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Soap Nuts - Using Soap Nuts Properly For Best Laundry Results Regardless of Washing Machine Type


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Soap Nuts and Saponin - A Better, Greener Approach, Slowly but Steadily Growing:

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Soap Nuts - Using Soap Nuts Properly For Best Laundry Results Regardless of Washing Machine Type

  1. 1. Soap Nuts - Using Soap Nuts Properly For BestLaundry Results Regardless of Washing Machine TypeSoap nuts are - by wide margin - a superior solution to many problematic issues facing our individuallives, homes and world, but they will likely remain relatively esoteric and obscure for some years tocome. Thats life. Why? Two reasons:1) The money. The revenues generated by Tide alone dwarf the sales revenues generated from all the rawsoap berries in the world. We soap nuts users will remain a minority for some time. Thank goodness forthe Internet. It is a grassroots movement that has led you to here - not corporate advertising dollars. If itwere not for the Internet, you would probably never have learned of the mile-long list of the benefits ofsoap nuts and saponin, nor would you be reading this article.(It is interesting to note that the true founding father of introducing soap nuts in the US was an eighty-year-old gentleman by the name of Edward Moulie. As reported in 1921 by the Scientific American,"These nuts are altogether extraordinary." If there was an Internet in 1921, it is altogether possible thatmost of us would be using soap nuts today. More on this in another article.)2) Consumer resistance to change. We have been essentially taught how to think in regards to cleaning.Untold billions have been spent on generations of consumers in order to accomplish this. Thinkingoutside the box is very, very difficult. Most of us already are well aware that change is one of the mostdifficult things we humans can do. Couple that with changing something as basic and fundamental as howwe do laundry and house cleaning, change will be difficult in the extreme. To change, we will actuallyhave to do things differently than our mothers taught us, and their mothers taught them. What we mustrealize is who actually taught them? To make this crystal clear, our mothers were actually never "taught"at all - they were "sold" and then "told" what to do. I think we all know who did the selling and telling.Data Gaps and Where New Knowledge Initiates Change:Use of soap nuts date back to antiquity, but modern manufacturers know little to nothing about them.Hence, dont expect to find a machine with a soap nuts compartment for quite some time. So, where doesthat leave us - particularly when you are trying to follow the directions in the owners manual? Theanswer is very, very simple: Using our common sense. All that is required is a basic, fundamentalunderstanding of how both your machine and soap nuts work. Armed with that knowledge, you will findyour own answers.During a recent trip to look at new washers and dryers, I must admit that they appear to be quite complex,but appearances are just that. All the fundamentals are the same as that 20-year-old Maytag. There aresimply more bells and whistles, and they look a bit intimidating. Sure there are extra features and cyclesavailable, and these can be very convenient. Simply keep in mind that you must think a little differently,and make the adjustments as needed to accommodate proper use of soap nuts.For more Info: