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Learning Forum 9 May 2012


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Learning Forum 9 May 2012

  1. 1. The Learning Forum9 May 2012Meeting Room 3.30 pmApologies: Warren Condon, Patrice Andersen, Monica Jarman,1. LOTE at BrigidineThere was a discussion of the value of languages as cultural studies, literacy etc. the maindiscussion centered around Year 7 and LOTE being above hours allocation. Should we dosomething different with Year 7, should we only do mandatory in Year 8? Could we combine acomputer and language skills course in Year 7? What could we call it? There was a discussionabout the fact that young children do not learn things off by heart anymore.Could we focus on careers in languages? Can we invite ex students in to speak with students. At thenext LOTE Meeting we will discuss technology.2. Resources from Local LibraryTrish Kennedy invited the LOTE department to borrow her card and look at the resources from theRandwick Library site to look at Mango Languages.3. Assessment WeeksThere was a discussion as to the advantages and disadvantages of having an exam block in Years 7-11.Present: AMO, KED, AMG, CDA, MJO, DGI, SEG, STI, DBR, APA, PKE