A S u p p l e m e n t t o M o b i l e E n t e r p r i s e Ma g a z i n eBuilding a Major Mobile App?                      ...
Building a Major Mobile App?                                ta b l e o f                                                  ...
Building a Major Mobile App?What Exactly is a MEAP?perience (and great cost). A MEAP willgreatly reduce both back end comp...
Building a Major Mobile App?What Exactly is a MEAP?ment services; and the ability to push out      Finally, the MEAPs own ...
<< International SOSs Mobile Membership App -                                                                             ...
Building a Major Mobile App?International SOS — Mobility Saves Lives!   As soon as both our customers and        had to us...
Building a Major Mobile App?International SOS — Mobility Saves Lives!   The new application, simply called        wherever...
Building a Major Mobile App?Eatons PowerSource —                                                                       all...
imaginations entirely. We received over-    tire catalog base and other print-based                platform due to its lev...
Building a Major Mobile App?Eatons PowerSource — Taking iPads into the FieldThey had an aggressive vision and very       a...
Building a Major Mobile App? We would like to thank our sponsors:                                        Antenna provides ...
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Mobile Enterprise Magazine Report: A Guide/Case Study to Building Mobile Apps with a MEAP


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From design and build through integrate, deploy and manage, Mobile Enterprise Application Plaforms (MEAPs) allow for management of the entire mobile from a single place. Check out this reference guide along with real-world case study from Antenna customer Eaton to learn more about how to gain control of your mobile strategy.

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Mobile Enterprise Magazine Report: A Guide/Case Study to Building Mobile Apps with a MEAP

  1. 1. A S u p p l e m e n t t o M o b i l e E n t e r p r i s e Ma g a z i n eBuilding a Major Mobile App? • What Exactly is a MEAP? • SOS International - Without a MEAP the odds of success Mobility Saves Lives • Eaton - iPads vs. 30will spiral rapidly out of control. Pounds of CatalogsDon’t gamble with your company’s future…Mobile Enterprise ApplicationPlatforms turn the odds for mobile success directly in your favor.
  2. 2. Building a Major Mobile App? ta b l e o f What Exactly is a MEAP? contents The Mobile Enterprise Application Platform - your key means to a sure mobile bet. • By tony rizzo There is no question that mobil- have tried, and most have failed - at Cloud-based Services ity has taken over the enter- significant development and developermerers prise. Whether in the office, cost, and in lost time. Mobile Enterprise Application Platform out in the field or reaching out When an enterprise sets out to cre- Native Secure Communications Gateway Databases to consumers, mobile devices - but ate a strategic new mobile application, Hybrid Data Encryption App Servers (Native + HTML5) more importantly, the mobile apps it simply cannot afford to gamble withPhone 7 HTML5 User Authentication Web Services MOBILE APPLICATIONS I N T R O DEnd C TION U Data Connectors that make those devices useful - have the potential for failure. There are tooy OS Web Only W Back Legacy Appsook (Browsers) become central to all business opera- many stakeholders, many of them withmbedded MEAP3 What Exactly Session Management Screen and HTML Scrapers tions. The device side of the equation CxO titles, who have a great deal on thehones is a MEAP? Transaction Management remains a Wild West affair, with BYOD line - failure is not an option, and speed ets Transaction/App Analytics continuing without end. Enterprises to market is essential. Without a MEAPtops Integrated Design and User Interface Studio won’t have any luck trying to control you would have better luck and better Standalone or Eclipse/Windows Plugins smartphones, though we can anticipate odds of success at the roulette table than much more control in the long run over succeeding with your mobile project. emerging tablet environments. Why? Consider the MEAP diagram Mobile applications, however, are shown on page 20. another thing entirely. Any business It represents the core features of any CASE STUDY can exert complete control over mobile enterprise grade MEAP. On the outside MEAP7 International SOS apps, especially those large scale mobile edges you have the end user commu- How to Deliver a Global, Cross- applications that will - or already do - nity for your mobile app, and you have Platform Mobile Application serve as strategic corporate initiatives. all of the back end data and application We’ll see two very important examples sources those users need secure access of mobile applications driving strategic to. Security requires many things, but enterprise initiatives a bit further on in the first line of defense is data encryp- this story when we turn our attention tion and a 100% secure communication to Eaton and SOS International, two capability to your end users. Without large scale organizations that required a MEAP these two issues alone would two very different approaches to build- present a significant challenge, but the ing their major mobile applications. greatest challenge - at least in terms of CASE STUDY Despite their different needs and developer cost and time - is the back MEAP12 PowerSource business requirements, both companies end connectivity puzzle. Eatons Mobile App Takes had one thing in common - they both An enterprise grade MEAP will re- iPads Deep into the Field utilized a “mobile enterprise applica- duce both the time and complexity of tion platform” - or MEAP - to build their establishing back end connectivity. Typi- mobile apps. It is not possible to build cally the development resources needed state of the art mobile enterprise ap- here if an IT team wanted to do a project plications without the use of one. Many in-house would require significant ex- MobileEnterpriseMag.com january/february 2012 Mobile Enterprise | MEAP3
  3. 3. Building a Major Mobile App?What Exactly is a MEAP?perience (and great cost). A MEAP willgreatly reduce both back end complexity The heart of the MEAP is its application designand time to execution by approximately and development capabilities. It is here that the75% compared to in-house efforts. Wire-less data encryption is also fully handled end user experience is defined and executed.by the MEAP - connectivity to and fromyour mobile end users when utilizing aMEAP will be as “state of the art secure” design is) and the ability of the MEAP user interface experience, and whetheras is humanly possible to achieve. to handle that customization and com- the MEAP has the ability to support The heart of the MEAP is its applica- plexity will typically be a key criteria in HTML5 and hybrid (native + HTML5) ap-tion design and development capabili- evaluating a MEAP. plications. These, among others, are allties. All MEAPs differ in their technical The application design studio is points of evaluation that will dependapproaches - some allow extensive also the component that determines on the requirements of the mobile ap-visual drag and drop, some employ a a MEAP’s ability to deliver true “write plication being deployed.table-driven approach, and some re- once, deploy to any” capabilities, Other components of a MEAP in-quire additional coding. The level of whether the MEAP can easily deliver clude the ability to provide analytics oncustomization that an app may require true native (yet highly customizable) app usage, including very granular in-(depending on how complex its overall code, can deliver a true cross-device formation; some mobile device manage- Cloud-based Services Enterprise and Consumer Mobile Users Mobile Enterprise Application Platform iOS Native Secure Communications Gateway Databases Hybrid Data Encryption Android App Servers (Native + HTML5) Windows Phone 7 HTML5 User Authentication Web Services MOBILE APPLICATIONS BlackBerry OS W Web Only Back End Data Connectors Legacy Apps and PlayBook (Browsers) Screen and Win CE Embedded Session Management HTML Scrapers Feature Phones Transaction Management Win 8 Tablets Transaction/App Analytics Win 7 Laptops Integrated Design and User Interface Studio Standalone or Eclipse/Windows Plugins MEAP4 | Mobile Enterprise january/february 2012 MobileEnterpriseMag.com
  4. 4. Building a Major Mobile App?What Exactly is a MEAP?ment services; and the ability to push out Finally, the MEAPs own server and consideration. Businesses looking to mo-updates and upgrades over the air to the connections it makes to back end bilize internal processes and businessprovision or re-provision mobile devices. systems should be able to be based ei- functions may choose to look at a MEAP There are two additional major ca- ther on-premise behind a corporate that provides pre-built application mod-pabilities a MEAP must provide. The firewall, or up in the cloud. The cloud ules that can be both quickly assembledfirst is a strong session management can be a network operations center as needed yet remain customizable.capability. Mobile users will not al- - or NOC - that is directly supported Sybase’s Unwired Platform, for ex-ways find themselves in locations that by the MEAP vendor, or it can be one ample, provides this exact capability.provide connectivity to their mobile contracted through a wireless services “Mobilizing businesses processes anddevices. In many cases a user must be provider, such as AT&T or Verizon. tasks has emerged as a top priority onable to continue to work offline when both business and IT agendas, and mo-a connection is lost or dropped. And Evaluation Criteria mentum will only accelerate in 2012,”users should never explicitly know or A key evaluation point depends on notes David Tong, VP of Engineeringbe aware that they are, in fact, work- the type of mobile application being for Sybase. “Enterprises are targetinging offline. developed. A consumer-facing mobile a broad set of mobile apps, including feature-rich, full-functioning business apps, and light-weight, task-based The first partner that must be considered is the apps. Independent of the scenario, it is important that the in-house develop- MEAP vendor that will work closely with you to ment team is empowered by a robust deliver your strategic mobile game plans. mobile application platform that com- plements their skill set, be it in a hybrid Web container or native application en- As soon as a connection reappears app will have different requirements vironment. It is also important that thethe application must log itself back on than an app needed out in the field. platform includes both developmentto the back ends it was using prior to a As Johann Poppenbeck, VP, Product tools and the run-time capability.”disconnect, and elegantly re-connect, re- Management for DSI, a veteran MEAP The bottom line is this: When yourestablish communications and immedi- vendor, says, “When your mobile app is company - whether a Fortune 500 play-ately update all services and data on both used out in the field, rather than in an er or a small SMB - decides the time hasthe back end and on the mobile users office environment, it is critical to en- arrived to drive strategic mobile initia-device. Other data that may be available, sure that your development platform tives, the very first partner that mustsuch as GPS-driven location information, delivers apps that function regardless be considered is the MEAP vendor thatalso needs to be preserved and re-utilized of device, location or network connec- will work with you to create, deliveronce a connection is re-established. tivity. It is also important that your plat- and deploy the mobile apps that are at An enterprise grade MEAP must also form accommodates situations where the center of your strategic game plans.deliver a strong transaction manage- a device is used by multiple users who Careful evaluation and considerationment capability. A transaction manager serve different roles and potentially of your MEAP partner will turn whatmust effectively maintain the integrity of speak different languages. Finally, the would otherwise be an unnecessaryall data that is being consumed and used platform will ideally provide an inter- risky gamble into a sure thing. //by the mobile app and the mobile user. face that is optimized for the mobileThe transaction manager works hand in device and specific end user workflows, Visit our Web site at www.mobileenter-hand with the session manager to ensure rather than a browser version of the prisemag.com for additional resources,that a users work maintains data integ- interface seen at the desk.” including:rity across the board - before, during, A MEAP’s “ecosystem” of applica- • The Top Ten Questions a MEAP Ven-and after a disconnect-reconnect occurs. tion support may also prove to be a key dor Must Answer for You MEAP6 | Mobile Enterprise january/february 2012 MobileEnterpriseMag.com
  5. 5. << International SOSs Mobile Membership App - one code base, three major mobile platforms services - that means, specifically, that they feel safe and secure.” For many years the “user interface” that SOS provided its users was a wal- let-size card with a collection of phone numbers a customer would be able to reliably depend on to call in any emer- gency and wherever they might be. Ten years ago the plastic card gave way to an electronic card, which has been the norm up until 2011. Daniel points out that “our user statistics from 2010 showed that 80 percent of our end user customers have International SOS — smartphones. Given that, we began to consider the range of service possibilities Mobility Saves Lives! that putting an SOS mobile application on those phones would bring to our cus- International SOS and its MEAP Partner Verivo Software serve tomers and users. Not to mention the up a global apP • By tony rizzo benefits to SOS in terms of delivering new service capabilities.” SOS had “a smart developer in house who pulled together a team International SOS is a global illness, accident, or civil unrest. To deliv- of three and built a BlackBerry-based company with 10,000 employ- er these capabilities International SOS prototype of the mobile app we spec’d ees that include 970 full-time works in partnership with businesses, out during our mobile brainstorming physicians and 200 security spe- governments and non-governmental sessions,” Daniel says. As is usually the cialists. It offers integrated medical, organizations, and offers international case when mobile technology is used clinical, security, and customer care so- standards of medical care. to deliver a strategic new enterprise lutions to primarily large organizations Although its customers are Fortune capability, SOS’s CEO, Arnaud Vaissié, with international operations. It pro- 500 businesses, its “clients” are the mil- immediately became involved with the vides planning, preventative programs, lions of employees those companies con- project and as soon as the app was on in-country expertise, and emergency tract with International SOS to protect his BlackBerry he demanded that SOS response services to 66 percent of For- during their travels. Notes Tim Daniel, immediately get it out to the field. tune Global 500 companies. Group Executive Vice President for SOS, The company runs an international “We refer to SOS as a ‘business to busi- operation spanning 70 countries, and ness to consumer’ organization. Our cus- a worldwide network of alarm centers, tomers are large global entities, includ- 80% of Inter- clinics, and health and logistics pro- ing 80 of the Fortune 100, but the actual national SOSs viders. A key aspect of the company’s users of our services are the employees overall services is that it offers local- of our customers, and we treat them as many users own ized expertise, preventative advice, and consumers. We need to meet their needs smartphones emergency assistance during critical and ensure they are satisfied with ourMobileEnterpriseMag.com january/february 2012 Mobile Enterprise | MEAP7
  6. 6. Building a Major Mobile App?International SOS — Mobility Saves Lives! As soon as both our customers and had to use a MEAP for development in effective agile development and de-our users got a look at the new mobile order to be able to easily create, deploy, ployment capabilities, allowing mobileapplication they immediately began maintain and deliver across a broad developers to easily build cross-plat-to ask where the iPhone and Android range of devices (keeping in mind that form apps quickly and push changes toversions were. “The handwriting was BlackBerry, Apple and Android all come native applications in real-time. Inter-on the wall as soon as we put the appli- in numerous OS flavors). The company national SOS needs to be able to addcation into the field,” says Daniel. “Al- also initially wanted native device appli- significant new functionality to newthough the larger population of users cation support (for example, extensive lo- releases of the app quickly - and that iswere on BlackBerry devices, essentially calized services required a tight coupling a direct match for our platform.”all of our customers knew that iPhone to a device’s GPS capabilities. HTML5 is inand Android demand would grow at the roadmap for future releases. Great Experiences,an exponential rate as soon as the app After an initial review of available No Gambleswas discovered. BYOD has everything platforms that met their criteria the SOS had an advantage in building theto do with this.” team narrowed its choices down to mobile applica- The overall philosophy of Verivo Software was a critical intangible for us — when we met with their management team it quickly became clear that we had a philosophical meeting of the minds. “Yes,” Daniel says, “we did initially three finalists and then proceeded to >> Tim Daniel,attempt to port the BlackBerry app over put each through a rigorous evaluation Group Executive Vice President, International SOS - "Our mobile appto the iPhone with our team. It became process. After a three month evalua- has had a major impact on our business."immediately clear - crystal clear in fact tion process the team ended up select-- that this would be a very painful pro- ing Verivo Software, formerly knowncess and was not going to work. We as Pyxis Mobile, for a combination of tion in that it had the BlackBerry pro-needed to move the app from essential- reasons, key among them: full cross- totype and user feedback in hand toly a prototype to what we knew would platform capability, full native device guide the application design process.become a sophisticated and complex capability, the cost model and structure Back end connectivity was easily estab-mobile application. We brought in an involved, and the ability to bring the lished, freeing the development teamexperienced mobile development man- platform in-house and wean SOS fully to focus on the end user experience andager and set him the task of solving our off of any professional services devel- to ultimately design an application thatneed for a write once and easily deploy opment assistance in the long term. works extremely well across all threeto many solution.” Arnaud Vaissié, the Daniel adds, “The overall philosophy platforms. The original internal Black-CEO, made moving ahead quickly easy of Verivo was also a critical intangible Berry team had already created a set ofby being highly supportive but also for us - when we met with their man- Web services to use with their originalthrough approving significant funding agement team it was clear we had a BlackBerry application. Once Verivofor the project, which Vaissié sees as a philosophical meeting of the minds.” came on board it was a simple processvital investment for SOS’s future. Todd Christy, a Verivo founder and to upgrade the Web services to deliver The mobile team quickly narrowed its CTO adds, “Our philosophy has the performance required by the app tothe solution set down - it was clear they always been to deliver a highly cost- ensure a crisp user experience. MEAP8 | Mobile Enterprise january/february 2012 MobileEnterpriseMag.com
  7. 7. Building a Major Mobile App?International SOS — Mobility Saves Lives! The new application, simply called wherever our users happen to be and application has been enormously well-Membership App, is shown running who are extraordinarily knowledge- received, and I can say with a greaton each platform on page 23. Aside able of that local landscape.” That deal of confidence that mobility reallyfrom a few minor mobile operating said, it is already becoming quite clear does save lives!”system-specific issues, it is clearly the to Daniel and his business and technol- Discovery by the largest number ofsame application - and the same look, ogy teams that they will need to make users possible is important because thefeel and functionality - running on all the move to developing tablet-based International SOS mobile applicationthree mobile devices. mobile applications. will be sending back critical applica- Daniel points out that through the Tablets open up more opportunities. tion information behind the scenesuse of Verivo’s platform, “develop- Daniels teams made the decision to fo- from users out in the field - commu-ment proved quick and efficient. We cus specifically on native mobile phone nication is bi-directional, and beingdid make use of Verivo’s professional applications in order to take advantage able to easily set this up is a primaryservices team - but that was our choice of all available features at the deepest MEAP requirement (and a key evalu-as we needed to have the application possible level. With tablets however, ation criteria). SOS will be investingout the door in November. From start the dynamics change. First, the need for more heavily in back end Web servicesto finish, from our initial search for the native apps is far less important, and it design as the app evolves and sendsright mobile development platform, to opens the door to using HTML5. Tablet more data back and forth. The Verivoour formal engagement with Verivo, to applications will likely be used by SOSs platform makes this process relativelya finished mobile app whose simplicity workforce, and their needs are likely easy, though there is no way to com-of operation masks a complex piece going to be centered more directly on pletely avoid a fair amount of complexof software, that was deployed across Web-based applications. Says Daniels, design effort. The key is to be able tothree distinct mobile platforms was ap- “When we are ready to take the next eliminate 80% of the effort so thatproximately a seven month project.” step and begin adding HTML5-based the remaining 20% gets the necessary Daniel adds, “We made our CEO tablet apps, we already know that Ve- quality attention from the develop-happy and met our deadlines, but most rivo will be there to provide the MEAP ment teams - which SOS will draw fromsignificantly we met them without hav- support well need. Eventually well its in-house resources.ing to cut a single corner - Verivo’s MEAP also look at building additional smart- Finally, as the app is discoveredtook all the risks out of a development phone applications that will probably not only by end users, but as well byprocess that would otherwise have prov- end up as hybrid HTML5 plus native SOS’s business customers, partners,en a significant gamble for us.” mobile apps. Verivo will be there for and its own internal workforce, there that as well.” is already a “significant rising demandNext Steps As the application is discovered SOS for more mobile apps of every sort,“International SOS developed the has seen its use grow exponentially. So including mobile apps on tablets,”Membership App specifically for the far the ability of the app to scale on says Daniel. “With our Verivo rela-smartphone environment. The reason the back end to support those users tionship firmly cemented, and withwe focused religiously on the smart- has been a non-issue. Daniel does say our own in-house expertise quicklyphone is something that is often for- that even with hundreds of thousands growing in maturity, I believe we aregotten in the great rush to build mo- of downloads there is much deploy- in a great place - we’re ready to ex-bile applications - the second word in ment left to deliver on - when mem- ecute on our mobile road map, andsmartphone is…phone!” says Daniel. berships and total users push into the we’re confident we’ll continue to get“The ability to make a call still remains seven figure range as they do with our mobile apps done on time, onthe number one most effective means International SOS, making sure that all budget and with great user interfacefor any of our end users, no matter users find the application sooner than experiences. But there is no doubtwhere they are, to reach a safety net later is an exercise SOS is now pushing. that it is the MEAP that is, ultimately,- our operators, who are both local to Nevertheless, Daniel says that, “the the great enabler here.” // MEAP10 | Mobile Enterprise january/february 2012 MobileEnterpriseMag.com
  8. 8. Building a Major Mobile App?Eatons PowerSource — all of those materials in a clean and visu- ally strong manner; it needed to ensureTaking iPads into the Field that all information on over 200,000 hydraulic products - especially pricingEaton figured its field sales teams would prefer iPads to lugging information - was entirely up to date;30 pounds of manuals around. It was right. • By tony rizzo it needed to allow sales reps to craft proposals and notes and to capture all required data for simple back end download at the point of sales contact; Industrial manufacturer Eaton Says Stager, “We knew we needed it needed to allow easy order entry; Corporation had an interest- to significantly reduce the entire sales and the app had to work under a true ing problem. The company cycle. The only way to do so was to anytime, anywhere set of conditions. produces state of the art indus- put all the information the Eaton field Uninterrupted anywhere, anytimetrial equipment, but also has an exten- teams require at their fingertips at the access is critical. The field reps typicallysive overall product line that includes immediate point of contact for any sales operate in environments with unstablecountless products that have been opportunity - no matter how complex or and unreliable 3G services and littlearound for many years. involved that information might be. The or no WIFi access, meaning that the For as long as anyone can remem- goal was to reduce the sales cycle from ability to transparently work offlineber Eaton’s distributors and field sales what had been ‘days and sometimes would be essential to the design ofrepresentatives have been using exten- weeks’ to, ideally, the day of initial en- the mobile app. A field rep needed tosive collections of printed manuals that gagement with a customer or prospect.” have access to the entire working appthey’ve lugged around in the trunks of It was clear to Stager that the com- at every point in the sales process, fromtheir cars forever. In addition to carry- pany had to take a major mobile leap initial contact, through all discussions,ing around printed manuals, the typical and needed to completely automate its to the end of a meeting, and neededsales process included taking extensive entire field sales process for its more than to be able to capture all data whethernotes, then heading back to the office 400 sales representatives and network of wirelessly connected or not.to carry out typically extensive data en- distributors and channel partners. From With these initial parameters in mind,try into Eaton’s back end systems. From his position - which bridges between and Stager and his team pulled together anthe time an Eaton field representative encompasses the viewpoints of both the initial prototype for a mobile app, run-made initial contact with either an exist- business and technology sides of Eaton’s ning on an iPad, and targeted showinging customer or a prospect, many days industrial sector teams - Stager put to- this prototype at the company’s Fall 2010would then elapse before the rep would gether an initial early game plan in mid- Eaton Distributor Meeting (EDM) eventbe ready to reconnect with a proposal 2010 to tackle the problem. in September 2010 - a large scale affairfor a deal or to actually close a sale. The basic parameters that needed with large numbers of participants. Stag- Eaton’s competitors are in the same to be met are as follows: the mobile er recalls, “There were over a thousandboat, and in 2010 Eaton realized that application had to be able to deliver the global Eaton channel partners and repre-there were two possible roads to its entire Eaton collection of catalogs and sentatives and our simple and relativelyfield sales future: either Eaton could manuals; it had to allow easy access to crude mobile prototype captured theirtake a strategic leap to gain a strongcompetitive advantage, or it could leta competitor do so instead. Eric Stager, If you don’t know it’s an iPad you are lookingProgram Manager, Web and Mobile,Industrial Sector for Eaton, knew the at you would easily be fooled into thinking thatanswer to which road Eaton needed to PowerSource is a substantial laptop application.take - it was, in fact, a no-brainer. MEAP12 | Mobile Enterprise january/february 2012 MobileEnterpriseMag.com
  9. 9. imaginations entirely. We received over- tire catalog base and other print-based platform due to its level of maturity in whelming ‘Voice of Customer’ feedback collateral, a database team, and an inter- the space, its ability to initially deliver at the event from a variety of channels - nal Eaton team of 40 coming together to on iPad and be able to deploy easily to one-on-one discussions, surveys, and col- deliver the mobile app, which eventually other versions when user demand dic- laborative workshops - demanding that became known as PowerSource. At this tates that need in the future, the ability Eaton make the app an urgent priority.” point in time Stager’s rapidly growing to effectively translate the defined user Stager continues, “The Eaton team knew it also needed to bring in a interface (a key component of the app leadership team saw this feedback in major MEAP vendor. for Eaton), the ability to help Eaton de- < Sophisticatedamong many capabilities, video other features, deliver a powerful competitive edge directly at the point of customer contact. > PowerSource application great deal of puts a power in the hands of Eaton’s field sales teams and distributors. person, and the idea sold itself - with The mobile app, in Eaton’s case, was ploy the app’s enormous store of data overwhelming user demand, and our defined not by an immediate need for in the cloud, and for its professional management team instantly coming on cross mobile platform development or services team, which demonstrated it board and adding their own demands the need to write once and deploy to could deliver a complex mobile app for delivery as well as the necessary fi- many - a typical MEAP requirement (al- within an aggressive timeline. nancial resources, we suddenly found though this is a key requirement for next Jim Somers, CMO at Antenna, notes, ourselves in full production mode - with versions of PowerSource), but was rather "When Eaton first asked us to look at the only question remaining to be an- defined by a great deal of both back end their mobile app idea it was instantly swered being: how the heck were we and user interface complexity. The ver- clear to us that professional services actually going to do this?” sion of PowerSource that would repre- would play a significant role because sent its initial deployment was massive what they were attempting to do with A Substantial in scope in terms of its mobile ambitions, PowerSource is ground-breaking - and Mobile App and the Eaton team knew it was going candidly pushed the envelope of what The project quickly grew into a signifi- to initially be an iPad app that needed to is truly possible with the technology. cant effort. Stager counts 10 external take full advantage of iPad’s capabilities. The amount of product data and up- partners - including user design teams, Stager says that Eaton did a deep dates - including interactive 3-D prod- an external testing team, a validation dive with four MEAP vendors and ulti- uct demos - being pushed from the and QoS team, a team to digitize its en- mately chose Antenna Software and its cloud to the device was unprecedented.MobileEnterpriseMag.com january/february 2012 Mobile Enterprise | MEAP13
  10. 10. Building a Major Mobile App?Eatons PowerSource — Taking iPads into the FieldThey had an aggressive vision and very and that team’s ability to effectively de- The app takes advantage of theaggressive timeline for completion, and liver the app as specified by both back iPad’s mobile strengths - easy portability,mobile experts were required to make end and user interface requirements portrait and landscape viewing modes,that vision a reality.” defined outside of Antenna itself, were and multi-pane touch navigation. In par- When PowerSource is deployed to a critical to Eaton’s ability to deliver the ticular, user adoption - a specific goaluser, there is a data store of over 6 GB app on a timely basis.” for Stager and his team, is not an issue.of data that is also downloaded with Says Stager, “If you didn’t know Both Apple’s and the iPad’s popularitythe application. Every week Antenna’s you were looking at an iPad screen you and cachet ensure user adoption. “Whatserver pushes gigabytes of updates to would easily be fooled into thinking this would you rather have,” asks Stager,every user of PowerSource over the air was a substantial desktop application “thirty pounds of catalogs in your trunk- a critical piece of the app. As Stager - and that, in a nutshell, was the real or a cool iPad 2 running PowerSource?” Next Steps From concept to completed mobile proj- The MEAP is the key mobile ect, PowerSource required just a little tool for keeping the odds of over a year to spec out, design, build, mobile app success at Eaton test and deploy. Antenna’s development resources were critical to PowerSource squarely in our favor. launching under such a timeframe. A next step for Eaton - which has a sub- stantial IT team in-house - is to startputs it, “Antenna demonstrated to us a >> Eric Stager, Program Manager, Web and learning the ropes of mobile applica- Mobile, Industrial Sector for Eatonmaturity that other MEAP vendors lack tion development. Stager believes thatrelative to our ability to deliver both “this goal is clearly a long term project.a complex mobile app and the huge challenge for us - because ultimately we It won’t happen overnight by any stretchamount of data that is part and parcel and our partners have in fact developed of the imagination. But it will happenof the mobile app.” a substantial and strategic application over the course of the next 24 months.” Somers adds, “Antenna’s ability to that is inherently mobile. Its mobility is As with any project that meets itsrun Eaton’s app in our cloud is vital to what provides the strategic and com- goals and demonstrates a clear strate-the success of the Eaton deployment petitive advantage.” That the app was gic advantage, not only is the hydrau-because Eaton doesn’t have to worry completed in a year is remarkable. lics division of Eaton already lookingabout standing up and maintaining the PowerSource was formally launched ahead to its next mobile applications,mobile operating environment. Rather in November 2011. Incidental to Pow- but other major divisions of Eaton havethan worrying about these infrastruc- erSource’s creation, it also turns out also taken notice of PowerSource’s suc-ture issues Eaton can focus instead on that PowerSource is also one of the cess and are lining up their own mo-what is strategic to their business.” first to be included in Apple’s new Vol- bile strategies. Mobile development With user interface specifications ume Purchasing Program (VPP) for B2B will eventually become a core Eaton ITand database and back end connectiv- apps. PowerSource delivers 3-D parts competency. But as Stager also pointsity requirements in hand as developed modeling, promotional and training out, “whether it is Antenna or anoth-through Eaton’s other vendor partner- videos, pricing configurations, tech- er MEAP partner down the road, theships for the project, Antenna then pro- nical specifications, competitor cross MEAP will continue to play a key andceeded to write the entire application references, and much more. All of this is central role in all of our mobile devel-for Eaton. Says Stager, “Antenna’s ability handled through a set of sophisticated opment efforts. It is the key mobile toolto make the necessary mobile app de- user interfaces, each designed to serve for keeping the odds of mobile appvelopment resources available to Eaton, a particular type of data requirement. success squarely in our favor.” // MEAP14 | Mobile Enterprise january/february 2012 MobileEnterpriseMag.com
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