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10 Ways to Think Like a Political Strategist to Drive Institutional Change - UX Camp DC 2017 - anthonydpaul


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Convincing teams and decisions makers your design decisions are valuable can be a daunting task within industries resistant to change. In this talk, I'll take some observed persuasion tactics from the recent election cycle and liken them to tacts we can use without our own projects, to garner advocates and decision support.

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10 Ways to Think Like a Political Strategist to Drive Institutional Change - UX Camp DC 2017 - anthonydpaul

  1. 1. 10 Ways to Think Like a Political Strategist to Drive Institutional Change UX Camp DC 2017 • #UXCampDC • @anthonydpaul
  2. 2. Better trains, better devices
  3. 3. Better data about network, environment
  4. 4. 100+ years of the same management
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Undesirable outcomes
  7. 7. Anthony D Paul UX Political Party Nominee at GE Transportation (GETUX) @anthonydpaul
  8. 8. Create a Roadmap to Victory 1/10 #UXCampDC • @anthonydpaul
  9. 9. Long-term vs near-term (MVP) Critical business AND user needs Quantifiable and measurable Methods of measurement Refocus throughout Define success
  10. 10. Start with what you know
  11. 11. Start in the Rural Communities 2/10 #UXCampDC • @anthonydpaul
  12. 12. Interviews On-site observation Google “filetype:pdf” reports and training Braindumps with existing team members Talk to actual employees/users
  13. 13. Jeff Patton journey mapping exercise
  14. 14. Don't Forget the Minorities 3/10 #UXCampDC • @anthonydpaul
  15. 15. Identify un or underserved audiences Champion these new wins Find unsolved stress cases
  16. 16. Inform AI of common occurences
  17. 17. Exploit Your "Joe the Plumber" Stories 4/10 #UXCampDC • @anthonydpaul
  18. 18. Quote representative user sessions Create journey, persona, story documents Create digestible deliverables
  19. 19. Supporting a decision tree
  20. 20. Know Your Swing States 5/10 #UXCampDC • @anthonydpaul
  21. 21. Champions users, but frame in decision-maker’s terms Tailor presentations for audience Listen more than you talk Let them speak for you Identify people with persuasive pull
  22. 22. Identify people with persuasive pull
  23. 23. So often a project fails because we fail to see the perspective of the [decision makers] who hold the keys to our success. Tom Greever, author of Articulating Design Decisions
  24. 24. Measure Before Spending 6/10 #UXCampDC • @anthonydpaul
  25. 25. Timebox all the things Talk to many people (avoid swoopers) Isolate layers of research (Treejack, iconography) Rapid ideation and testing (sketching) Measure (aka, poll, poll, poll)
  26. 26. Many directions
  27. 27. Realizing a wrong turn
  28. 28. Isolating “fails” safely Iconography survey vs in context
  29. 29. Ask Your Celebrity Friends for Help 7/10 #UXCampDC • @anthonydpaul
  30. 30. Outsource/Crowdsource ideas (important people and externals with klout) Trusted partnerships (e.g., TopCoder) Subject matter authorities Internal and external partners
  31. 31. TopCoder
  32. 32. EightShapes
  33. 33. Create Very Public, Near-Term Wins 8/10 #UXCampDC • @anthonydpaul
  34. 34. Don’t insult your incumbents Everything is “an opportunity” Partial solutions to serious problems Communicate stages MVPs and incremental support
  35. 35. Current product sprints “Dark UI”
  36. 36. Be First to Rake Your Muck 9/10 #UXCampDC • @anthonydpaul
  37. 37. Deadlines, things you are working on next Apologize without excuses; discuss remedies/changes Know what you’ll get called out on
  38. 38. Multiple agencies, indexed beta server Graceful handling
  39. 39. Keep the Fact-Checkers Nearby 10/10 #UXCampDC • @anthonydpaul
  40. 40. Meeting notes with names, quotes, and assignments Follow-up emails Transparent review/decision systems Let others be the “bad guy” Be your own PM
  41. 41. Maintain a Healthy Dose of Irrational Optimism 11/10 #UXCampDC • @anthonydpaul
  42. 42. Sleep Take vacations Trust your team Realize you won’t die Regroup Imagine the win
  43. 43. Maybe you’ll be elected President
  44. 44. Closing #UXCampDC • @anthonydpaul
  45. 45. Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win. Sun Tzu, The Art of War
  46. 46. my internetting or http:// .ws or http:// .ws Thank you @anthonydpaul