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Ym2 elite - tvc asm - thien an - puku


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Ym2 elite - tvc asm - thien an - puku

  1. 1. ASSIGNMENT TVC N G U Y Ễ N . P H Ú . C Ư Ờ N G T R Ầ N . Q U Ô C . T H I Ê N . A N
  3. 3. TVC PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT OVERVIEW Client Advertising Agency Production house Media (television) 1. Advertising brief2. STB development 3. Production house selection 4. Pre - Production 5. Shooting 6. Online - offline 7. Final mix & material release 8. Publish tape to media
  4. 4. 1- ADVERTISING BRIEF Consumer insight Position statement Competitive analysis Client Advertising agency 1. Creative brief2. Re-brief
  5. 5. 2- STORY BOARD DEVELOPMENT Agreed Script Storyboard Approved Storyboard Agency’s action: Present script to client and develop STB accordingly. Advise or revise STB if any revision needed. Client’s action: Final check script & STB details, cultural differences or ethnic issues and brief for revisions if any
  6. 6. Creative idea development process
  7. 7. 3-PRODUCTION HOUSE SELECTION Brief Production House Production Quotes & Treatment Production Shortlist, Recommendation & Quote approval Agency’s action: Based on the approval STB, search for production houses (commonly 3 vendors), present to client PH’s quotes & treatment with recommendation. Client’s action: Verify vendor selection and give quote approval.
  8. 8. 4-PRE PRODUCTION Pre-pro meeting with Client Pre-pro meeting with Agency Work-in-progress Talents, locations, Audio… Agency’s action: Conduct PPM with PH and give feedbacks for improvement if any. Facilitate PPH with client and PH with constructive input to ensure good output. Client’s action: Double check the production preparation in accordance with approved STB & production treatment. Give feedbacks if any and approval before SHOOT. PH’s action: Arrange PPM meeting with agency and client accordingly as per production quote & treatment presented. Advise / Revise accordingly with agency & client feedback.
  9. 9. 5-PRE & SHOOTING Start Pre-production preparation Confirm locations, talents, final check… Shooting Agency’s action: Ensure all feedbacks are well answered with revision. Ensure all related materials are approved before SHOOT Client’s action: Double check for revision as per feedbacks. Give final approval for all related materials before SHOOT. PH’s action: Make revisions as per agency & client feedbacks. Ensure all related materials are approved before SHOOT.
  11. 11. 6-OFFLINE & ONLINE Offline Offline edit presentation, revision & approval Online Agency’s action: Work closely with PH to ensure offline editing in accordance with STB & treatment approved. Facilitate OFFLINE presentation to client. Client’s action: Benchmark the offline version with STB & treatment approved. Give feedbacks for further improvement in ONLINE. PH’s action: Work closely with agency for offline editing and revision if any. Conduct proper OFFLINE presentation to client.
  12. 12. 7-FINAL MIX & MATERIAL RELEASE Online edit presentation, revision & approval Final audio mix Material Release Agency’s action: Work closely with PH to ensure ONLINE editing in accordance with feedbacks in the OFFLINE. Facilitate ONLINE presentation to client. Client’s action: Final check and approval for materials release. PH’s action: Work closely with agency and ensure all feedbacks for improvement in OFFLINE are answered in ONLINE. Conduct ONLINE presentation to client with SFX &/ Audio mix.
  13. 13. SAMPLES Lipton TVC 30s Storyboard 00 Greentea TVC 30s Storyboard Coke TVC 30s Script Storyboard