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Ym2 elite program - asm 18.1 - thiên an


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Ym2 elite program - asm 18.1 - thiên an

  2. 2. OBJECTIVE Introduce Phu My Hung life to audiences as a mean for your safety life with happy moment and peaceful daily life COMMUNICATION MESSAGE Phu My Hung life insurance is the best choice for your life and family to have a happy and peaceful lifetime
  3. 3. TARGET AUDIENCE Family, young dad and young mom with little kid, AB, urban Busy in their daily life and desire a moment of happy childhood to balance and nurture the hasty reality Need a playground for their kids in the weekend through that enjoy their life
  4. 4. TOGETHER WITH PHU MY HUNG LIFE COME BACK TO CHILDHOOD WITH THE BIG YELLOW DUCK MASTER CONCEPT Come back to childhood to enjoy your lifetime with the happy and peaceful moment with the image of little childhood – a yellow duck
  5. 5. CAMPAIGN ROLL OUT TRIGGER EXPERIENCE AMPLIFY Objective Trigger TA about the upcoming big yellow duck Give TAs a chance to experiethe famous big yellow duck Amplify those to mass consumers Message The famous big yellow duck is coming to town – the 1st ever in Vietnam Together with Phu My hung life & yellow duck come back to your childhood and enjoy the lifetime with happiness and peacefulness Let more people experience the happy moment and enjoy lifetime Key hook Demo yellow duck before 2day launcing Place the yellow duck in Crescent lake for Tas to take photo Coming back to childhood festival Supportive tactics Online advertorial Tv news “Cùng Phú Mỹ Hưng life trở về tuổi thơ” photo contest Social seeding Influencer Weekend activities Reportage
  6. 6. TRIGGER
  8. 8. AMPLIFY
  9. 9. KEY LEARNING Good consumer touch point Simple but effective action