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Dv final project p b


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Dv final project p b

  1. 1. SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING & DESIGN Research Unit for Modern Architecture Studies in Southeast Asia Foundation of Natural and Build Environment (FNBE) Design Visualization [FNBE 0155] Credit hours: 5 Prerequisite: None Lectu re rs : Ms D el l iya Z a i n an d Mi ss No rm a Sula i m an Final Project – Part B Design Process & Proposal 10% (Individual) – Two part presentation Submission and Presentation Date: - 20th December 2013 - 5% (case study and initial ideas) - 10th January 2014 – 5% (design proposal and final presentation draft) Introduction The aim of the Final Project will be a review that illustrates the entire topic learned in this course subject. Students will undergo a “design process” to help them visualize their idea and they will present it in a systematic manner with visuals, drawings, sketches, diagrams, models etc. Students will be given a particular task to propose a design for a particular object or installation or structure. In Final Project Part A, students are introduced to site analysis and they are required to do a simple observation of their site to help them with Part B. Final Project Part B will concentrate on the development of ideas through sketches, diagrams and working models. Once the design and the final presentation board layout is presented and approved students will continue to prepare the presentation documents (The Presentation Drawings). The Final Project Part C is a final presentation documentation of the proposed design. Students are required to give a 5 minute verbal presentation of their work, to prepare illustrated presentation boards and a model. As a conclusion the final project will concentrate on the process of ideas and the production of the drawings and visual for presentation purposes. Objectives of Project The objectives of this project are as follows:  To demonstrate observation and visualisation skills in a variety of ways depending on the area of specialisation being pursued with an emphasis on the process of drawing.  To develop confidence to use drawing as a means of communication to express two dimensional and three dimensional ideas. 1
  2. 2. Learning Outcomes of this Project On successful completion of this assignment, students will be able to demonstrate the following: 3. Demonstrate observation skills and be able to record, organize, interpret and describe a variety of issues via visual communications effectively. 4. Manipulate variety of media and techniques to visualize ideas leading to a finish product Tasks - Methodology Students will need to imagine that they are a designer. In this imaginary situation, a toy company has requested them to design a display box/casing to promote their miniature toy. The site to place this display box or casing will be at the site given from Project 1B at the entrance only. Through the site analysis study, you as a designer will then find a solution or ideas to create a suitable display box / casing to promote this toy. The client is requesting for the followings; a. b. c. Maximum three A2 presentation boards Photo montage of the display box/casing on site A model (1:1) – maximum 300x300x300mm 20th December 2013 - 5% (case study and initial ideas) The toy company would like you to present your initial ideas of the display box/casing. Please prepare and present the followings; Two or more case study/precedence study (not more than three pieces of A3 paper) Two or three initial ideas and process on how your derive to the ideas for the display box / casing (min three pieces of A3 paper) You may include your study, research, inspirations of the toy character and anything related Please apply design element and principle to your design 10th January 2014 - 5% (design proposal and final presentation draft) After further discussion and amendments, the toy company would like you to present your best idea for the display box/casing. Please prepare and present the followings; Idea process (the thought process and exploration process on how you derive your ideas), consideration, aim and inspiration (through sketches diagrams etc ) Drawings of the display box / casing (draft) Mock up model(s) and some process models (if any). Ideas and planning for the layout design of the final presentation board If the Toy Company approves your proposal you may proceed to prepare for the Final Project Part 3. But if they do not approve, you may have to redo or make some adjustments and present the week after. Toy Company = Lecturers Requirement All drawings, sketches and diagrams must be hand drawn and text to be hand written as architectural handwriting on A3 size paper or butter paper for both presentations. Each student will need to verbally present their ideas during both sessions. Students must show progress during tutorial session. Tutorial sheet is compulsory as evidence of progress. If you fail to present during both presentation dates, marks will be zero. 2
  3. 3. Marking criteria Marks shall be distributed as follows: 20th December 2013 Case Study & Ideas 5% of the final marks   Case Study relevance content and quality of information Quality of ideas, design and exploration process, sketches and visuals 2% 3% Total 5% 10th January 2014 Case Study & Ideas 5% of the final marks   Quality and clarity of ideas, design process, drawings, sketches and visuals Comprehensiveness of items presented 3 3% 2% Total 5%