How to-maximise-salon-profits-with-minimum-investment


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How to-maximise-salon-profits-with-minimum-investment

  1. 1. How ToMAXIMIZE SalonProfits with MinimumInvestment!
  2. 2. SalonPunk.comAnother great ebook from for Salon owners by a salon owner. Copyright protected. 1998-2009© Any form of unauthorized copying of this ebook will end up in legalaction taken by against any individual that carries out what I would class as theft. “If you truly understand how to master this one single area of your salon…. Your salon profits will go through the roof” Alan Forrest Smith
  3. 3. SalonPunk.comSalon Punk Special Insider Report OnReception
  4. 4.“If you lose control reception in your salon …you lose control of your salon, your business … your profits!”How will that affect you personally?The fact is … Reception is the life force of your salon, no question. Losecontrol of reception and you lose control of your salon.The facts have proved time and time again a strong receptionist candouble, triple or even quadruple your salon income and profits very, veryquickly. Daily, weekly, monthly, annually.What do I mean?Think about it … everyone that comes into your salonhas to and will have contact with your reception!That means the first impression and last impressionfrom your salon is at reception.Also reception is the place where money is made, where cash is createdwhere business is built.Get reception wrong and you WON’T build columns or business. YOUWILL LOSE PROFITS!IMPORTANT: Now I know you’ll agree on this point. Stylists love tomanipulate your appointment book. You know what I mean?If they can get away with NO first appointment, no last appointment, NOmiddle appointment, NO late appointment they will.DON’T ever see them as lost appointments, see them as lost money!.Good receptionist and reception team in your salon will kill that salonkilling problem dead in its tracks.Before I go any further though let me be clear about this. I personally wouldpay a receptionist as much or more than a good stylist. Why?A good stylist can earn your salon money. That’s profits for you. But theycan do much more than that if they do their job properly.A good receptionist can and will send profits through the roof. They controlyour business building systems and are a crucial part of your salon profitfunnel.Why is it then most salons DON’T have someone working on reception?
  5. 5. SalonPunk.comSimple; they haven’t got a clue what to do with the receptionist when theyarrive.Most salon owners (not all) see a receptionist there to answer thephone only. That’s MISSING THE POINT massively!Let me tell you a story in my own salon. Now don’t get me wrong it took medonkey’s years to work out a receptionist would be worth their money buthere is how it came about in my salons.For some time I had a problem with my appointment book and blankspaces or clients not turning in and you’ll know what I am on about.You know how stylists always try and spread their columns “thin”? When Isay thin, that thing when they try and make their columns look full with sayonly five clients.A bit like this:Remember I am basing this on the fact you have 45 mins for a ladies cut &design. 30 minutes for a man’s.9:00 John9:15 Haircut and wash9:30 LOST TIME AND MONEY9:45 Karen10:00 Smith10:15 Cut10:30 LOST TIME AND MONEY10:45 Janet11:00 Ann11:15 Forrest11:30 LOST TIME AND MONEY11:45 Tony12:00 Brown12:15 LOST TIME AND MONEY12:30 LunchRight see the pattern? Are you thinking, yep that’s my salon? See whatyour team do and love doing when you have no receptionist? They leavelittle pockets in between clients.Smoking, coffee or gossip time at YOUR expense!YOU PAY FOR IT WITH LOST PROFITS AND TURNOVER!Let me say that again …YOU pay for it!
  6. 6. SalonPunk.comThey love losing you the salon owner time and money! And … they couldn’tcare less. Why? They still get their cash at the end of the week. It’s NUTS.So let’s get back to receptionist then and ask again … can you afford one?I would ask you ... can you afford NOT TO have one in your salon?Go back to the appointment book above. This was my salon every day. Isat down and worked out how much money I was losing through lost timebeing wasted in the appointment book.Get ready for this and let’s crunch some math.In my salon the space above is worth around £100. Now we had 8 stylistsat this point. I worked out each stylist was losing £200. plus daily due tomanipulation of the appointment book.To give them the benefit of the doubt lets say we were losing on average£1,000 per week in time being lost in the book.Add that up and times it by at least 5 and that is a monster £5,000. Sound alot? It is a lot … it’s a massive amount of lost cash and profits.Look at the figures again then and let’s say after you check out yourappointment book you personally are losing around £400. a day in losttime. That is still £2,000 per week.£2,000 per week! WOW that is some number but hang on lets see how itlooks per year. YOU COULD BE LOSING £2,000 x 52 = £104,000 ANNUALLYNow let me ask you again, is it worth paying a receptionist say £15,000 peryear? Sounds a little pathetic now you have seen the numbers in red andyellow right?Bottom line, any good receptionist can play an incredible part in buildingyour salon or columns AND OF COURSE... increasing your profits hugely!So …What can you actually get a receptionist doing for youapart from answering the phone if you decide to hireone.Put them in the picture right away at the interview. First thing you should dowith a receptionist is tell them precisely what you want from them.
  7. 7. SalonPunk.comI would tell them the list below but I would also make this point very, veryclear. Script it a little like this example“You as a receptionist have a tough job to do. Doing the job right will meanthat you WON’T be part of the staff room gang and they staff at time willhate your guts!Can you detach yourself from the staff and do this job? If you can I promisewe will support you and even reward you with bonuses if you get it right…”Plus we don’t see your job as answering the phone only. We see you as acrucial part in building our stylists columns and business”And that means…Organising promotions, appointment books etc.Why is it crucial to say something like that? Most receptionists I haveinterviewed over the years believe being a receptionist is all aboutanswering the phone.I have had receptionists come into my salons and they want to answer thephone, that’s it. Not that isn’t critical to salon business but there is more to itthan that if you want to explode your columns, your salons and your profits.If you are not careful … Next thing they are getting too friendly withstaff. Next thing is your staff are saying to receptionist… “ try andleave my last appointment free so I can get away early will you”She’s the stylists buddy now. Will she say no to not booking a lastappointment for her new pal?I doubt it so start as you mean to go on. Don’t see appointments as time.Time in our business is money. Every slot or appointment lost is … money,your money vanishes down the pan. Can you afford to let that go for thesake of being a nice guy?Do this right now. How much is a haircut in your salon? How many stylistshave columns in your salon? If they all left out their first and lastappointments how much MONEY has your business lost through wastedtime?If you have six stylists and all six are charging 30.00 each for a haircut anddesign and they all DON’T have a last appointment that’s a titanic 180.00lost!So what are you going to tell your receptionist at the interview the jobs sheWILL AND MUST do, NO COMPROMISE? • Open up • Prepare salon for day
  8. 8. • Direct junior staff and talk to seniors about columns • Answer phone to make appointments • Ring clients to confirm appointments • Check appointment book • Arrange columns and check for staff sickness • Take cash at till • Look after weekly cash • Bank cash • Welcome anyone walking in (this is the face of your salon) • Sit clients down and look after them with drinks etc • Inform stylists • Give client what they need to get the comfy • Hand out referral vouchers • Hand out salon cards • Control promotions • Organise stand-by • Organise lunches • Control appointment book and double check all appointments are filled • Pre-sell appointments in other words ask outgoing client to book next appointment for next visit • Re-sell next appointment say for technical work. She could ask if stylist has recommended colour etc and if they have receptionist could ask if they want to book in • Thank clients for using salon • Manage staff, sickness unprofessional behaviour etc • Manage juniors • Manage laundry • Get drinks and make sure menu is up to date and all drinks are available • Manage waiting area • Call clients • Retail management • Stock control • Manage computer and records • Manage salon mail in and out • Replace flowers • Take coats • Bring clients coats • Organise drinks menu • Re-order stock • Smiling faceThat list is in no particular order and I am sure you can add to it but its justto give you an idea of what they can be doing for you.
  9. 9. SalonPunk.comHow do you get control of reception then and get yourreceptionist build your columns?One of the first things you should do is make sure everything is measuredon a daily basis.Simply set up all the jobs for the day. How do you know what is priority?Good question.I would list as priority any job that either: • Make money for the salon that day. • Has an immediate impact on the salon.You will get some receptionists that would see it a bigger priority buyingflowers for the desk or getting drinks for the drinks menu. That’s nuts butthey do.We had a receptionist that used to do this. When it was quiet and I meandeadly I could guarantee she would spend a small fortune from the till.She would ring me and say… “ I have done all the salon shopping today itcost £143.00” ..., ha, Not good when the salon has only taken £300.00 forthe day.I would then ask her if she had done the offers or promotions for the day?She would answer… “ I will do them when we have got the shopping,cleaned the window, made a drink around 20 minutes before we leave forhome… Nuts, nuts and double nuts.You are the boss or your manager is.You set the rules… NOT YOUR STAFF!So in other words when you set the order for the day make sure they areprioritized not made a total joke of by your team.Good way to do this I find is write a long list down. Then start taking stufffrom the list and put it in order of high, medium and low priority.There will always be things that are way above high. Make sure they aredone first.Anyway, getting back to the receptionists. How do you get them toabsolutely maximize your turnover or make sure all salon appointments aretaken up fully.She …Opens the appointment book.Checks what is in it.Organizes the day.
  10. 10. SalonPunk.comReading the appointment book. John Jane David Zac9.00 Sally9.15 Cut/Finish9.30 Sandra9.45 Cut/Finish10.00 Pete10.15 Cut10.30 Suzie10.45 Cut/Finish11.0011.1511.30 Jan11.45 Color Leena12.00 Cut/Finish Cut/Finish12.15Now look at the above page.Red is lost or wasted time. We call it “leave me alone I got in late time and Idon’t want to work to hard” timeThis is the time that loses money. In my salon those 3 15 minute slots areworth £45.00. How do we get rid of them?The stylist will say to you… “ you cant put a client in there its only 15minutes.You ignore them if you have a receptionist after all the staff KNOW it’s nowher domain to look after.So how do you kill those slots and make more money filling columns?Dead easy. See the slot at 9.45? Stick a client in that one for a cut andfinish. Then move all the other client forward 15 minutes.Will the client know? No they won’t. Clients are used to waiting 15 minutesor so. You can either tell them for whatever reason you are 15/20 minuteslate. Offer drink etc.Ignore the stylist completely and do it. The stylist will be getting paid onSaturday. If it’s quiet, you won’t. Fill the slots as priority!So the receptionist first job is to pack out the book and squeeze out everylast penny from the blocks of 15 minutes.
  11. 11. SalonPunk.comPlan promotions who, when, why.Have a look at the book again. David has a block that hopefully will fill rightaway but zac is going to have a quiet day.He wants to relax in the back room, read mags and drink coffee. You wanthim busy and taking some cash.Ok reception has to make a plan. Go back to your column builder and seethe real early appointments put them on stand-by. Check out the rules andmake sure reception know them back to front.Put the board or poster out and get those appointments filled. Crucialreception plans ahead with promotions. When I say ahead, I mean a fewhours not days.Your marketing has to be done daily, not when they feel like doing it!If they look as though they are going to stay quiet well you can now dip intoyour arsenal of tools for getting the team busy fast. (see salon columnbuilder)Of course you know that but can you see the importance of a receptionistnow? Do you think your staff would do this and manage the book? Nochance!What about the follow-ups!Try as hard as you like do you really think your stylists will give out thefollow-up packs designed to encourage and tempt clients back into yoursalon.Remember them from salon punk column builder? These are theRecommend a friend, salon cards etc.Your receptionist must also get them ready in the morning for every clientand every member of staff.Say for example you hand out 10 recommend a friend vouchers. From the10 you get 3 back. That’s 3 new clients. That’s with your stylist doing it.Let’s say your receptionist hands out one to EVERY client this week. Yousee 140 clients per week in your salon.Again 3 in every 10 recommend a friend come back. You know how manynew clients weekly that is?That’s 3 x 14 or 42 new client next week.Every client is worth say £35.00 so what’s 42 x 35?Mammoth £1,470.
  12. 12. SalonPunk.comNow look tell me in the eyes and say a receptionist isn’t worth having whentrained properly!Apart from all the other stuff like pulling off letters from the computer weeklyand getting them out, sending reminders for clients weekly and generalmanaging paying a good receptionist is with every penny.It’s not about a receptionist it’s about getting control of reception andmaking it work of you and your business.You can easily make Salon Column Builder work without a receptionist butlook at the difference when you do have one.Lets Wrap This Up.A receptionist alone when trained properly can and will make ahuge difference to your salon.They will control • The salon • The appointment book • The daily promotions • The staff. • The marketing. • The time bought and sold • The clients contacting your salon. • The enquiries • And much, much more.You don’t even need to employ one full-time. Employ them atpeak times. Employ more than one. Employ more than two.Just for the sake of your own profits… EMPLOY ONE!But for me and you the most important thing to remember here isthat they are the ones that really and truly can … MAXIMIZE
  13. 13. Salons Profits with Minimum Investment!I really hope this report has helped you and your business to increase yoursalon profits.Head Punk.Alan Forrest Smith
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