages
  5. 5. set static page as homepage
  6. 6. choose a better URL structure
  7. 7. remove default sidebar widgets
  8. 8. for Beaver Builder, install both the theme and plugin
  9. 9. use “One-Click Child Theme” if you’d like to edit a theme
  10. 10. Framework: Divi ($69)
  11. 11. Divi is an abstraction of a page but has more out-of-the-box components
  12. 12. fine-tune any row, column, or component
  13. 13. override CSS natively in the theme options
  14. 14. Framework: Beaver Builder ($199)
  15. 15. Beaver Builder is a front-end editor with similar drag/drop library
  16. 16. fine-tune any row, column, or component
  17. 17. has nice developer docs for creating custom components
  18. 18. Collaborative Sketching with Google Slides video: • slides:
  19. 19. for initial sketches, see my previous talk on using Google Slides
  20. 20. Remote Unmoderated Usability Tests with TryMyUI ($35 per)
  21. 21. a budget-friendly service to use your prototype in usability tests
  22. 22. Anthony D Paul Director of User Experience @anthonydpaul • or http:// .ws