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Journal pysho


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Journal pysho

  1. 1. Name: CHEW UNG HENG ID: 0315397 Course: Foundation In Natural ad Built Environment Assignment: Journal Lecturer: Pang Chia Yee Submission Date: 20/11/13
  2. 2. Journal 1 lecture we discuss about self-concept. Firstly, our lecturer let us watch a musical video that related to self-concept, the lyric is quite interesting for me and I fall in love that song. Then, lecture asked us to write sentences start with “I am…” and I had lot of ideas on it and I can’t stop writing. Among the ideas I wrote, I said “I am Chinese” as we had asked to choose one of our ideas and speak it out and I found it is quite funny. Then, we discussed about the topic of self-knowledge that divided into three sub-topics, explaining our behaviour, predicting our behaviour and predicting our behaviour. People have mispredicted the feeling they would have after meet some kinds of situation. Through this topic, we had been asked some questions and the behaviour for us to solve the problems we meet and examples that always happen among us. Next, we learnt about Self-serving Bias which is the one of social psychology’s most provocative yet firmly established conclusion concerns the potency of self-serving bias. People always tend to attribute the success to their ability but not for failure to others external factors. People always shrink their responsibility and admit their false by giving a lot of reasons when we did something wrong. People may also predict how much they contribute more than other people but in fact they have the same contribution. Besides, people also serve their self-image by seeing their talents and moral behaviours as relatively unusual. For the last sub-topic, we learnt on the power of positive thinking. In this topic, lecture asked us to think positively while treating any matter so that we can live healthier and happier in our daily life. To stay healthier, lecture also suggested Holden’s formula by Robbert Holden for us. Finally, we totally enjoyed this lecturer and we knew various ways in solving our problems so that we won’t step the wrong way.
  3. 3. Journal 2 Before we started our class today, we had given an introduction of the assignments that have to done for this semester. Basically, we will have few assignments to do which is the research proposal, Journal assignments, Quizzes and Research & Presentation. Then, we had been divided into groups for the final project which occupy higher marks among other assignments. For the first topic we discuss is the research methods, we had some briefing the definition of the researches. Basically, it means the tools or technique we use to obtain accurate information about feelings, thought and etc. After that we had given a task, we had answer few questions to prove whether you are a high “opener” or not. After collected my data, I got high marks and I’m proud of myself. Then, we continue our topic by differentiate the differences between qualitative and quantitative in research method which qualitative must include scale while qualitative include description and picture. We had also learnt the scientific investigation which can be used while doing a research by following the sequences. We also got to know some techniques of data collection such as, direct observation, interview, archival records and etc. Then, we move on to statistics in psychology to learn the way to calculate the data collected from the survey. Next, we move on to graphical representative of data that taught us about the ways to do bar graph or line graph based on the data we collected from the survey. Lastly, we learn about the Reliability vs. Validity and ethics in phycology which can be used while doing for our research proposal and report. Through this class, we gain knowledge and methods that can used while doing our research and report and it is no doubt that I had attended an very important lecturer.
  4. 4. Journal3 The topic of psychology class today is vision. At the first, lecturer told us there just little things that related to psychology and it could be very interesting lecture for us to learn. Through this lecturer, we had learnt about the effect of colors which different colors making people may have different kind of feelings. There are also some arguments between the students as they disagreed the meanings that had stated in the slide by having their own feelings with different colors and I just realise by staying in a space with specific type color can also make a person having different kinds of feelings and expressions. For instance, yellow painting of a kitchen increases metabolism, brightness of room and gives us energy. Red is the color that always give attention to the people so it is no doubt that it becomes most popular color used for logos, signs, advertisements and etc. Then is my favourite part along this lecture which is the visual system and visual illusion. Along this part, we has going through some pictures and it makes me so confuse while I observing these pictures. Those pictures make us failure to see a visible object as we focused at the other way and some of us take quite long times to get the answers. Besides, we had also given a video to observe n calculate the numbers of the ball throwing by the people who wearing the white T-shirt. In this task, I had success to find out the gorilla that pass through them and actually it quite obvious for me. Finally, I had gained a lot of knowledge and information which may help me for my architecture course to use the proper color according to the purpose of the space use.