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Envisioning the Future with Teams Bogged in the Past - anthonydpaul - UXD Chicago Meetup 2017


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As designers and visionaries, our job is to explore what's possible for tomorrow, within domain spaces that aren't our own. We're pressured to discover answers to questions we don't know to ask and the quality of our concepts and recommendations are only as strong as the problem details we're able to uncover.

This is where our subject matter experts—end users, project leads, and domain space veterans—are both valuable and hindering. We know we need what's in their brains, but they're blinded by today and yesterday. "We've always done it this way," is the default barrier from ease-of-use and progress.

In this talk, Anthony will share by example, how his team is innovating in a space that's literally hundreds of years old (the railroad), to help preserve and advance a people and culture being threatened by new technologies. He'll expose some of the workshop facilitation techniques he'd used to get fresh and open-minded ideas out of the most pessimistic of participants—to maximize your understanding of the mega (and not so mega) design problems you're grappling with every day.

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Envisioning the Future with Teams Bogged in the Past - anthonydpaul - UXD Chicago Meetup 2017

  1. 1. Envisioning the Future with Teams Bogged in the Past UXD Chicago Meetup 2017 • @anthonydpaul
  2. 2. Painted into a corner
  3. 3. Wasn’t a problem
  4. 4. New competitors
  5. 5. New technology, better data about environment
  6. 6. 100+ years of the same management
  7. 7. e.g., “string line”
  8. 8. “Cliff” = retiring workforce Half retiring by 2019 Already half under 10yrs experience Already third digital natives @anthonydpaul
  9. 9. Anthony D Paul Futurist, Researcher, and Usability Flag-Waver @anthonydpaul
  10. 10. Awarded project budgets Creative studio Chicago and Atlanta (soon Sri-Lanka) WeWork membership Field travel and workshops UX team like an agency @anthonydpaul
  11. 11. The hardest part of a business transformation is changing the culture—the mindset and instincts of the people in the company. Lou Gerstner, former CEO of IBM
  12. 12. Not actually sci-fi Honoring regulations and culture Industry language vs usable language Layers of network (incl. MOW, cargo, docks) Layers of success (fuel vs schedule) Futurists or diplomats? @anthonydpaul
  13. 13. not just drama
  14. 14. Case study @anthonydpaul
  15. 15. Building a new control tower Part 1 of 2 • Today
  16. 16. early needs analysis
  17. 17. Summarize understanding @anthonydpaul
  18. 18. Summarize understanding @anthonydpaul
  19. 19. Summarize understanding @anthonydpaul
  20. 20. TopCoder
  21. 21. TopCoder
  22. 22. TopCoder
  23. 23. TopCoder
  24. 24. 3 views and 3 train icons Iconography survey (SME mix) Remote unmoderated tests (non-SMEs) Remote moderated tests (SMEs) Concept evaluation
  25. 25. View 1
  26. 26. View 2
  27. 27. View 3
  28. 28. script
  29. 29.
  30. 30. QuickTime
  31. 31. Building a new control tower Part 2 of 2 • Tomorrow
  32. 32. Any customer touchpoint
  33. 33. worksheet
  34. 34. worksheet
  35. 35. worksheet
  36. 36. Jeff Patton approach
  37. 37. script
  38. 38. @anthonydpaul
  39. 39. @anthonydpaul
  40. 40. @anthonydpaul
  41. 41. context
  42. 42. TopCoder
  43. 43. TopCoder
  44. 44. TopCoder
  45. 45. TopCoder
  46. 46. @anthonydpaul
  47. 47. @anthonydpaul
  48. 48. @anthonydpaul
  49. 49. Usability tests POC development Field play tests Next @anthonydpaul
  50. 50. Closing @anthonydpaul
  51. 51. Continuously summarize what we know (for correction AND refocus) Use “filetype:pdf” for cram studying Be humble but informed @anthonydpaul
  52. 52. Every problem is an “opportunity” (don’t insult the past) Keep future humans as strategists and SMEs (avoid future titles and focus on tasks/decisions) Create public small wins and give credit Be diplomatic @anthonydpaul
  53. 53. Set research goals for every exercise Ask for more activity time; plan for less Series of tiny, simple activities Channel your cat wrangler @anthonydpaul
  54. 54. Use long-term vs near-term to your advantage (capture future ideas) Each “step” is of many (be excited about next) Microtest and cite your findings Frame user needs as business needs Channel your Obi-Wan @anthonydpaul
  55. 55. So often a project fails because we fail to see the perspective of the [decision makers] who hold the keys to our success. Tom Greever, author of Articulating Design Decisions
  56. 56. Nancy Duarte The secret structure of great [persuasive] talks (video) Christina Wodtke MicroStories for Pitching (blog) Tom Greever Articulating Design Decisions (book) Become a better persuader @anthonydpaul
  57. 57. Detailed talks wireframing • lean requirements usability testing • information architecture Stalker links or http:// .ws or http:// .ws Thank you @anthonydpaul