A Streetcar Named Desire scenes 7 11


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A Streetcar Named Desire scenes 7 11

  1. 1. A Streetcar Named Desire Scenes 7-11Characters 1. At the beginning of scene seven Blanche is once again taking a hot bath, though its hot outside. Why does she bathe so often and for such long periods of time? How does Stanley feel about Blanches baths? Why does he feel that way? 2. Stanley has found out the "truth" about Blanche. According to Stanley, what is that truth? What are the two lies that he refutes? He mentions the Flamingo Hotel. What is it? How does it relate to Blanche? Why does Blanche in scene nine call it the "Tarantula Arms"? Why has Blanche lost her teaching job? What are Stanleys motives for telling Mitch about Blanches lies? 3. While Stanley is talking to Stella about Blanche, Blanche is in the bathroom and the audience can hear her singing. What is the significance of her song? Is it, too, a description of Blanche? Does it present one side of Blanche that Stanley (and Mitch) cannot understand? 4. Describe Blanches birthday party in scene eight. What birthday present does Stanley give her? Why does Stanley want Blanche to leave? How is her presence changing his marriage? How does he hope his marriage will be after Blanche is gone? Discuss the importance of sexuality and desire for Stanley. The party ends with Stella being taken to the hospital. Why does she go to the hospital? 5. What changes do you see in the relationship between Stella and Stanley and between Blanche and Stanley? 6. How does Mitch respond to the news about Blanche that Stanley told him? Why doesnt he want to marry Blanche anymore? Why does he tear off the paper lantern? Why does Blanche not want him to tear it off? What does Mitch want from Blanche at the end of the scene nine? How does Blanche respond? 7. What does Blanche mean when she says "I dont want realism. I want magick. I try to give that to people. I misrepresent things to them. I dont tell truth, I tell what ought to be truth." 8. Why did Blanche have so many "intimacies with strangers"? 9. In scene ten Blanche and Stanley are alone in the apartment. Why is Stella not present? Blanche again mentions Shep Huntleigh. He has taken on a symbolic meaning for Blanche. What does he represent to her? Why does she tell Stanley a lie about Shep Huntleigh? What does Stanley mean when he asks Blanche, "Shall we bury the hatchet and make it a loving-cup"? Why does Blanche say no?
  2. 2. 10. What happens between Blanche and Stanley at the end of scene ten? What results of this can be seen in scene eleven? Why has Blanche gone mad? Where is she being sent? Why has Stella decided to send Blanche there? Has Stanley and Stellas marriage changed?11. Scene eleven begins with another poker game. This time Stanley is winning and Mitch is losing. Is this signficant? Does the card game also have possible symbolic meaning? Describe how the relationship between Stanley and Mitch has changed.12. How does Blanche initially respond to the Doctor and the Matron? Why does she later offer her hands to the Doctor? What does Blanche mean when she says, "Whoever you are. I have always depended on the kindness of strangers"? Describe the relationship between Stanley and Stella at the end of the play, after Blanche has left.