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YOUNG MARKETER Elite Program - asm 3.1 - An An


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YOUNG MARKETER Elite Program - asm 3.1 - An An

  1. 1. BRAND POSITIONING STATEMENT A best in class positioning statement has four key elements: Target Market (a) Definition of the market you play in (b) Brand Promise (emotional or rational benefit) (c) The Reason to Believe (RTB) the brand promise (d) Frame those 4 key element into the following For the target market (a) Brand X plays in the market (b) and it gives the main benefit (c). That’s because of the following reasons to believe (d) Put them into the format to (target consumer), brand X is the (category frame of reference) that (rational/emotional benefit/promise) that's because (reason to believe) Example: AXE To young men on the prowl the AXE brand of body spray will give you the confidence to attract and get the girl you desire with it’s seductive fragrance.
  2. 2. BRAND ESSENCE: The brand's promise expressed in the simplest, most single-minded terms. The most powerful brand essences are rooted in a fundamental customer need that differentiates the brand from competitive brands as perceived by the audience. The AXE brand has stood for sexual attraction (seduce women) feminine confidence everyday, everywhere.
  3. 3. 1.Root strengths Vietnamese domestic brand with high manufacturing technology and low cost price. 2.Competitive environment Kotex, Laurier, Whisper and other feminine hygiene product tampon, pad & pantiliners 3.Target Female 16-40 yrs old 4.Insight I want to enjoy my life with things I love to do. 5.Benefits Functional: soft, quick absorbent, anti-leak, dried , comfortable, fresh, Emotional: pleasure, love yourself, proud to be a woman 6.Value & personality Value: Diana stands for feminine pleasure Brand personality: feminine, tender, sweet, mature 7.Reason to believe: Diana care everything to make women feel comfortable and love to be a women. 8.Discriminator: Diana celebrate feminine pride. 9.Essence: Diana_the pride of being a woman. (niềm kiêu hãnh khi là con gái)