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How to Speak at a WordCamp and Look Like a Pro - WordPress DC Meetup April 2017


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You’re nervous in front of people. Everyone knows more than you do about every topic. You don’t have much experience with speaking… There are dozens of reasons we put off sharing our work and our stories with our peers. Contributing to WordPress isn’t all about code commits though—my favorite part is hearing from you.

In this talk, I’ll give you the inside scoop on how to select events to speak at, how to write your first submissions, preparation techniques I’ve seen work, and other tips to give you the inspiration you need to at least raise your hand in a meetup.

Published in: Design
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How to Speak at a WordCamp and Look Like a Pro - WordPress DC Meetup April 2017

  1. 1. How to Speak at a WordCamp (and look like a pro) WordPress DC Meetup, April 2017 • #wpdc @anthonydpaul
  2. 2. PPT skills Adding or cutting content to allow for questions What this talk isn’t @anthonydpaul
  3. 3. We all know something Lesson 1 @anthonydpaul
  4. 4. You’re not an imposter Start by volunteering Set goals, Liam Dempsey We all know something @anthonydpaul
  5. 5. Pick your venues Lesson 2 @anthonydpaul
  6. 6. At work Lightning talks Meetups / WordCamps (all sizes) Other WordPress conferences Other bar camps Other professional conferences Classrooms Pick your venues @anthonydpaul
  7. 7. Create a Google Calendar Speaker deadlines Past WC dates Pick your venues @anthonydpaul
  8. 8. Assemble your story Lesson 3 @anthonydpaul
  9. 9. Any WordPress/business related topics Decide on audience takeaways (structure to that) Persuasive cadence, Nancy Duarte Assemble your story @anthonydpaul
  10. 10. Descriptive title Pose a problem Ask a provocative question List what audience will learn website-security/ Your abstracts @anthonydpaul
  11. 11. Start with a story instead of an introduction (Ira Glass) Activities and handouts -without-skimping-on-the-meat/ MZUtheck1fMnDOx-X8Wug/edit#heading=h.dwcmv6pgrcxm Start with a story @anthonydpaul
  12. 12. Beat anxiety with preparation Lesson 4 @anthonydpaul
  13. 13. Practice without notes (Tracy Rotton) Power Poses, Amy Cuddy Credibility via intro, Aaron Jorbin Opening right, Jared Spool Beat anxiety with preparation @anthonydpaul
  14. 14. Take off your lanyard Don't do hand voting Consider an activity or a handout Speak at friends in audience Decide how you want to pace in (don’t show your back; dancing optional) Use strategic distractions (or lack of) @anthonydpaul
  15. 15. Challenge yourself to level up Lesson 5 @anthonydpaul
  16. 16. Slideshare Track your progress Show hashtag and Twitter handle (then thank @s) Submit abstracts on topics to learn Aaron Jorbin, roulette talk Challenge yourself to level up @anthonydpaul
  17. 17. Storytelling Chris Lema, Matt Mullenweg Engaged learning Michelle Schulp, Sal Ferrarello Accessible and personal Josepha Haden, Zac Gordon Comedy Joe Casabona, Brad Parbs Creative formats Aaron Jorbin, Rami Abraham Study your favorites @anthonydpaul
  18. 18. Raise your hand Lesson 6 @anthonydpaul
  19. 19. Detailed talks wireframing with WordPress • lean requirements usability testing • information architecture Stalker links or http:// .ws or http:// .ws Thank you @anthonydpaul