BlackBerry 10 Implications for Enterprise Mobility


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Slides from a webinar held in February 2013 on the launch of the new BlackBerry 10.

If you are interested in watching the OnDemand video of this webinar:

This presentation covers:

*New features and functionality of BlackBerry 10

*Implications for current BlackBerry users and the future of BlackBerry platforms

*How BlackBerry 10 fits into Antenna's enterprise mobility platform roadmap

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  • I’d like to introduce my co-presenter today – Hitesh Chitalia – who is Director, eBusiness with McGraw Hill Financial. He’s been with the firm for (How long, Hitesh?).I think most people probably know that McGraw Hill is one of the largest corporations in the world. The company, recently renamed McGraw Hill Financial is a powerhouse in benchmarks, content and analytics for the global capital and commodity markets. The Company's leading brands include: Standard & Poor's, S&P Capital IQ, S&P Dow Jones Indices, Platts, Crisil, J.D. Power and Associates, McGraw-Hill Construction and Aviation Week. The Company has approximately 17,000 employees in more than 30 countries.While on the surface his business card doesn’t actually say “Mobile Strategist,” he certainly plays that role within one of the largest Currently leading efforts in:content enrichmentbig data application developmentmobile application development new product prototyping … across 4 B2B business units …McGraw-Hill ConstructionPlattsAviationWeekJ.D. Power and Associates. Apply the necessary leadership and communication skills to support technology alignment across four business units through rapid prototyping to prove out content management and content delivery strategies.Specialties: New product innovationmulti-channel delivery (including mobile platforms, and content enrichment and delivery)
  • ** Elevator pitch content is contained in these speaker notes***The Leader in Mobile ComputingBlackBerry is reinventing Enterprise Mobility Management by bringing together Device Management, Security, Unified Communications and ApplicationsWith BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, business leaders create value by empowering employees to be more productive and better equipped to serve customers BlackBerry enables IT teams to embrace consumerization:We simplify and unify cross-platform device management We provide the highest level of security – when required – to manage critical corporate information. We enable a truly integrated voice, messaging, PIM, apps and social experience built for business users We deliver a compelling business & productivity app portfolio, an enterprise-grade app management framework and a low cost app development environment We have a complete portfolio of devices to meet the needs of enterprise customers and users Where multiple devices, ownership models, applications and operating environments exist, BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 perfectly balances end user and corporate needs to keep your business moving.
  • BlackBerry 10 is enterprise ready at launch, with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 delivering the device management, application management and security organizations need.Plus, the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 platform provides comprehensive cross platform support for smartphones and tablets that are corporate owned or personal owned. With BlackBerry Balance plus additional solutions to secure and manage content and apps on iOS and Android, enterprises can now easily manage heterogeneous mobile device environments from one unified platform and console. Underpinning BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, the trusted BlackBerry Secure Infrastructure enables seamless connections between mobile end points and corporate, behind the firewall, systems and applications.
  • Against these market requirements, BlackBerry delivers a comprehensive management portfolio that perfectly balances the needs of end users and the enterprise.Mobile Device ManagementBlackBerry enables enterprises to manage complex mobile fleets across multiple types of devices, brands, OS’, ownership and usageThe only Device Management solution to fully manage BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 devices plus Android & iOS smartphones and tabletsEnables the management of multiple different devices per userManages both corporate owned and personal owned (BYOD) devices together Satisfies the full range of management needs; from a basic level of administration up to the high management and control needs of government and regulated industriesManages all devices and users through a single platform and management consoleSecurityBlackBerry is the gold standard for secure end-to-end mobility Satisfies the full range of security needs; from a basic level up to the high security and control needs of government and regulated industries Protects against data leakageProtects against unauthorized devices accessing corporate assetsProvides a single outbound port for all communications with all BlackBerry devices End-to-end encryption protects against possible interception.Secure corporate data and applications on personal devicesAssures end-users of their privacy and freedom (through BlackBerry Balance)Advanced Enterprise Mobility Management controls & settings option enables compliance for government and regulated environments Unified CommunicationsBlackBerry enables truly integrated voice, messaging, PIM, apps and social experience built for business usersBlackBerry® Hub brings mobile unified communications into a single user experienceHigh-performance synchronization of multiple sources of email, IM, social feeds, calendar & PIM through to BlackBerry HubA unique instant messaging tool designed for both work and personal use: BlackBerry MessengerReal-time communications for BlackBerry 10 (Instant Messaging and presence; Fixed-mobile convergence for Microsoft, IBM, Cisco)Secure mobile access to shared corporate data and drives on corporate intranets and servers ApplicationsBlackBerry has great mobile applications that empower business people and enable side by side use with their personal appsStrong business, productivity & personal app selection on BlackBerry ® WorldPartnerships with leading enterprise software vendorsEasy to port, develop, integrate, deploy, secure and manage enterprise apps to mobilize your own business appsAdvanced capabilities for application managementSeamless corporate app storefront management and user experience through BlackBerry Balance and BlackBerry World for WorkHigh level of application securitization & integration of applications into the BlackBerry 10 user experience
  • When considering enterprise app development on BlackBerry, we think there are two key areas to consider – firstly that enterprise apps have unique requirements and to treat enterprise app development as just another app project is to risk expensive failure, and secondly that web technology is, we think, likely to be the best approach for most enterprises.Enterprise apps:Firstly, enterprise apps are not the same as consumer apps. There are a number of important considerations which can make the difference between a successful enterprise app deployment and a failure. We refer to these as the fundamentals of enterprise app development on mobile:First is behind the firewall access. Most enterprise apps need to communicate with business software running behind the firewall in order to function properly – this applies across a range of app use cases from expenses or vacation approval apps to accessing financial or customer (CRM) data to applications specific to a role such as field service or customer services applications. While many app developers focus on the on-device end-user experience, this is all wasted effort if due consideration isn’t given to the way in which the app on device communications with the software behind the firewall. BlackBerry 10 and BES 10 make this easy – the communications links between the device and the environment behind the firewall is available by default on BlackBerry and developers don’t have to worry about issues such as security, port access, connectivity protocols etc.Second is push communications. By design, the BlackBerry model is for data to be pushed on an event-driven basis to devices. For the end-user, this means two things – not having to wait for time-sensitive information and being able to work in an offline mode based on the most recent information available when the device went out of connectivity.Third is app management and distribution. As discussed earlier, BlackBerry enables administrators to manage enterprise apps and the catalogue of apps available to end-users, either as mandatory or optional. End-users are able to easily see pre-approved and recommended apps as well as be confident that all mandatory apps will be proactively pushed out to their devices.The second key area is the use of web technology for building apps. This provides enterprises with a number of key advantages:Firstly – building existing or new apps using HTML 5 (i.e. Web), will mean those apps work on the existing estate of BlackBerry devices (OS 5, 6 and 7) as well as on BlackBerry 10 devices.Secondly, HTML 5 provides the most efficient cross-platform approach – apps built in HTML 5 can be used across al the major smartphone platforms with the least amount of change additional coding requiring (note to speaker: it’s NOT the case that you only need to write once; but by building an app in Web you can use the same core code base and then modify for the different platforms)Thirdly – web development skills are widely available for the ‘desktop’ and mobile world and so specialist skills to develop in Java or other native mobile OS environments aren’t needed – this makes for lower cost app development. There are also numerous tools available to make building mobile apps in web technology even easier – these include Sencha, Jqeury and othersLast but not least, with WebWorks (supported on both BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry OS) we have an extremely powerful tool to enable web apps to integrate tightly with the core OS, making “web” apps look, feel and perform like “native” apps.So, by focusing app development on web technology we think enterprise have the most efficient and most future-proof way of building new and existing apps on BlackBerry 10 and of providing end-users or end-customers with an amazing app experiences.(Note for presenter use only, and for avoidance of doubt if asked by a customer: it’s not possible to ‘port’ a Java app built for BBOS to Blackberry 10. Apps must be re-written. Our recommendation is to use Web technology as this is the most efficient way to continue to support existing BBOS devices and BlackBerry 10 devices simultaneously)
  • Note for translation remove the quotation marks from copyBlackBerry 10 is built to keep business moving.It helps you to be faster, more efficient and more effective. It enables your success.With BlackBerry 10, we’ve got the table stakes covered. Users will have a leading browsing experience, the apps and content they want and a beautiful and responsive touch display. But here are some of the areas that set BlackBerry 10 apart.A key element of BlackBerry 10 is BlackBerry flow – that makes it easier than ever to move around the device and interact with information and people. It lets applications work together to help you get at the things you need effortlessly so you can move quickly through the task at hand. Like peeking into the BlackBerry Hub from anywhere on the device to check if a message is important and respond instantly.It gets to know you, who you are and what is important to you, so it can filter, prioritize, organize and predict. Like the keyboard that learns how you type to make the experience faster and more accurate.Whether it’s between people, communities or devices, it gets experiences, ideas and information out there, in an instant.It protects what’s important to you & helps balance your work and personal life with BlackBerry Balance.
  • Gives users a single intuitive view of their company and personal email, instant messaging and social feeds and the ability to respond all from one app – with simple and fast user setupThe BlackBerry Hub on BlackBerry 10 gives users a single intuitive view of their company and personal email, instant messaging and social feeds in one app. As you’re never more than a glance away from your inbox with the ‘peek’ feature, BB10 helps you never miss another opportunity. What’s more, you can respond to key communications all from one place too with native support for email, Facebook, BBM, twitter and LinkedIn messaging (i.e. No need to go into each one of these apps to respond to a message).
  • BlackBerry®10 breaks down the barriers that exist between applications and eliminates the need to go in and out of numerous apps in order to accomplish a single task. Apps work together, share information with each other and follow your train of thought to quickly lead you intuitively to the things you need. Flow is further enabled by giving users greater control over the user experience through gestures and interactions which reflect how we interact with objects in the real world.
  • BLACKBERRY KEYBOARD.WHAT IT ISLeans from your past messages to understand how you write and accurately tailors next word predictions to youTailors itself to where your fingers hit the keys to compensate for mishitsHOW IT WORKS- It learns from everything you’ve ever written- It suggests a word before you’ve even typed a letter- The word hovers over the next letter you’re about to hit- Sometimes you won’t even need to type, just flick the word onto the pageIN ACTIONAs you tap the ‘H’ key with your thumb “hey” appears over the letter “E” where your thumb and your eyes are already headed. Flicking that word up onto the page, and its already guessed your next word…“how” is hovering above the ‘H’. With a series of subsequent flicks you complete your sentence “was”“your”“day””?”. BB10 knows to suggest these words because it knows the way you type on BBM compared to the way you type in emails. All that's left for you to do is one key tap and a couple of flicks.
  • BBM Video with screen shareWHAT IT ISBBM Video lets you have face to face conversations with your BBM contacts and then share what's on your screen with the other person – all at the push of a button. HOW IT WORKSIf a contact is online, go straight in to a BBM Video conversation from BBM, Contacts application or voice phone callShare what’s on your screen (like a document, picture, video, web page) at the touch of a button so you can discuss it in real timeLet them share in a moment by allowing them to see what you’re looking at through your cameraIN ACTION1. On vacation, you see that your friend back home is online and available to chat. At the touch of a button you’ve started a BBM Video conversation and are catching up on the details of your adventure. To help bring the stories of your trip to life, you share your screen with your friend to show them the photos and videos you’ve been shooting along the way. As you flip through the pictures on your end, your friend sees the images while listening to you narrate in real time. Before signing off you select the camera share option and pan around to give your friend a look at Where you are and what’s around you.2. You’re putting the final touches on your presentation before the meeting and need to quickly review with your colleague back at the office. You switch your BBM chat to a BBM Video conversation and share your screen with the push of a button. Now that your colleague can see what’s on your screen you take them through the PowerPoint slides and can make the updates that you’re talking about – all in real-time.
  • TIME SHIFT WITH BLACKBERRY STORY MAKERWHAT IT ISIt let’s you create the perfect photo by shifting time forwards or backwardsHOW IT WORKS- When you take a photo, time warp remembers milliseconds before and after the shot.- Time Warp recognizes the faces in the photo and allows you to select each one individually to adjust the moment- Tap on each face to bring up the dial and select the frame you like best, or, adjust the photo a as a wholeIN ACTIONLaunching the camera from the lock screen in less than a second, you take a shot of your friends, but you not everyone was looking at the camera at that moment. Touching your friends’ faces in the photo brings up the dial allowing you to move that part of the image backward and forward in time. You can move different parts of the image forward and backward, as Time Warp can work on each face independent of one another. Once you’re happy, share the photo via BBM, email or to a social network. Or load it in to Story Maker to add sound and other pictures together and build a story from your pictures, music and video.
  • WHAT IT ISThe new BlackBerry World lets you share and discover apps, games and content with the people you know and trust.HOW IT WORKSOn launching BlackBerry World, you find a world of apps, games, music, movies, TV shows and more…all in one placePersonal recommendations are offered based on past downloads that you’ve madeShare apps in person by tapping devices together (NFC).BBM status show which apps your friends are downloading.IN ACTIONYou’re looking for a new finance app to buy don’t know what to download. Looking at the recommended section you see a few apps that catch your eye – and you feel confident downloading them because people you know have given them a thumbs up. You’re already logged in with your secure BB ID, so when you press ‘buy now’, the app downloads automatically without having to get out your wallet. Later when you’re showing off the new app to a few friends one of them is interested in trying it out too, so you tap your BB10 phones together. BlackBerry World launches automatically, and your friend can get to the app download page even faster.For business users, companies can populate a corporate app storefront – called BlackBerry World for Work – where you can find the apps that your company recommends you to use, or has whitelisted from BlackBerry World. You can download these into your Work Space on the device. Companies can also push out apps meaning they just appear in your Work Space app grid. BlackBerry World for Work makes it fast and easy to find the apps you need and want in your work life.
  • BlackBerry® Balance™ offers the most seamless and user friendly way to satisfy both user and corporate needs without compromising on either.Great for BYOD and company device usersBuilt into the OS – same great native experience for work + personal Personal privacy fully protectedFast and simple to switch between Work and PersonalSee background changes to indicate what space you’re inSee all messages and conversations together – even tough data is help completely separate and secureFor BYOD users – if you leave – company just wipes work space without impacting your personal content and appsHaving one device for work and personal use has never been easier.**requires BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 **
  • With BlackBerry World for Work, companies can easily deploy, manage and secure mandatory and recommended apps through a corporate app storefront – where you can find the apps that your company recommends you to use, or has whitelisted from BlackBerry World. You can download these into the Work Space on your device. Companies can also push out apps meaning they just appear in your Work Space app grid. BlackBerry World for Work makes it fast and easy to find the apps you need and want in your work life.Access to the corporate app storefront does not limit you in any way from accessing and downloading the personal apps, games, music and more from the public BlackBerry World storefront in your Personal Space on the device.The corporate app storefront and ability to centrally deploy, manage and secure apps is included as a standard feature through BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 – the latest solution for companies to manage BlackBerry, as well as iOS and Android devices.
  • *NOTE: NOT FINAL UI’sGet the latest info on all of the people who matter most to your business with the smart and socially integrated BlackBerry® Hub, calendar, and contacts. The seamless integration of apps puts the latest information at your fingertips, so you build stronger relationships and make the most of every opportunity. Peek into the BlackBerry Hub from any app to view all your messages organized in one convenient place, then glance at your calendar to see what’s on the agenda for the day. The intuitive calendar helps you spend less time managing meetings by anticipating who should attend and the information you’ll need with you – based on past meetings and communications with attendees. Establish instant rapport using ‘people view’ to see meeting attendees and their latest social updates. If you want to bypass a meeting and collaborate right then and there, invite a BBM™ contact to a BBM™ Video chat* – you can catch up face-to-face and even share your screen so they see what you see – a document, presentation, even the view from your camera.
  • Help your users turn ideas and content into action. With BlackBerry® Remember users can capture content from anywhere on their BlackBerry® 10 smartphone – an email, voice note, web page, Evernote® file, picture, BBM™ conversation – and send it to BlackBerry Remember. They can be grouped into tasks, projects or categories where priorities and timings can be set to reach personal and work goals. Sync important tasks with your Microsoft® Outlook® calendar and flag projects so they’re easy to find later. All that’s left to do is cross things off your BlackBerry Remember to-do list.
  • Create, view, edit, present, and share documents on the move with Documents To Go™, the all-in-one application that comes as standard with BlackBerry® 10 smartphones and supports Microsoft® Word, Excel® & PowerPoint®, PDF & other files and attachments. With Documents To Go InTact™ Technology, 100% of the original file formatting is maintained when you open and edit a document on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Confidently present PowerPoint slides via HDMI cable to a projector or screen while viewing your speaker notes, markup a sales contract, update the latest sales charts, and annotate a PDF document.
  • Stay organized by managing content and files with ease. File Manager on the new BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone lets you work with files and folders in a familiar and intuitive way: copy, paste, zip and unzip, rename, search, share and more. Easily save files and attachments and instantly access and share your documents, media files and other information stored in the cloud with Box™ integration – built in and ready to go. BlackBerry Work DrivesA BlackBerry 10 application enabling users to remotely access, edit and manage content located on enterprise network drives.* Use native BlackBerry 10 apps like File Manager and Documents To Go to create, update and manage network files and folders. Attach documents from network drives to an email for easy sharing and save email attachments to corporate network drives.
  • WHAT IT ISQuickly access and share the best of the web – all while taking measure to protect your personal information online.HOW IT WORKSWeb pages load quickly, with all exciting and advanced elements (Flash, HTML5 etc.) supported.A press of the ‘share’ button enables sharing of anything interesting with any service you’d like.Over time, BB10 remembers your preferred sharing method.Reader view makes pages easier to readit easy to read a pageIN ACTIONYou’re reading an article on a web page that you want to share. You hit the ‘Share’ button and see a short menu of sharing options where ‘send as email’ is already highlighted because BB10 knows that you usually share web pages via email. With the link in the body of the email, you type in the name of the group you want to share to and quickly add a few comments. You’re returned back to the web page where you keep reading and as you read through the article you see a quote that you want to add to something you’re working. You highlight that bit of text and hit ‘Share’ again, bringing up the menu. This time you select ‘send to Remember’ and select the action you’ve created around your project. web page where you started – all without losing your place.
  • WHAT IT ISQuickly access and share the best of the web – all while taking measure to protect your personal information online.HOW IT WORKSWeb pages load quickly, with all exciting and advanced elements (Flash, HTML5 etc.) supported.A press of the ‘share’ button enables sharing of anything interesting with any service you’d like.Over time, BB10 remembers your preferred sharing method.Reader view makes pages easier to readit easy to read a pageIN ACTIONYou’re reading an article on a web page that you want to share. You hit the ‘Share’ button and see a short menu of sharing options where ‘send as email’ is already highlighted because BB10 knows that you usually share web pages via email. With the link in the body of the email, you type in the name of the group you want to share to and quickly add a few comments. You’re returned back to the web page where you keep reading and as you read through the article you see a quote that you want to add to something you’re working. You highlight that bit of text and hit ‘Share’ again, bringing up the menu. This time you select ‘send to Remember’ and select the action you’ve created around your project. web page where you started – all without losing your place.
  • BlackBerry 10 Implications for Enterprise Mobility

    1. 1. Blackberry® 10Implications for Enterprise Mobility February 12, 2013Jim Somers, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, Antenna SoftwareGregg Ostrowski, Sr. Director Enterprise Developer Partnerships, BlackBerry © Copyright 2013 Antenna Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
    2. 2. INTRODUCTIONS Your Hosts: Our Agenda: Introductions • Antenna & BlackBerry Jim Somers • A longstanding partnership Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer Antenna Software BlackBerry 10 Feature Overview Customer Implications • BlackBerry 10 smartphone & OS availability Gregg Ostrowski Sr. Director, Enterprise Developer Partnerships • Antenna support BlackBerry Special Offer Have a question? Tweet us @AntennaSoftware or #BB10Webinar2 © Copyright 2013 Antenna Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
    3. 3. ABOUT ANTENNA AMPchroma helps you build, run and manage all your mobile applications and content. ➦ Enabling you to get to market faster, have more flexibility, and better manage risk in this ever-changing mobile world.3 Confidential. Do not distribute. © Copyright 2013 Antenna Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
    4. 4. A STRONG PARTNERSHIP • Partner of BlackBerry since 2003 • An Elite Partner of the BlackBerry Alliance Program • Received numerous Wireless Leadership Awards for successful deployments with joint customers4 © Copyright 2013 Antenna Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
    5. 5. WE KNOW YOU’VE GOT QUESTIONS… Questions? • What are the new features available in BlackBerry 10 that are meaningful to me? • What are the implications of BlackBerry 10 on my current BlackBerry users? • How does BlackBerry 10 impact those of us on older versions of the BlackBerry platform? • When will Antenna provide support for BlackBerry 10? • What value does Antenna provide if we want deploy apps on BlackBerry 10? Have a question? Tweet us @AntennaSoftware or #BB10Webinar5 © Copyright 2013 Antenna Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
    6. 6. 24 February 2013 7BlackBerry– Built to Keep Business Moving• The leader in enterprise mobile computing: 90% of the Fortune 500, largest global MDM footprint and most complete enterprise portfolio• Delivering the ultimate end user experience and supporting the needs of IT• Committed to remaining the gold standard for mobile device security, management and control• Dedicated to helping customers manage user demands, BYOD and consumerization• Investing in building industry leading multi-platform Enterprise Mobility Management and security solutions• Providing the best development tools, support and ecosystem for business apps *All UI and imagery is placeholder and is subject to change
    7. 7. 24 February 2013 8Multi-platform Enterprise Mobility ManagementBlackBerry 10 is BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10enterprise-ready at launch. Centralized and unified managementBlackBerry Enterprise BlackBerry Secure InfrastructureMobility Managementcapabilities now delivercomprehensive multi-platform devicemanagement, application BlackBerry® 10 BlackBerry® OS Smartphones Smartphones BlackBerry® Playbook iOS® & Android™ Devicesmanagement and security. Personal Owned/BYOD and Corporate Deployed BlackBerry® Technical Support Services
    8. 8. 24 February 2013 9 BlackBerry supports the entire spectrum and mix of Enterprise Mobility Management needs, from BYOD to high security EMM Segment Level of Enterprise Mobility Management policy 1 2 3 4 5 6 Managed devices for Regular Mix of Open policy, Segmented some end-users Mobile policy lockdown and 100% low Mobile Policy and laissez-faire for everyone managed lockdown management for others devices needsAdvanced Enterprise Government,Mobility Management Central Legal & Agencies, Professional Regulated Services, Oil & Gas, Industries Financial ServicesEnterprise Mobility Large & Large Medium Enterprise with Large Enterprise –Management Small & Enterprise multiple high security Medium size security business different levels sensitive of device Media & management & other non- securityBasic Mobility Soho, small to security Medium sensitiveManagement Business with(ActiveSync) industries no company policy
    9. 9. 24 February 2013 10We provide Mobile Computing Solutions that generatethe greatest business benefit by enabling the perfectbalance between end-user and corporate needs Device Management Security BlackBerry enables enterprises to BlackBerry is the gold manage complex mobile fleets across standard for secure end-to- multiple types of devices, brands, OS’, end mobility ownership and usage Unified Communications Applications BlackBerry enables truly BlackBerry has great mobile integrated voice, messaging, PIM, applications that empower business apps and social experiences built for people and enable side by side use business users with their personal applications
    10. 10. 24 February 2013 11Enterprise app development for BlackBerry 10Enterprise apps have unique requirements Web technology… (why?) Behind the firewall connectivity Access to systems and data to populate and • Support for BlackBerry 10 sync with on-device app and field updates and existing BlackBerry OS device base Push communications • Cross-platform support Critical for time sensitive information as well as • Widely available skills and ensuring the most recent content is available tools for more cost effective to the user when working in offline mode and faster app development • WebWorks enables a native Enterprise app management app experience using web Deployment and management of mandatory skills and optional apps to users *All UI and imagery is placeholder and is subject to change
    11. 11. Top Reasons Business Users Will LoveBlackBerry1. BlackBerry Hub2. BlackBerry Keyboard3. BBM Video with Screen Share4. Time Shift5. BlackBerry Story Maker6. BlackBerry Balance7. BlackBerry World & BlackBerry World for Work8. Social Integration9. BlackBerry Remember10.Documents To Go11.File Manager with Work Drives12.BlackBerry Browser
    12. 12. BlackBerry 10: Built to Keep Business Moving BlackBerry® Hub BlackBerry® BBM™ Video BlackBerry® with flow & peek Keyboard with Screen Balance Share Always one thumb Best keyboard - Share anything Work and life - swipe away touch or physical in an instant securely balanced
    13. 13. BlackBerry HubA better way to manage all yourconversations as they unfold inreal time.With tools to help you sort,prioritize and action all yourconversations – BlackBerry Hubhelps you stay responsive and incontrol.Plus, the BlackBerry Hub isalways accessible with the peekgesture, so you can look in atyour conversations at any time,from any app.
    14. 14. BlackBerry FlowBlackBerry®10 breaksdown barriers betweenapps – there’s no need togo in and out of apps for asingle task.Apps share informationwith each other and followyour train of thought to leadyou intuitively to the thingsyou need.Flow gives you greatercontrol through gesturesand interactions whichreflect how we interact withobjects in the real world.
    15. 15. BlackBerryKeyboardIt learns how you type and what yousay then tailors itself to help you haveconversations faster.Adjusts to where your fingers hit thekeys so it adapts to rapid typists andone-finger typists alike.Provides personalized next-wordsuggestions that you can flick intoplace. Fast, easy.
    16. 16. BBM Video withScreen ShareNew ways to shareexperiences as they happen.Turn a BBM chat in to a BBMVideo Call. Share what’s onyour screen with the otherperson – all at the push of abutton.New BBM Groups lets youshare photos, create grouplists, and group calendars plushave live group chats.
    17. 17. Time Shift & BlackBerryStory MakerPinpoint and adjust exact momentsof your picture to create the perfectshot.Scroll back and forth on the dial to“open” one friend’s eyes and catchanother smiling, then combine it allinto the same photo.Then, use Story Maker to create amovie in just a couple of swipes,set to music and share with theworld.
    18. 18. BlackBerry WorldDiscover, Download & ShareFind and share greatbusiness, productivity &recreational apps, games,videos and music withfriends and colleagues.The apps you need to bemore productive, efficientand effective every day.
    19. 19. BlackBerry BalanceThe most secure, user-friendlyand integrated experience forbusiness users.All your personal apps andinformation are kept separate andprivate from work data and apps.Setting things up for work ishandled by your companyadministrator.Having one device for work andpersonal use has never beeneasier.
    20. 20. BlackBerry World for WorkCorporate App StorefrontBusinesses can deploy, manageand secure mandatory andrecommended apps to employeesthrough BlackBerry World forWork.Accessed through the Work Spaceon your device, it makes findingand downloading appsrecommended by your companysimple and fast.
    21. 21. Social IntegrationInstant networking & collaborationPeople-centric and socially integratedBlackBerry Hub, calendar and contacts helpyou respond faster and stay close to thepeople who matter.See and respond to Facebook, Twitter andLinkedIn messages directly from BlackBerryHub.
    22. 22. BlackBerry RememberCapture, Organize, DoCapture and organize content and ideas ina way that makes it easy to decide what todo next. Turn ideas into action.Set tasks and goals, group them intoprojects and track them to completion.Sync tasks with Microsoft® Outlook®calendar and cloud based services likeEvernote.* Tag projects so they’re easy tofind later.*Sync with Outlook requires customer to be on Exchange server and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10
    23. 23. Documents To GoTake your office on the roadOffice documents support isbetter than ever and comes built-in.Create, view, edit, present andshare Microsoft Word, Excel andPowerPoint files. View andannotate PDFs.Document formatting is retainedno matter where you view or editdocuments.
    24. 24. File ManagerKeep organized – your wayCopy, paste, move, rename,sort, search and manage fileswith ease.File Manager provides a singleplace to manage all the contentsaved to your phone, SD cardand even cloud-based serviceslike Box and network fileshares with Work Drives.Plus it’s fully secured withBlackBerry Balance sopersonal files and informationstay personal.
    25. 25. BlackBerry BrowserBeautiful, Social, Super-fastBrowsingThe BlackBerry 10 browser has beencompletely re-invented to help youquickly browse, read, and share onlinecontent.Pages load incredibly fast, renderbeautifully and can be formatted for yourscreen.You can share web pages with peoplethat matter to you as the BlackBerry 10browser is integrated with BBM and yoursocial networks.
    26. 26. BlackBerry and AntennaEnterprise Mobility At Its Best• Leverage the powerful capabilities of BlackBerry, combined with the expertise of Antenna• Combined strength in device functionality and complex integration to a variety of backend systems (i.e. SAP, Oracle, etc.)• Proven experience in B2E and B2C deployments – Field Service, Mobile CRM, etc.
    27. 27. BLACKBERRY 10 FOR OUR CUSTOMERS Current device support continues indefinitely • Customers can plan a migration path and timing that makes sense for their users • Antenna already working with customers toward this end AMPchroma support for BlackBerry 10 • Currently supported via JavaScript APIs • Hybrid Client support soon after device release; Native Client to follow • Please notify Antenna if you require accelerated migration  We are committed to providing BlackBerry 10 support in the timeframe required Future-proofing is one reason customers choose Antenna Have a question? Tweet us @AntennaSoftware or #BB10Webinar28 © Copyright 2013 Antenna Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
    28. 28. POWERED BY ANTENNA & BLACKBERRY Enterprise-Grade Mobility! • Enterprise-grade applications • ETE application and device security • Rich UI/UX for optimal end-user adoption • Ease of development and deployment • Proven track record of mobilizing global enterprises for over a decade • Dozens of templates, workflows, and best practices across both B2E and B2C use cases29 © Copyright 2013 Antenna Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
    29. 29. A SPECIAL OFFER Free 60-day trial for BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Free mobility strategy workshop for the first 10 qualified companies that sign up. Send an email to with your contact information.30 © Copyright 2013 Antenna Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
    30. 30. INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE? • Call or email us for answers to your questions on how to get started with BlackBerry 10 in your enterprise Contact us @ +201.239.7980 or • Visit for a free copy of the Gartner MQ for Mobile Application Development Platforms and to find out why Antenna was named a leader31 © Copyright 2013 Antenna Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
    31. 31. THANK YOU• Jim Somers Twitter: @JimatAntenna• Contact Antenna: +1 201.239.7980 © Copyright 2013 Antenna Software, Inc. All rights reserved.