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Mobile Journalism: Tips, Gear, and Assignments


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Building mobile and social media journalism into journalism classes. Presentation at 2016 annual conference of the Association of Education in Journalism & Mass Communications.

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Mobile Journalism: Tips, Gear, and Assignments

  1. 1. Anthony Adornato @AnthonyAdornato AEJMC 2016 Building Mojo in the Classroom
  2. 2. The Why Audience is mobile and social Social media is key driver of website traffic AND audience is likely viewing on a mobile device Audience-first: User experience Mobile devices streamline the reporting process and optimize content
  3. 3. “It’s important to remember the iPhone is just a tool. It helps you gather and transmit the information faster. It doesn’t replace at all the old school journalism, the ethics, the context. There’s not an app for that.” -Neal Augenstein, WTOP-FM
  4. 4. Come Up with a Plan Newsrooms are multi-platform hubs of content Story pitches must include a plan for using mobile and social for newsgathering, sharing of information, and audience engagement
  5. 5. Main Assignments Multimedia web stories >500 word story >Photo gallery >1-1:30 video Social media checklist for each story Building social media brand
  6. 6. Mojo Gear iPad Mini External charger Mini-tripod (JOBY GripTight GorillaPod) Stick and lav mics iRig Pre mic adaptor and XLR cable Headphones (not earbuds!) Bluetooth keyboard Optional: lights, lenses, rigs, grips
  7. 7. Mojo Checklist All gear in your go-bag? Enough storage? Devices and accessories charged? Portable charger? Batteries? Have you tested the mic? Will you have network connection? If not, what’s your back-up plan? Recharge and repack when you return.
  8. 8. There’s an App for That Video Audio Photo Social Graphics
  9. 9. The Lifesavers
  10. 10. Mobile-Friendly Layout Short and shareable headlines Front-load with key points Bite-sized, “snackable” chunks >Headings, bullet points, lists >Visual clues for scanning
  11. 11. Text in Videos Mobile users often don’t have volume turned up Adds context and gives a reason to listen
  12. 12. Don’t Dismiss Vertical Video Depends on the platform Vertical video optimizes content for viewing on mobile and social “What we’re trying to do is make sure that we’re producing video that works specifically for each platform.” -Mica Gelman, The Washington Post
  13. 13. Social Graphics Stand out in sea of “noise” Include more info than platforms allow Adobe Spark Post and Canva
  14. 14. Find an Industry Partner Nightly News, Instagram, Snapchat, website
  15. 15. Challenges Grading Students’ devices lack enough storage Audio is often overlooked Too much movement in shots Not posting consistently throughout reporting process
  16. 16. Slides Course Website