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Ym2 assigment 2.1 - an an - hieu hieu


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Ym2 assigment 2.1 - an an - hieu hieu

  1. 1. 1. Pre – lauch product research Assigment 2.1 Group : An An – Hieu Hieu These studies have to do  Research about market / competitors / market leader / trends / development potential  Research on the behaviors of the target audiences related to products  Research on consumer attitudes towards industry  Research on consumer attitudes towards existing individual brands  Research on consumer expectations of product sectors in future To deeply understand consumer/ market To plan an appropriate launching strategy
  2. 2. Research in Product life circle • Does consumer accept it much or not ? • Should we keep this product or not ? • Should we have an update product base on this product ? • • • • • Features of product consumer like/dislike Consumer’s expectation Share Consumer perception about brand / product / price Research for a new product base on good & improve bad features • New features make consumer crazy or not ? • React of competitors • Attitude / Feedback of non-user , user , new user • React of consumers • Feedback of consumers • What things consumers talk about our new product ?
  3. 3. 3. Research brief • Background to project oBrief description about Apple company/brand proposition oAn outline of any existing research oExplanation of any unusual or specific issues the agency should be aware of when conducting the research •Key business and research objective oHow will this research contribute to Apple’s business objective oWhat aspect of market does Apple wan to investigate?
  4. 4. •Target audience oWho does Apple want to talk to?/ Who are the audiences for this product? 3. Research brief oHow does Apple define target audiences and what are their characteristics oAre there any available databases of consumers or need the agency to source contacts for any key audiences •Approach oQuantitative Does the information need to be quantified (e.g. assessing demand for the product) What is the size of target audience? Is a robust sample size required? Is statistical analysis required? oQualitative is there more interest in exploring issues on a more open-ended basis? How will the findings need to be used?
  5. 5. • Deliverable 3. Research brief  What does Apple and stakeholders expect the output to look like and how is this going to be used and by whom? What does success look like?  Would a presentation or debrief workshop be the most useful way of disseminating findings?  Need a series of presentations for different audiences?  Require an interim debrief or an executive summary?  Need feedback in a very succinct format to facilitate a quick decision?  Require any specific outputs – e.g. multiple printed copies of presentations/reports, data tabulations, SPSS data files, an online portal to host the deliverables? • Timings  When are interim and/or final results required? need to meet key internal or external deadlines? Are these fixed?
  6. 6. •Budget o How much for this research ? 3. Research brief •Project team oWho is going to manage the project? How will they be supported? •Next step oWho on the Apple-side can be contacted in case of questions/ clarifications or pre-meetings? oWhen the proposal is required by? o Who should the proposal be sent to? oHow it should be sent, i.e. by email; if hard copy: the number of copies required oWill there be additional selection stages (e.g. inperson pitch) o Are there any special circumstances (such as procurement formalities e.g. the need to use an anonymous label for the tender)