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Anthony crasto glenmark scientist, helping millions with websites


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ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO, Navi mumbai India, HELPING MILLIONS WITH WEBSITES, Do not discriminate, you will pump jetfeul into the flight of dreams.

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Anthony crasto glenmark scientist, helping millions with websites

  1. 1. DR ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO Ph.DOrganic Chemistry, 25yrs+exp. InProcess Research, million hits on google.
  2. 2.  COMPANY IS LOCATED IN NAVIMUMBAI, INDIA EMAIL- Currently working with GLENMARK GENERICS LTD research centre as Principal Scientist, process research (bulk actives) and leading a team of scientists in developing APIs for regulated markets. This involves visualization and execution of novel routes, polymorphs, and developing intellectual property to protect the invention. This involves all aspects of synthesis in lab and commercialization on plant , support for DMF filing. Currently, involved in development of several targets for regulated markets. Provide support to US/European marketing team for developing and execution of new projects
  3. 3.  Process Development :- • Providing guidance and support for process development for challenging of patents in regulated market. • Design patent non-infringing scalable synthetic routes/process and scale-up of API’s • Bench and Pilot scale synthesis transformations in hands on • Optimization of the process, ie,developing industrially feasible process. • Preparation of PDR, filing of patent and DMF • Lead a group of Scientists and Group Leaders(for docs). Skill sets:- Technical skills: Synthesis: • Development of novel synthetic routes/process for pharmaceuticals and successful implementation of the technology in pilot plant • Conducted various reactions at laboratory and production scales. • Synthesized various classes of compounds. • Experienced to work under cGMP condition Documentation: • Literature survey: well conversant with the use of Sci Finder and Internet search techniques. • Operating Instruction: Preparation of scale up report (process, yield, costing, quality, specification etc.). • Setting of specifications: Supported analytical section for method development and establishment of specification for Raw Material, Intermediate and finished products. Soft skills:- • Creativity in problem solving, Highly motivated and Self-starting individual, Excellent communication skill,Team leader with good listening
  4. 4.  To carry out research and development activity in the field of Organic Chemistry, to make profit for the organization, motivate, guide & lead a team of scientists, conduct literature search, identify and execute new/novel routes for the synthesis, scale up from grams to kilo levels in lab., conduct pilot trials and assist in production upto ton levels. Carry out impurity profiles and assist in dossier writing. All the above being done keeping in mind the regulatory, safety, environmental issues. To keep in mind IPR issues and draft patents , Commercial aspects taken care are the time schedules, quality parameters and cost factors. All this with a view of non infringement and confidentiality. Simultaneously develop business acumen and convert to profits.file DMFS in US and EU, file patents and contribute to intellectual property
  5. 5.  1 Currently working as Principal Scientist, Process research(Bulk Actives) with GLENMARK PHARMACEUTICALS LTD research centre, API division at Mahape ,Navi Mumbai, India job involves research and development work on APIs from lab to commercial production, support for DMF filing, in the process develop novel non infringing routes and file patents,(dec05-present) 2 Worked as Sr Manager R&D with Innovassynth technologies Limited, Khopoli, India (formerly IOC ltd) and led a team of 20 chemists for the custom synthesis business in the area of drugs, organic intermediates, specialty chemicals, flavours and fragrances, nutraceuticals and mettalocenes. (25 projects) This included rapid development, scale up and commercialization as per the needs of the foreign clients with a time frame.(may03-dec05----2 yrs 7 months)
  6. 6.  3 Worked as a Manager (R&D) at RPG Life Sciences Ltd ( formerly Searle India ltd). Thane Belapur. INDIA The job involved all aspects of synthesis and commercialization from research lab to production, including third party activities. (Oct. 1997- may2003, 5 years 6 months ) 4 Worked as an Executive, process development at German multinational Hoechst Marion Roussel Ltd, (NOW SANOFI-AVENTIS)Mulund, Mumbai, India in the QA dept, GMP section (Feb.1997 – oct. 1997, 8 months) 5 Worked as an Executive,QA/GMP at a German multinational Hoechst Marion Roussel Ltd, Mulund, Mumbai, India in the Process Development Team. (Jan1993 - Jan1997, 4 years) 6 Carried out Synthetic Research work as a Management trainee (R&D) at an American multinational Searle India ltd, Research and development centre, Thane, India (Now RPG Life Sciences Ltd) (May 1991 to Dec. 1992, 1 year 7 months) 7 Worked as Indian Organic chemicals research fellow at UDCT Matunga, Mumbai, for PhD programme(organic chemistry) on the topic “ Synthesis of novel pyrethroids analogues”. Simultaneously did project work for IOC.(1987-1991, 4 years)
  7. 7.  Title:AMORPHOUS BAZEDOXIFENE  Process for the preparation of ACETATE AND PREPARATION tadalafil THEREOF  Authors: A M CRASTO Authors: A M CRASTO  Ref. No: EP2004644 (A1) Ref. No: US 20100310870  Year: 2008 Year: 2010 The present invention relates to  Process for the preparation of amorphous form of bazedoxifene acetate and a process for the atovaquone preparation thereof.  Authors: A M CRASTO  Ref. No: US20090105350 A PROCESS FOR THE PREPARATION  Year: 2008 OF ATOVAQUONE CRYSTALLINE Authors: A M CRASTO ET AL Ref. No: 1742/MUM/2007 A  Amorphous eprosartan mesylate Year: 2009 The present invention provides a and process for the preparation process for the preparation of thereof Atovaquone in a pure polymorphic form  Authors: A M CRASTO characterized by an X-ray powder  Ref. No: United States Patent diffraction pattern with peaks at about Application 20080014263 7.0, 9.7, 14.2, 14.8,...  Year: 2007
  8. 8.   Amorphous frovatriptan succinate and PROCESS FOR THE PREPARATION OF TADALAFIL process for the preparation thereof  Authors: A M CRASTO Authors: A.M. CRASTO  Year: 2007 Year: 2007 A PROCESS OF PREPARATION OF  SYNTHESIS OF NOVEL PYRETHROID METHANAMINE-N-[4(3,4- ANALOGUES---THESIS DICHLOROPHENY)-3,4-DIHYDRO-1(2H)-  Authors: A.M. CRASTO  MUMBAI UNIVERSITY, 1991 NAPHTHALENYLIDENE  Authors: A M CRASTO ET AL Supervisor: PROF S . SESHADRI Ref. No: Application No.243/BOM/1999 A Year: 1999  Synthesis of Novel & Chloromethyl esters via A process for the preparation of methanamine-N-[4(3,4-dichlorophenyl)]-3,4- Regiospecific ring opening reactions of aryl glycidyl ethers with acid chlorides and the dihydro-1(2H)-naphthalenylidene, a critical synthesis of alpha- morpholino methyl and intermediate in the synthesis of.................. alpha- cyano methyl esters  Authors: A. M. Crasto and S. Seshadri  Paper presented at the 3rd Research Scholars Heterocyclic Analogues of Pyrethroids Meeting, Indian Chemical Society, Feb. 1991. Authors: A .M. Crasto and S. Seshadri , TIRUPATI, INDIA; 1988 Thirteenth International Congress of Heterocyclic Chemistry , held at Corvallis, Oregon (U.S.A.) Abstract No. GE-11-129 ; 1991
  10. 10. ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO ( Ph.D) アンソニー 安东尼 Энтони 안토니 Shared with everyone in the worldANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO ,ORGANIC CHEMISTRY RELATED LINKS/site/amcrasto/ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO CV Shared with everyone in theworld/site/anthonymelvincrastocv/POLYMORPHISM IN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Shared with everyone in theworld/site/polymorphisminorganicchemistry/R & D for GM, VP
  11. 11.  アンソニー 安东尼 Энтони 안토니 ANTHONY development SS_DEVELOPMENT/ NT2/announcements/COPY AND PASTE THESE LINKS ON YOUR BROWSER TO GET HOLD OF SITES
  12. 12.  Linkedin page Researchgate _Dr/ SiliconIndia Crasto-PhD-5G2yZBSx.html Diigo Mashable crasto/
  13. 13.  Remember when you discriminate you are pumping jet feul into the flight of dreams THANKS