Anthony Zanontian - Yervant and Karnig's Company


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Anthony Zanontian - This is yervants and karnigs company that specializes in confection sweets.

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Anthony Zanontian - Yervant and Karnig's Company

  1. 1. Marvelous Snacks Inc. “ Simply Marvelous”™
  2. 2. About Us <ul><li>Marvelous Snacks Inc. was started by two friends in the small dusty town of Fresno, California. The idea for Marvelous Snacks was sparked in 2004 by Yervant Hovanessian and Karnig Panosian. While playing a simple game of poker and snacking on generic pretzels they quickly realized that together they can create gourmet snacks that taste great, at an affordable price everyone can enjoy. After a few trial runs they came up with their original flavor, Smoked Mesquite Barbeque flavored pretzels. After the initial reaction of this bold new addition to the snack market it paved the way for Marvelous Snacks to dominate the snack food market, sparking new flavors and products for years to come. </li></ul>