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Bringing Order to a Content Hoarder - Cornell Drupal Camp 2016 - part 3

When timid users step up to your site and are spooked by the ghosts of content past, or those who dare to enter become lost in a maze of composted navigation, a dusting just won’t fix the years/decades of content rot. You know you need to pull everything out to figure out what you have, what to keep, and what to toss—but that can be a daunting and overwhelming endeavor.

In this talk, I’ll equip you with the tools and approaches you’ll need to face the overwhelming content beast head-on, to organize it in a way that is not only useful to your visitors, but actually feels welcoming. This talk introduces information architecture techniques, best suited for site owners, designers, freelancers, or small teams lacking dedicated content strategists.

• Audit a complex site to understand what content exists.

• Understand the variety of IA document types and which to use when.

• Create documents that help drive content review and decision-making.

• Promote a positive user experience and overall design through better content organization.

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Bringing Order to a Content Hoarder - Cornell Drupal Camp 2016 - part 3

  1. 1. Bringing Order to a Content Hoarder An Information Architecture (IA) Primer Cornell Drupal Camp 2016 • #DrupalCampCU • @anthonydpaul
  2. 2. eldest confirmed labyrinth carving Pylos, Greece c. 1200 BC Theseus and the Minotaur pottery Greece c. 500 BC Minotaur / labyrinth mosaic Conimbriga, Portugal c. 200 AD Innate fear of being lost Defeat or be defeated Onset of madness
  3. 3. too many pages unclear labels expired content broken links wth is this evenpile of nope no hierarchy
  4. 4. can has my wibsite nope visitors
  5. 5. be my bff k lol we practitioners
  6. 6. “This doesn’t look toooo bad…”
  7. 7. multiple multilevel flyouts
  8. 8. exponential paths
  9. 9. “The filesystem may be clearer…”
  10. 10. 15,000
  11. 11. 12,000
  12. 12. painting by Justin Gerard
  13. 13. Anthony D Paul Director of User Experience @anthonydpaul
  14. 14. IA process at a glance inventory explore clean decide What it could be What it should be
  15. 15. inventory: What do we have already? 1. Content types 2. Pages 3. Specific details 4. Calls-to-action
  16. 16. artifact 1 of 2: spreadsheet
  17. 17. artifact 2 of 2: messy notes
  18. 18. SiteSucker (MacOS, free) Tips: Turn off Robots.txt
  19. 19. SlickPlan (online, free trial) Tips: In import, include “links”
  20. 20. Paparazzi! (MacOS, free) Tips: Use batch, but it crashes Physical card sort
  21. 21. explore: What may we want/need? 1. Competition gaps 2. Unfulfilled audience needs 3. New content types 4. Menu label ideas
  22. 22. mostly more notes
  23. 23. Interviews, focus groups Tips: Focus on “what works” rather than “likes”
  24. 24. Search analytics Tips: Look for missing keywords
  25. 25. Session analytics Tips: Look to individual session data via User Explorer
  26. 26. Survey data (e.g.) Tips: Google filetype:pdf market report search
  27. 27. Comparative analysis Tips: Look to who solves similar problems
  28. 28. clean: What is easy to ditch? 1. Redundant 2. Expired 3. Broken/Dead
  29. 29. updated spreadsheet with notes
  30. 30. decide: What is most important? 1. Sorting methods (different attributes) 2. Important audience needs (tasks) 3. Important business needs (CTAs)
  31. 31. artifact 1 of 3: stickie notes
  32. 32. artifact 2 of 3: flow doc
  33. 33. artifact 3 of 3: spreadsheet
  34. 34. Optimal Sort (online, free trial) Tips: Involve users and decision-makers
  35. 35. 5 Hat Racks: Tips: Try grouping by audience Contrast by grouping by type of task
  36. 36. Personas/Scenarios/Stories Tips: Reduce distractions
  37. 37. End Deliverables
  38. 38. content vs pages recommended related filters stacks shortcuts
  39. 39. other menusCTAs mirrorsexternal links
  40. 40. Notes: URL redirects Merges and splits New content Content to update
  41. 41. Validating Your IA
  42. 42. Treejack test (online, free trial) Tips: Test words and hierarchy only
  43. 43. Usability test Tips: Test in context
  44. 44. Success
  45. 45. Any tool in any order to answer questions inventory explore clean decide What it could be What it should be
  46. 46. artwork by Joelle Saveliev “That wasn’t so scary…”
  47. 47. Up next 1. Lean requirements gathering 2. User journey mapping 3. Information architecture 4. Usability tests
  48. 48. My vids My talks and blog or http:// .ws or http:// .ws More Wayfinding in Architecture (Passini) Sorting Things Out (Bowker/Star) Ambient Findability (Morville) search: Abby Covert, Dan Klyn Thank you @anthonydpaul