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2012 amy's chronological resume


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2012 amy's chronological resume

  1. 1. Amy A. Bowar-Litten 418 South Parker Drive, Janesville, WI 53545 (608) 371-3207 [Website]Objectives To Secure employment in an Elementary, Middle School, or High School, Alternative High Schoolin Special Educationdesigned to guide students in becoming Quality Providers, Self-DirectedLearners; Collaborative Workers; Complex Thinkers; and CommunityContributors.ExperienceDate of Employment : 08/2004 to 11/07/2012School District: School District of Beloit, Beloit Memorial High School1225 4th Street Beloit, WI 53511, Contact: BMHS Principal, Dr. Thomas Johnson, (608) 361-3002Assistant Principal Mr. Brad Witt, (608) 361-3012Job Title: Special Education Teacher/IEP Case Manager  2005-2006 One example as team player that made the most impact in my classroom was when I collaborated with a Guidance counselor, and implemented positive learning environments to students with emotional behavioral disabilities by implementing a successful program where students were engaged in learning United States History, meeting the standards based on project based learning.  2004-2012 Collaborated, and cooperated as a team player with regular content teachers, making sure accommodations were followed with students with disabilities so they would be given a positive learning environment and be successful in their learning.  I assisted students with Learning Disabilities, Cognitive Disabilities, Emotional Behavioral Disabilities, and students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder with homework completion, and organization, mentoring all students, in all content areas during lunch and afterschool.  2012 I adopted a classroom procedure from a book "Oppositional Defiant Disorder", (which was approved, and proven to be successful) for my students with emotional behavior disability to correct their behavior in a positive environment. In this model students chose to take a break, calm down, and decide to make the right choice. Included with this classroom management, I also taught students social skills and anger management; and natural consequences were used if wrong choices were made.  2004-2012 As a mentor and as a member of the IEP team, I assisted in guiding students to alternative programs that would individualize student learning. So that the student could be academically successful and graduate with their class.  2005-2012 Collaborated and Cooperated, as a team player in the Mathematics department where I collaborated with content Algebra, Geometry teachers to differentiate lessons reaching all students at different abilities, learning styles and multiple intelligences. I presented lessons to students using the Smart board, and assisted in developing kinesthetic, hands-on puzzles when learning proofs. I also developed vocabulary flashcards and a sorting activity where students had to identify types of quadrilaterals based on marked properties on the quadrilateral.  2011-2012 Participated in Challenge Day and was a Facilitator in a small group of students, showing and modeling support to students when discussing experiences in being a victim of bullying.  2005-2012 Collaborated, and cooperated with Counselors to transition High School students successfully to post secondary institutions by inviting post secondary representatives to attend Individual Education meetings (with signed consent of course). Assisted students in gathering college information and contacting college representatives to answer important questions.
  2. 2. Amy A. Bowar-Litten 418 South Parker Drive, Janesville, WI 53545 (608) 371-3207 [Website]  2005-2012 Collaborated and Cooperated as a team player with administration keeping parents informed and calm, resolving parent and teacher conflicts, and student and teacher conflicts.  2005-2012 Assisted in reviewing transcripts for 9-12th graders, adjusting schedules according to what the student needs both in the line of needed required classes and elective credits to graduate.  2005-2012 As an IEP team player, I collaborated in developing Behavior Intervention Plans, based on Functional Behavior Assessments and data, that focused on positive intervention strategies instead of punishment based consequences for students with emotional behavioral disabilities.  2005-2012 Collaborated as an IEP team member in Individual Education Plan meetings, to develop annual Individual Education Plans, and 3 year evaluations. Effectively evaluated students, reviewed files, gathered data, before describing strengths, weaknesses, writing present levels of performance, academic behavioral goals, transition goals to post secondary education, and accommodations.  2005-2012 Effectively used case manager skills to collaborate, cooperate with other team members in eligibility meetings, for students who were initially identified with a student who has a disability.  2005-2012 Effectively used case manager skills to collaborate, cooperate with other team members in filling paperwork out for a student going up for administrative hearing, and participating as a team member of Manifestation Determination Meetings.  2005-2012 Gathered data from other IEP members, including Classroom Teachers, Administrators to monitor student grades, behavior; and to use the information to share with students in a study hall to assist in homework completion and fill out quarterly and weekly reports on students’ academic progress.ExperienceDate of Employment : 2003-2004School District: Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District7106 South AvenueMiddleton, WI 53562,Contact: Special Education Coordinator, Susan Piazza (608) 829-9617Job Title  Guided and Mentored Adult student in with taking MATC business classes and teaching pertinent daily living skills, including budgeting, shopping-locating items in a store, filing out job applications, and how to conduct oneself on a job interview. Discussions were held with the student regarding the planning of further education, based on students career interest for the future.  Collaborated, cooperated with regular education teachers and taught a 7th grade student regular education curriculum basic content, for 1 semester in an alternative placement setting. Instruction also included teaching problem solving skills and social skills.  Collaborated, Cooperated with Special Education teachers, and regular educators, as a team player to implement a positive learning environment by using the Dubuque Management System, a system using positive reinforcements and a social skills curriculum. with other team members, I assisted in developing role play lessons, where students earned free time, and tokens for students who applied good social and study skills  Effectively used case management skills to design, implement, review, and collaborate with team members in writing Individual Education Plan goals to develop Individual Education Plans.  Collected and charted data on inappropriate behaviors which was used to collaboratively write positive Behavior Intervention Plans for students with emotional behavioral needs. 2
  3. 3. Amy A. Bowar-Litten 418 South Parker Drive, Janesville, WI 53545 (608) 371-3207 [Website]ExperienceDate of Employment : 2000 to 2003School District: Lewis Angapak Memorial119 Village RoadTuntutuliak, Alaska 99680 Contact: Pam Vernor (907) 256-2415,Special Education Director, Linae Saenger (907) 543-4870Job Title  Effectively used case management skills to: Collaborate, cooperate in reviewing and writing Individual Education goals and objectives and Individual Education plans for students with disabilities.  Effectively used case management skills to: Collaborate and cooperate with Individual Education Plan team members to discuss if a student meets eligibility requirements for a student with disabilities.  Collaborated, cooperated with Specialists: Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Vision Specialist, Orientation and Mobility Specialist via phone, once a month in person to discuss progress in the programs for students with disabilities.  Effectively implemented Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy programs for students who had Down ’s syndrome, age 9, and a girl with Traumatic Brain Injury who was age 8.  Effectively implemented Orientation and Mobility program for a student who was visually impaired- blind.  Effectively guided, supervised, collaborated, cooperated with 4 paraprofessionals, and one Associated Teacher. Each student, the student with Down ’s syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury, the 14 year old boy with Cognitive and Behavioral disability, and the student who was blind had their own paraprofessional to assist them in learning. The Associate Teacher was responsible for implementing and running the Speech and Language program in (Yup’ik Eskimo) immersion program.  Assessed, evaluated, developed lessons of a life skills curriculum, including a reading and math program for a 14 year old boy with a Cognitive and Behavioral Disability.Professional EducationDates of Attendance: 1996-1999University or College: University of Minnesota Duluth1049 University DriveDuluth, MN 55812Degree/Diploma Obtained  Special Education License Learning Disabilities/Emotional Behavior Disabilities K-12 GPA: Overall 3.7Academic EducationDates of Attendance :9/1/1984 To 6/1/1990School nameUniversity of Wisconsin Whitewater  Art Teaching License K-12  Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art 3
  4. 4. Amy A. Bowar-Litten 418 South Parker Drive, Janesville, WI 53545 (608) 371-3207 [Website] Training Experience in Specific Educational Areas Taught and Self-trained/Trained in sign but not to the hearing impaired. Taught sign language to Cognitive Disabled students with Down’s Syndrome and Traumatic Brain Injuries. Taught and was Trained in multi-age and multi-grades; Harry Wong. Received Mentorship training. Taught and was trained in Cooperative Learning: Collaboration/Team Teaching. Taught, was trained, an implemented activities from TRIBES Was trained and implemented the Dubuque Management System. Trained in various ESL/ELL Strategies and Techniques including "The Language Model" by Jim Mc Dormik: an ESL/ELL approach. Received 6-1 Writing Traits Trained in Multiple Intelligences and Differentiated Instruction. Trained in Level 1 use of the Smart board and other technology. Taught and was trained to administer the Woodcock Johnson III, and Key math as well as other formal assessment instruments. Obtained experience in administering the WKCE Testing and participated in leading the WKCE study group to 10th graders. References are available upon request. 4