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The Learning Forum Minutes 25 july 2011


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Published in: Education, Technology
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The Learning Forum Minutes 25 july 2011

  1. 1. The Learning ForumWednesday 25 July 2011Meeting RoomApologies: Patrice Andersen, Donna Ginzburg 1. Matters Arising From Previous Meeting a. It has been decided that the Year 7 students in 2012 will have laptops rather than netbooks. 2. Laptops for Year 7 a. Textbooks b. Typing Programs (Typequick) c. Microsoft Office Package including One Note. (Mike thinks that they will come loaded with this, he will find out on Monday) d. Notebook software for smartboards - free e. Adobe CS4 (Creative Suite) f. Google Sketchup - free g. Google Earth - free h. Geogebra – free i. Understanding Faith (if possible) 3. We need to survey staff on their skills etc. for laptops. Staff should do the same training as the Year 7 students and receive a licence or something to show that they have the requisite skills. 4. One To One @ BCR a. Richard Hainsworth presented ideas about this. He distributed a sheet outlining questions to be asked and possibilities. b. He is very competitive and would like to know what OLSH are doing about this. c. Year 7 next year may need a couple of days working on the laptops. There was a discussion concerning whether this would be in the first week, separate days a couple of weeks later, in the same week as the Camp etc. d. Some classrooms that Year 7 should use should be set up as cooperative learning spaces rather than rows. e. There needs to be a whole school approach to dealing with students who do not bring their laptops. f. Supporting staff with training, coaching or mentoring is crucial when introducing new skills etc. g. Technology skills etc. need to be embedded into programs 5. Other Business a. Next meeting – what else do Year 7 need to know, specific application skills across all KLA’s. Let’s use some of the resources and ideas from other schools.Present: LMC, RHA, AMG, MRA, AMO, SEG, CDA, PTAMeeting Ended: 4.40 pm