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The Learning Forum Minutes 24 August 2011


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Published in: Education, Technology
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The Learning Forum Minutes 24 August 2011

  1. 1. The Learning ForumWednesday 24 August 2011Meeting RoomApologies: Allan McFadden, Richard Hainsworth 1. Matters Arising From Previous Meeting a. Minutes read through. Issues will be followed up in this meeting. 2. Preparing For Year 7 Laptop Rollout (Kate Edmondson) a. Year 7 will have their laptops and ONE notebook to write in, plus a folder with some handouts. For next year we need to put booklets together so that Mike can put them on the students’ laptops. b. The new photocopier will arrive early next term and will enable us to scan handouts and booklets in. Mike will come up with a date (early next term) that booklets to scan should be given to Pauline. c. KLA Coordinators need to ensure that staff know what they are doing and will feel confident doing it. What do the staff need to make the experience worthwhile? Who will teach Year 7? d. A discussion of various scenarios with the laptops next year. All people next year (students and teachers) will need to use and be comfortable using One Note. Check out Atomic Learning for a video tutorial. Teachers need to be experimenting and practicing with One Note now. e. Donna Ginzburg suggested that Year 7 will be able to charge laptops during TAS lessons. f. A discussion about handing in work and tasks using the laptops. Should it by email, inbox etc.Present: AMO, PTA, CDA, KAT, PTA, MRA, DGI, AMG, KED, SEG, LWAMeeting Ended: 4.28 pm