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Ym2 elite asm4.1 an thuyet


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Ym2 elite asm4.1 an thuyet

  1. 1. What makes brand strategy? (Category truth) (Root strength)
  2. 2. From consumer insight to product  Product to brand
  3. 3. Example: Omo Category truth: clear, shine, soap Root strength: professional scientist & high technology Competition’s brand (Tide): Tide help mom wash clothes in the best way, make clothes the clearest, the whitest. Insight: I want my kids to freely develop without any concern Brand strategy: Mom can let her kid freely develop themselves by enjoying discover everything around, Mom no need to concern about dirty clothes because Omo will do it for Mom. Big Idea: Dirt is good
  4. 4. CREATIVE BRIEF a creative brief is the outlined instructions for work to be done by the agency's creative team It’s a document that gives adequate information to come up with strategic direction. 1. Background Analysis – Our competitors? What are they doing? What have we done so far? What is our brand essence… 2. Target audience – Who are we talking to? How to talk in their language? 3. Desired outcomes – What do we achieve after the campaign? 4. Reasons to believe, Rules + Tone and Mood, Deliverables and timing + Budget TO MAKE IT A GOOD CREATIVE BRIEF 1. Really clear our situation: who we are, what we stand for, what is the key differences between us and the competitors? 2. Know the problem and the desired outcome. For example: drop sales  sales increased by 5% after campaign… 3. The big insight of the brand  areas to develop deeper.