10 top reasons to hire a motorcycle accident injury trial lawyer that rides


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10 top reasons to hire a motorcycle accident injury lawyer

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10 top reasons to hire a motorcycle accident injury trial lawyer that rides

  1. 1. 10 Top Reasons to Hire a MotorcycleAccident Trial Lawyer That Rides IntroductionThe Importance of a Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Trial LawyerNot every attorney can properly handle your motorcycleserious injury claim to position it for the best chance ofmaximum recovery of money damages. This article will explainin my opinion the qualities that a lawyer should have and whyyou should hire them if you have been seriously injured in amotorcycle accident.Although most cases result in settlement, it is fair to say thatcases that are prepared by a trial attorney, as if they are goingto trial, send a message to the insurance company that they arenot going to easily get away with a low ball offer. However ifyou hire an attorney that settles every case what message doesthat sendto big insurance. What risk does the insurancecompany face in giving you a low ball offer if they know yourattorney settles everything.NONE. You might as well representyourself if you do not hire the right attorney.
  2. 2. So these 10 reasons relate not only to hiring a lawyer that ridesbut also to hiring a lawyer that rides and is also an experiencedpersonal injury trial lawyer. There are several reasons why aexperienced personal injury trial lawyer that has never riddenand is not part of the motorcycle community could be a badchoice for you.SO BEWARE!! There are many lawyers that promotethemselves as motorcycle that have never ridden a motorcycle.Your best chance is hiring an experienced personal injury triallawyer that rides a motorcycle. Top Ten Reasons 1. Odds are a biker lawyer will understand you. A biker lawyer will better relate to you. You will be able to relate to a biker lawyer. Motorcycle accident lawyers that are out in the community supporting motorcycle groups have prequalified themselves as someone that has a mutual interest with you. 2. There is a bond between bikers of all walks of life. Riding free in the wind is an amazing experience. The bikers of today come from all walks of life and support each other.
  3. 3. You want someone who will take care of their own and treat you like family3. A lawyer that rides a motorcycle will know how your bike works. And the way riding a motorcycle works. Do you really want to look into the blank and disbelieving eyes of your attorney when you explain how your motorcycle turns as a function of lean and counter-steering. Do you think you should have to explain what would happen if you slammed on your breaks in a turn.4. A motorcycle riding attoreny is not going to look down on you because you ride a motorcycle,or you don’t look like they do.5. There are many myths the public holds about motorcycles. They think motorcyclists are risk takers. Motorcyclists do what they want. They are aggressive and antisocial. Some think just because you ride a motorcycle you get what you risk if you are injured by a cager and don’t deserve to be compensated. You want someone who has looked a jury in the eyes and discussed these myths frankly and honestly. You certainly want someone who doesn’t hold these myths themselves.
  4. 4. 6. Except in limited circumstances Ohio allows you to ride without a helmet. A motorcycle lawyer will easily accept the fact that your injury occurred because of the car that turned in front of you and not because you did not wear a helmet. 7. Your motorcycle lawyer will know the laws regarding motorcycle accidents. He hopefully won’t let big insurance try to slip in the fact that you did not have a helmet on or any other evidence not relevant to your case. 8. A motorcycle personal injury lawyer will guide you about what steps to take to put your case in the best light. They will give you peace of mind that you have someone with the ammunition to keep you from being taken advantage of. 9. A motorcycle lawyer will investigate your case fully, preserve evidence, hire experts as necessary, interface with your doctors and the insurance company and ultimately put forth a well documented settlement demand. 10 They will advise you of the value of your case and usenegotiation techniques, alternate dispute methods, and file suit
  5. 5. if necessary and in those few cases that insurance just doesn’tsee their way to a fair offer before trial, take your case to a jury.By Anthony Castelli AttorneyCincinnati, Ohio 513-621-2345Anthony wrote the Ohio Motorcycle Bible available at his website for free download at http://www.castellillaw.comHe haswritten may articles that can be found at Motorcycle Safety andInjury Help of Ohio http://motorcycleinjuryohio.blogspot.com/Anthony has tried over 25 civil jury trials to verdict and hasrepresented numerous bikers, including family members thathave lost one of their family in a critical motorcycle accident.