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Roles and responsibilities1

  1. 1. Anthony WilliamsMy Roles and ResponsibilitiesDirector, Producer, Lighting Manager, Props Manager, Hair and Makeup Artist:Anthony WilliamsWhat the role and responsibility is for each person:My role of being the director is that I will be in charge of the artist, actors anddancer as I direct the action in the production of the music video; also whatevermy artist and actors is ordered to do must do it. In all I am the person responsiblefor the overall unity of the music video and for coordination of the work. The skillsI acquire for this role is communication, being a good leader, organisation, andbeing quick at making last minute decisions.My second role in this music video is being the producer, this role means that Iwill not be involved in any technical aspects of the music video but who is stillresponsible for the overall production. The five skills a producer needs to besuccessful are organization, the ability to make decisions quickly, being a goodnegotiator, being diplomatic, and having lots of energy.My third role is to be the in charge of the camera this is to ensure that all theshots I have planned to use being long, establishing, medium, close-ups, and twoshot so that my audience can stay focused on what is taken place and how. Medium Shot – This shot will show my artist and actors from waist up usually. Its main objective of the video will be to capture the action well and shows detail in the shot of my artist rapping.
  2. 2. Anthony Williams Long shot – This shot will show full body shots of my artist, actors and dancer to show what they are doing also to show their surroundings of areas for example graffiti. Establishing shot – This shot will show full surroundings of the locations so that my artist‟s audience can understand where he comes from and where he is in the video. Close up – This shot is used to show my artist and actors facial expressions and for the artist to show him rapping.
  3. 3. Anthony Williams High Angle – I will use this shot to make my actor look small or with less authority to another. Two shot – This shot is used to show both artist and actors together on most occasions to show friendship and association.This is a technical role which means I will fulfil this job role by the use ofequipment. It is my responsibility as the camera person to set up all the shotscorrectly and film accordingly to the storyboard alongside the rest of the cast. Itis also my responsibility as the camera person to hire out and look after allequipment especially whilst filming on location. The skills I will need for this isgood attention and focus, being a good negotiator and having good organisingideas.My fourth role as the lightning manger will to make sure that the lightning iscorrect for the music video and suits its genre of hip-hop. By looking into myresearch I felt that high-key lighting will be the main source of lighting as itshows my artist‟s costume fully and props also it shows his facial expressionsclearly. The target audience will notice this as they can clearly see the artist andsee his eye catching props such as chains and watches this tells the audienceabout their culture. When using high-key lighting I must make sure not to haveany unwanted shadows and to also have the correct tone for the music video.Because of locations lighting will change constantly for example inside OasisAcademy Hadley I will use high-key lighting but outside I will use natural lightingto create a feel of normality making the audience feel as if they are there.
  4. 4. Anthony WilliamsMy fifth role is being the props manger this being my responsibility to in anyextras in the music video for example jewellery and anything that needs to be inthe scene. The skills needed for this role is to be organised, to be neat, and havegood imagination.Jewellery: These props are use to show off the artist jewellery in music video asthey show the artist‟s wealth and high status by showing chains, rings, ear ringsand watches as this suits the narrative of the video being about money andluxury. As it says in Goodwin‟s theory that “there is a relationship between lyricsand visuals” by me adding jewellery to the music video it matches the lyrics ofthe song which talks mostly about money.Money: This prop is shown on many occasions in the music video to match thenarrative as everyone in the music video cares most about money, and will doalmost anything to gain it. There is money shown in nearly all hip-hop musicvideos this showing it as conventional towards its genre.
  5. 5. Anthony WilliamsMobile phones: Many mobile phones are shown in this music video forcommunication and some shown to show off their high status. Blackberry andIphones are used to show off their high status as they are the highest sellingphones.And my last role is being the hair and make-up artist, this role is very important asI am responsible for the way the artist and actors look in the music video. In thisrole I am required to fix up their hair and giving them better appearances byadding foundation to clear up spots and to add lipstick, mascara, ect to thefemale acts to create more voyeurism.All my acts in this music video are aged 15-18, this showing that the music videois youthful due to seeing bright colours, locations such as parks, and dancing allthese acts play the part of making the music video look joyful and surreal.To make my music video look like the hip-hop genre I needed the clothing andaccessories to play the part. I plan on each of my actor‟s costumes to appeal tothe hip-hop subculture by mainly wearing brand names that are a part of hip-hopfashion such as Nike, Adidas, Prada, Nickleson and Reebook; all these named
  6. 6. Anthony Williamsbrandings are a part of hip-hop subculture fashion. My artist is required to do allthe same although he will follow the values of hip-hop to create his image byshowing constantly rapping the audience will know he is an MC and MCs are partof the hip-hop subculture.The colours which I will be using in this music video will be bright colours as thegraffiti background consists of many bright colours that are youthful, this appealsto young audiences as they see that the music video colourful and jubilant.My artist‟s music video consists of many actors and performers who all have theireach separate role by following the storyboard and script.Anthony Williams: I am the main character in the video also the artist in the video;I will be seen giving orders to other actors who do my tasks which are seen in thenarrative. As the artist I am the main focus in the video, I am seen rappingconstantly.Michael Dennis: He is as my artist‟s friend who sits next to him while he raps thistelling the audience they are good friends.
  7. 7. Anthony WilliamsAkeem Bryan: He is the hitman in the video who takes out the tasks of the artistbut is tricked by the artist and is not fully paid.Patrick Morrison: He is seen as one of the artist pawns doing task for himdelivering packages.Bradley Morrison: He is shown as the hitman‟s target that is presumed taken outby the hitman as he is not seen again in the music video.
  8. 8. Anthony WilliamsNicholas Douglas: He is the dancer of the music video, body poppin constantly heexpresses to the audience that the music video is of hip-hop genre because of thesubcultures favourite style of dancing.Tennika Williams: She is the first attractive young lady shown in the music videoto express voyeurism, she is shown sitting on the coach frustrated.Monique Williams: She is the second attractive young lady shown in the musicvideo to express voyeurism and is seen calm sitting down.The music video‟s narrative is that the artist calls a hitman to take upon amission by killing someone. As the hitman does the deed he then meets theartist‟s associate which he is then received which is believed to be his payment.As he opens the envelop he sees a £5 and nothing else but paper this greatlyangers the hitman. The audience then see a last scene of the artist showing offmoney which is believed to be the money which was supposed to be paid to thehitman.The editing techniques I plan of using in my music video mainly will be fades. Theuse of fades allows the audience to follow the narrative clearly not beingdistracted by anything else. As the narrative is strong we must use other editingtechniques such as straight cuts to make it easier for the audience as they willnot notice the technique as the focus won‟t be taken away from the narrative.This is shown in 50 Cent‟s song „Just a Lil Bit‟ as he uses these techniques toallow the audience to follow his narrative accurately while still noticing the artistand the visuals shown in the music video.
  9. 9. Anthony WilliamsThe text I plan to use in the video will be bold writing so that my audience canread clearly who the artist is in the video and what the song is called I am stilldeciding of what coloured font to use as i wish to use either black or white as theblack colours make the artist seem dark while white making him seem pure.