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Digital Sketching with Remote Users, Clients, and Peers, World IA Day DC 2016


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When meeting in person, improvised creative exercises are commonplace—sitting next to a peer to sketch, standing at the whiteboard with a client, or generating ideas with a group of users. These human interactions are critical to our creative thinking. They're natural, sometimes unplanned, and allow us to express intangible thoughts using tactile tools like pictures, motion, hand gestures, and any other means we feel most comfortable with.
As our office spaces continue to be displaced by telework, and our connections with each other are increasingly digital, what is the equivalent online interaction? How do we organize and facilitate these tactile, multi-modal, and improvisational exchanges?
In this talk, I'll share some surprising tools and techniques I use to foster this collaborative call and response.

Published in: Design
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Digital Sketching with Remote Users, Clients, and Peers, World IA Day DC 2016

  1. 1. Anthony D Paul Director of User Experience @anthonydpaul • #wiaddc • World IA Day DC 2016
  2. 2. Balsamiq/Axure Sketch/Photoshop InVision/code paper & sharpies whiteboards card sorts presentation vs ideation
  3. 3. natural collaboration
  4. 4. natural collaboration organic / unplanned improvisational multi-modal / tactile
  5. 5. native versioning user permissions offline mode multi-modal low learning barrier “free” benefits
  6. 6. Google Hangouts
  7. 7. ipevo (crane camera) snowball mic
  8. 8. Skitch
  9. 9. or http:// .ws @anthonydpaul Twitter • LinkedIn • Slideshare • GitHub • Instagram Thank you