Journal pysho 2


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Journal pysho 2

  1. 1. Name: CHEW UNG HENG ID: 0315397 Course: Foundation In Natural ad Built Environment Assignment: Journal Lecturer: Pang Chia Yee Submission Date: 18/12/13
  2. 2. Journal 1 Today lecture we were discussing on the topic of Components and Theories of Attitudes. Basically, attitudes are positive or negative evaluations of objects of thoughts. The three components of attitudes that we had learnt is cognitive, affective, and behavioural. For further understanding, lecturer had given us some example on those components which are attitude on gun control and sexiest attitude toward woman. What the factors might cause a person to change their attitudes? Source, message and receiver are the factors that could be changed others attitudes. Then, we talked about the operant conditioning and observational behaviour. We learnt about the definition of operant conditioning which is a form of learning in which responses come to be controlled by their consequences. For instance, a man give a response by telling a joke, then the rewarding stimulus presented that make the others laugh and effect on his behaviour which his tendency to tell jokes increases. Then, we learnt about the reinforcement which is the consequences that strengthen responses that divided into primary reinforces that satisfy biological needs ,secondary reinforces that conditioned reinforcement, continuous reinforcement that faster acquisition and extinction and also intermittent reinforcement. Besides, reinforcement also divided into negative reinforcement and positive reinforcement. Lecturer had shown us the experiments that had made on rat to show the both types of reinforcement. Next, we entered the topic of observational learning with the definition of when an organism’s responding is influenced by the observation of others, who called models. There are 4 basic processes which are attention, retention, reproduction and motivation. Within this topic, lecturer had shown us some surveys of observational learning which make us more understanding about the observational learning. Lastly, we learnt about the theories of attitude change cognitive dissonance. Through this lesson, I had learnt some things quite new about the understanding of attitudes and what the factors and processes of changing our attitudes so it is doubt that I had going through an important lecture today.
  3. 3. Journal 2 For today lecture, we had learnt on the topic of attraction and close relationship. First, we learn three main things that increases liking of others which are proximity, familiarity and similarity. Proximity is about friendship choice, physical proximity and housing design. It has already become a hazier psychological concept during the 20th century. Next, familiarity is about mere exposure effect that repeated exposure to an object results in greater attraction to the object. Familiarity also underlies other concepts which are propinquity, similarity and reciprocal liking. Then, similarity of attitudes is pre-acquainted attitudes become more attractive. Based on law of attraction, attraction towards a person bears a linear relationship to the actual proportion of similar attitudes. We also learnt why similarity is so important in attraction. Besides, we also learnt about the personal characteristics that everyone has different personality such as openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and extraversion. Then, we also learnt about the stage theories of personality development. Lastly, we also had been taught about the early emotional development. For the conclusion, I had learnt on how to become more attractive so that I can make a lot of friends and begin a new relationship.