A Streetcar Named Desire scenes 4 6


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A Streetcar Named Desire scenes 4 6

  1. 1. A Streetcar Named Desire Scenes 4-6Characters 1. Stella and Blanche respond differently to Stanleys violent actions during the poker game the previous night (at the end of scene three). What does Blanche want to do? Who is Shep Huntleigh? What does Stella want to do? What does Stella suggest is the foundation of her marriage with Stanley? In what ways is Stella being asked to choose between her sister and her husband? 2. At the end of scene four Blanche reveals her thoughts about Stanley. How does she describe and characterize him? Where is Stanley while Blanche is talking? Does he overhear her? If so, how do you think he would respond? When Stanley reenters the apartment at the end of the scene, Stella runs to him and hugs him. Why is this significant? Does it suggest something about Stellas relationship with Stanley and her relationship with Blanche? 3. Describe Blanches relationship with Stanley in scene five. How does this latest conflict between them end? Are their conflicts in each scene becoming increasingly more serious? 4. How would you describe the relationship between Steve and Eunice? Does their marriage provide a different view of love in the play? 5. In scene five, Blanche again mentions Shep Huntleigh. Why does she write to him? Is she honest? Why does she not tell the "truth"? 6. In scene five, we see Blanche drinking again. Why does she drink? What is she nervous about? 7. Can you explain the dynamics of Blanches encounter with the newspaper boy? Why does Blanche flirt with him? 8. What does Blanche want from Mitch? Is she honest with him? Describe their relationship at the end of scene five and during scene six. Is Mitch an aristocratic southern gentleman? If not, provide examples from scene six to support your answer. Do they love each other? How is their relationship different from the relationship between Stanley and Stella? 9. In scene six Blanche explains her relationship with her husband. What does she unexpectedly learn about him? How does she respond to this? What does her husband do? How does Blanche respond to his death? Does this explain why the polka music repeats in her mind? What does this music symbolize for Blanche?