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History of music videos


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History of music videos

  1. 1. By Anthony Williams
  2. 2. Music Video Music videos are short films or recordings of music from a artist or company‟s establishment. Present videos are now made and published to generate sales as a this is a current successful market device. Music videos date back to the earliest days of sound film. Most music videos are branded as short form music videos to separate them from full length movies relating to music. Many early Disney Films were based around songs from imminent films, these were early promotional shorts. nIwCU&feature=player_embedded
  3. 3. Soundies Short films with the specific objective of marketing the artist arose in the early days of sound film-making. Short films of no matter which film were up to eight minutes in length which was used to show the talents of singers such as Billie Holiday and Bing Crosby which was normally shown in cinema screenings as a small part of a full programme of newsreel also cartoons and main features but mainly as reels on the forerunner of the video jukebox, the Panarom. The Panarom was a visual jukebox was used for early music videos called soundies which were one-song films. Many soundies were created mainly being classical and jazz genre of that times period of the 1940s. Soundies were a group of performers singing in live performances in short film musicals. The jukeboxes were normally found in restaurants and bars so that people could play and watch the clip while the music played freely.
  4. 4. Rise of Television The first short musical film in the USA which was made precisely for television was the Snader Telescriptions, over 1000 musical films were produced and filmed for television filler between 1950 – 54. In 1956 Tony Bennett was filmed walking along The Serpentine in Hyde Park, London, England in his recording of “Stranger in Paradise”. This film was distributed and played in the USA and UK television stations, thus Bennett claiming he made the first ever music video.
  5. 5. The Beatles Music videos began to gain attention to a wider audience which then lead videos to be made for specific programmes such as Top of the Pops in UK and Hullubaloo in USA. Promotional clips for groups started to be produced a prime example being The Beatles as their music video "A Hard Days Night” was the first major motion picture which was released in 1964. the musical fragments have helped divine music videos today by its use of visual vocabulary which has influenced many artists and many pop and rock groups in todays society. The Beatles further work such as “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “Penny Lane” were made in 1967 and were successful films which enhanced the music videos scene as they used film techniques, effects, lighting and unusual camera angles. dS_Xw&feature=player_embedded
  6. 6. Modern Era The modern era of music videos is in all the rebirth of music and videos as the audience have been introduced to colour screening and many more effects. The equipment became more precise and easier to use such as hand-held cameras this made it easier for artists to produce, release and market their videos more quickly and swiftly. It became more noticeable that the more money a artist had the better the music videos would be and stand out towards the audience. In the 1980s releasing a standard music video had become dull, and this had become noticeable when The Jackson Five made their video “Can You Feel it” which had million of dollars behind it, which gained them a commercial edge towards viewers. g8Xo&feature=player_embedded
  7. 7. MTV In 1981, America launched a music channel called MTV which was a 24 hour a day music station for all to view. This allowed anyone to see and watch a music video any time of the day. The first music video on the channel was Buggles, “Video killed the Radio Star”. In the 1980s artists started to use more storylines and plots to their music videos an example being Michael Jackson as he was the first artist to create a concept of a short film. He used a beginning, middle and end, he used these plots in his music videos Billie Jean, West Side Story, Beat It, and Thriller. Thriller which was released in 1984 took music videos by storm as it settings and format were on higher heights than any other video before and in that time period. Many of MTVs videos came from the UK for example Duran Duran was a common act. They had great visual appeal towards views although was not getting any radio air time in the UK thus leading MTV to showcase them in America gaining them popularity. TMaA&feature=player_embedded
  8. 8. MTV Part 2 MTV influenced many stations and labels about marketing artists as they had a great part of marketing such artist as Michael Jackson, Madonna and Duran Duran. Madonna used a lot of seductive skills and sex appeal in her videos in the 1980s to present on MTV to gain wider audiences. Madonna has constructed her image as a great star being similar to the silent era of stars such as Greta Garbo. Some see MTV as the start of the Golden era of music videos and the supreme success of a art form in popular culture while others see it as the death of true musical content as physically stature and appearance are now critically in popular culture.
  9. 9. Music Videos Today Music videos are now central to marketing a artist. MTV continues to be a force on the television as more than 320 million TV sets in 90 countries over 5 continents tune in to watch music. Music video can also be watched on elsewhere such as the internet such sources like YouTube, Mobiles, Game Consoles ect. YouTube is seen as the most modern music video marketing system today as anyone can make their own music video and post it on YouTube gaining views and record label contracts although it some videos are seen as inappropriate some influencing violence. Downloading off the internet is become more often and is seen as a threat to MTV as not many audience may tune in to watch a video were they can just browse now.
  10. 10. Time Line tory+of+the+Music+Video/1926 • Arrival of Talkies„- Many musical short films produced featuring many bands, vocalists and dancers.1930 - • Musical Films- The musical film was a film genre in which several songs were interwoven into the film.19591930 - • Ancestor of the Music Video- Many artists featured in dramatized performances of hit songs.19401930 • "Screen Songs" Introduced- Series of cartoon films which encouraged audiences to sing along by "following the bouncing ball."1940 - • Arrival of Promotional Clips- These were short films of many famous jazz artists and their bands on a movie-set bandstand.19491956 - • Rise of Television- The rise of popular music was tied with the rise of television as the format exposed new stars.19601964 • The Beatles- The Beatles set the stage for the modern music video with the motion picture "A Hard Days Night."1965 • The Beatles use Promotional Films- Beatles film 10 films which are used to promote album releases. Kicks off video promotion.1981 • MTV Launched- 24hr broadcast means music videos begin to play a central role in music marketing by the mid 1980s.1983 • Thriller - Michael Jacksons most successful and influential video of all time released.1985 • VH1 Launched- This featured softer music and catered to an older demographic, widening the audience of videos.1988 • Hip Hop Growth- Hip Hop sees significant growth and popularity as MTV launchs Yo! MTV Raps.1992 • Rise of the Directors- Listed in the credits for the first time, directors such as Gondry and Romanek launch careers.1995 • Scream- The Jacksons "Scream", costing seven million to produce, is the most expensive music video ever.2005 • YouTube- Allows people to watch videos online. New artists see popularity rise through internet.2005 • iTunes Opens- Allows music videos to be downloaded from internet. One million d/ls after twenty days.2010 • New Heights- Number of music videos viewed online reaches 34 billion with 183 million viewers.2010 • One Billion- Lady Gagas music video views reach one billion views. Her song "Poker Face" sees 375mil alone.
  11. 11.  Lady Gaga video - LojNYSo&feature=player_embedded