Distinctive Voices Essay


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Distinctive Voices Essay

  1. 1. Distinctive Voices Practice Essay“Distinctive Voices enable us to think about significant issues in theworld”.Do you agree? In your response refer to your prescribed text and TWOpieces of related material. Remember the BASICS. Use the terms of the question, write topic sentences and paragraphs, use quotes and explain them and most importantly, answer the question. This is a very simple plan for a response. You do not have to follow this plan. If you feel that you wish to answer the question in a different way, or more comprehensively, then you are free to do so.When you use a quote make sure you explain what it shows.IntroductionComposers use distinctive voices in their texts to enable us to think aboutsignificant issues in the world. Marele Day, in her novel “The Life andCrimes of Harry Lavender” (LACOHL), uses the literary form ofdetective fiction to challenge our perceptions of the roles of men andwomen in society and presents us with characters who use distinctivevoices in different situations revealing much about themselves and theirrelationships with others. These significant issues are also explored in_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. Each of the composers of these texts effectivelyuse distinctive voices to present their ideas and allow us to think aboutsignificant issues in the world.The Female Voice and Detective GenreStart each paragraph with a topic sentence.Why has Day chosen the detective fiction genre? How is the female voiceused in the novel? How are the features of the detective genre’sdistinctive voice challenged? What significant issue in society isaddressed by the use of this distinctive voice?Finish each paragraph with a concluding remark.
  2. 2. The Voice of Social CriticismStart each paragraph with a topic sentence.What significant issues concern Claudia in our society? (e.g. corruption,change etc.) What is her opinion on these issues? How does Day contrastClaudia’s views of Sydney through the language she uses? Provideexamples and context (when the novel was written).The Voice of Relationships (This may be more than one paragraph)Start each paragraph with a topic sentence.Explore at least two relationships that Claudia has. Her manner ofspeaking changes depending on who she is speaking with. Explain thatrelationships between people are a significant issue in the world and thatthe use of distinctive voice in LACOHL allows us to examine a variety ofrelationships. Give examples from the text for each relationship youexamine.The Technique of first person narration and two narratorsStart each paragraph with a topic sentence. Why has Day used thistechnique? What does it allow the reader to know about the plot? Whatare the features of the other distinctive voice (the voice of HarryLavender)? What significant issues in society are raised by this distinctivevoice?Related Texts (this will be more than one paragraph)When examining your related texts you must relate them to the questionand provide evidence from the texts. Relate each of your texts to one ofthe above paragraphs, (e.g. Female Voice, Relationships, Social Criticismetc.).Your analysis of LACOHL should be at least 50% of your response.It is your core text, the one you have analysed most comprehensively.ConclusionWhen composers use distinctive voices in their texts they enable us tothink about significant issues in the world. Marele Day in LACOHLchallenges the way we think about relationships, our society and the rolesof men and women. The related texts ______________ & ____________also allow us to consider significant issues in the world such as _____________________________________ through the use of distinctive voices.