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Project 1 0913brief with tgc

  1. 1. SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING & DESIGN Research Unit for Modern Architecture Studies in Southeast Asia Foundation of Natural and Built Environments CULTURE & CIVILIZATION (FDES 0815) Prerequisite: None Lecturers: Normah Sulaiman & Delliya Mohd.Zain _____________________________________________________________________ Project 1 (Group &Individual): 20% marks Back to Our Roots Submission date – Group Work: 23rd October 2013 Submission date- Individual Work: 30th October 2013 Introduction "If you can understand the forces which shaped men's lives then you can better understand those men." Val Greenwood This interpretation of family history fits squarely with the view that all family history is contextual, i.e., it cannot be viewed in isolation or separated from its historical framework. At its root, genealogy satisfies basic human curiosity. These needs can be summed up in three fundamental questions: The Past – Where do I come from? The Present – Why am I here? The Future – What is going to happen to me? Objectives 1. To explore to the genealogy through research and analysis 2. To study the change of human living from past to present 3. To develop skills in gathering information and synthesizing relevant information into a concise presentation Learning Outcomes 1. Able to describe the historical development of human civilization. 2. Able to develop skills of data gathering.
  2. 2. Tasks In a group of 2, produce a   Graphical Time-line Calendar together with your family tree. A 10 minutes video of the interview and research that has been done 1. Both Graphical Calendar & Family Tree and info graphic should consist of Text (short summary) and Images (Illustration, photo, diagram or chart, etc) that best represent the topic discussed 2. In your info graphic, you should highlight the any issues relating to geographical, economy, politics, culture, characteristics and achievement Individually, you are to produce  An A5 info graphic booklet representing your family culture and traditions. 1. In your booklet, you should highlight any issues relating to culture and traditions that your family practice using illustrations (sketch, photo, diagram or chart, etc) and text(short summary). Submission Requirement 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Maximum of TWO(2) A3 size Graphical Timeline and infographic board A5 booklet ( maximum 4pages) Both works must be in hand drawn or collage format (No computer graphics). Referencing and citation of sources is to be inserted at the back of the culture journal. Please write down Program Title, Subject Title, Student Name, ID, Assignment Title and Submission Date at the back of each board. 6. Timeline and Video Submission date is 23rd October 2013, Venue @ LT 10, 10am 7. Final Submission date is 30th October 2013; Venue @ LT10, 10am. Works submitted late will yield 10% mark reduction. For works submitted later than two working days, no assessment will be done.
  3. 3. Assessment criteria The students’ work will be assessed based on: TGC Acquired Assessment Criteria Marks % Group Component Demonstrated understanding of brief 10 % Quality and Clarity of the documented findings 40% Creativity and clarity of ideas, materiality and richness of content 30% Team collaboration 20% (Will be calculated as 20%) TOTAL Suggested Reading Materials   Genealogy As Pastime and Profession /Donald Lines Jacobus The Handybook for Genealogists 100%