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Hawkley reunion office 2010 2


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Slides used of the class of '91 Hawkley Hall School reunion.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Hawkley reunion office 2010 2

  1. 1. yH all aw kle ionH Re un ars) e sch ool y r 199 1 (ou fCl ass o
  2. 2. The first1985 phon British m e cal l is m obile ade
  3. 3. Laun ch of1985 by C the Sinc live S lair C incla 5 ir
  4. 4. BT a nnou phas nce i1985 e ou t’s go t red ing t telep o boxe hone s
  5. 5. Easte1985 nder s goe s on air!
  6. 6. The mine1985 rs st after rike one ends year .
  7. 7. Moh amm1985 ed A l Fay Harr ed b ods uys
  8. 8. An 1 beco 8 month pers mes the old boy1985 on in youn Brita gest in to AIDS die o f
  9. 9. A fire stand engulfs stadi at the Va a woode1985 um i lley P n a foo n Bra tball dford arade matc durin h peop , killing g le. 56
  10. 10. Man ches FA C ter U up fo nited1985 their r the win t histo sixth he over ry w t Ever ith a ime in ton i 1-0 w Wem n the in bley f Stad inal at ium
  11. 11. In th disas e Heysel ter a S1985 Cup t the tadium final Euro footb in Br pean hund all fa ussels, ns di 39 reds e and are i njure d.
  12. 12. 13-y ear-o achield Ruth L Math ves a awre nce1985 Univ ema first ersit tics at O in youn y, be gest com xford ever Britis ing th to ea h pe e rn a rson degr first-cla ee ss
  13. 13. Live Aid p Lond on an op conce1985 raise d Ph rts in over ilade fami £50 m lphia ne re lief i illion fo n Eth r iopia .
  14. 14. 55 p Man eople k ches Man ter a illed in th ches ir dis e1985 Airp ter In aster Airto ort whe ternatio at u n n into rs Boein a Britis al flam g 73 h abor es after 7 burst ts the the p take ilot off .
  15. 15. Rock form star Phi erly l Lyn1985 rush o f Th ott, ed to in Liz colla hospita zy, is susp psin l afte ecte g fro r d he ma roin over dose
  16. 16. Broth Strai ers In Ar1985 ts alb ms, t um, b he D first i milli ecomes re com on sellin the pact disc. g
  17. 17. Mad1985 onna marr Sean ies a Penn ctor .
  18. 18. Film s : Ba1985 Ram c bo, R k to the ocky Futu and IV, C re, The G oo ocoon nies
  19. 19. UK a nd F1986 plan ranc s to c e anno Chan onstruc unce nel T t the unne l
  20. 20. Laun ch of natio the T news nal t oday1986 pape ablo r. It p id use o ione phot f com ers t osett pute he ing a r colo nd full- ur
  21. 21. Clive Sincl1986 ZX S air s pect ells r inven rum an ights to tions d oth to Am er strad
  22. 22. The first1986 Cup all-M final erse for L ends ysid iverp in a 3 e FA ool o -1 wi ver E n verto n
  23. 23. The ‘ Hand1986 Engl and of God’ k out o nock Cup f the Wo s Fina rld ls
  24. 24. Gary Line most ker b expe ecom1986 footb nsive es th £2.75 aller Britis e milli ever h Ever on m in a ton t o FC ove from Barc elon a.
  25. 25. 24 ho Line kers urs after sets trans Gary a new fer, I1986 for a trans an Ru when British fer reco sh move he ag footba rd rees ller from a Liver £3.2m Juve ntus pool to
  26. 26. Princ e An drew1986 York , Ferg , marrie Duke of uson s Sar at W ah estm Abb inste ey r
  27. 27. The1986 Com Gam mon es ar weal e he th Edin ld in burg h
  28. 28. GCS E ex repla amin1986 ce b ation and oth G cour CSE CE O ses cour Lev year ses for 1 el olds 4- .
  29. 29. First1986 epis ode airs of Ca on B BC O sualty ne
  30. 30. Alex Ferg1986 man uson ager is ap of M poin anch ted Unite ester d
  31. 31. Intro duct1986 cred ion o it, a t f Fam poor ax credi ily er fa t for milie s.
  32. 32. A tou r bus heav carry y me ing t1986 Meta tal b he llica and Swed crash influ en, killin es in entia g the l bas Burto sist, ir Cliff n
  33. 33. The1986 Smit hs pl gig a ay th s a fi e ve-p ir final iece .
  34. 34. Dura n Du care ran b1986 er as egin with a thr their the r ee p "Not elea iece oriou se of th s" sin e gle.
  35. 35. Film s : To1986 Dund p Gun and ee, P , Cro Ferri latoo codi s Bue n, Alie le ller’s ns Day Off
  36. 36. Goll iwog1987 Enid s are Blyto bann n bo ed fr publ oks b om isher y their
  37. 37. Terr y Wa1987 Beiru ite, d t whi isapp le ne e the r elea gotia ars in se of ting hosta for ges.
  38. 38. Edw ina C cont urrie sp1987 com roversy arks Chri men by stian ting s wo "goo nt ge d t AID S".
  39. 39. Chri sties Lond on se auction h1987 lls on ouse van G e of V in Sunf ogh lowe s ico incent rs pa nic £24,7 intings 50,00 for 0
  40. 40. MPs1987 resto vote aga ratio inst t n of pena lty b the d he y 342 eath -230 .
  41. 41. Cove ntry Cup City their for the f win the F1987 histo irst t A in th ry w ime e fin ith a in al ov er To 3-2 win Hots ttenh pur am
  42. 42. The 1987 sees Gen1987 Ma rg eral El secu aret ectio re he That n r thir cher offic d term in e.
  43. 43. Pete old E r Beard n s the mgland sley, the 2 trans ost ex triker, b 6-year-1987 p club ferred b ensive ecomes s wh p £1.9m en h etween B layer New illion e comp ritish castl move f letes a Livere United rom pool to .
  44. 44. Britis h Air1987 Cale ways an doni d Bri £237 an ag tish milli ree a on m erge r
  45. 45. Rick Astle Give y’s N1987 You U ever the f G irst o p is rele onna reac f h the eight sin ased, Top g 10 in les to the U K
  46. 46. One pers1987 is no on a day w re port in Britai dyin ed to n g of AIDS be .
  47. 47. Mich a 16 p el Ryan eopl shoo1987 e in town of Hu the B ts dead takin nger erks g his ford hire own befo life w re rifle. ith a
  48. 48. Swed1987 retai ish h ler IK ome pr Britis EA o oduc h sto pens t re at its fir Warr st ingto n
  49. 49. Marg aret Cons Thatcher1987 erva Conf eren tive P tells the that ce in arty she w Black powe ants pool r unt to sta il at l y in east 1994 .
  50. 50. £1 m Ope illion ratio poun1987 Loch n De d Ness epsc the l fails an in egen dary to locate Mon Loch Ne ster ss
  51. 51. Hurr batte icane fo r mu rce w1987 Engl c and, h of sou inds and killin th-ea caus g 23 st dam ing e peop age xten le to pr sive oper ty
  52. 52. Retir Leste ed Eng1987 r Pig lish j year gott ocke s afte is jai y r bei led f of ta ng c or 3 x eva onvict sion. ed
  53. 53. Cust Sout oms ham offic than pton ers i seize n1987 £50m coca illion w more expe ine - orth nsive the m of ever haul ost foun of th d in e dru Brita g in.
  54. 54. A fire Lond at Kings1987 on U Cros nder s on 31 p ground k the eopl ills e
  55. 55. The first are r Acid1987 epor Hous King ted i e rav dom n the es bein , man Unite g in y of t d dere lict h hem ouse s.
  56. 56. The Engl tour and of Pa cricke brou kista t tea m end ght to a pn is near s1987 when rema ly capt Shak Gatt ing a ain Mture nd u oor R ana r mpir ike Test ow d e Matc uring h a
  57. 57. 26,00 0,000 for th view epis e Christ ers tune ode1987 mas i Stree of Co Day n Ogd t, in whi ronation appe en make ch Hilda aran s her after ce in the last 23 ye show ars.
  58. 58. Stock relea A itken1987 se th Wate sing e Kyl rman le I S ie M houl inog d Be ue Luck So y.
  59. 59. Bon Pray Jovis "Li1987 er" w vin o ould na bigg be 1 est h 987s worl it song dwid e.
  60. 60. U2 re lease Tree s The1987 , an a Joshu laun lbum a ches supe rstar them that statu into musi s c wo in the rld.
  61. 61. Irela wins nds John1987 the E ny Lo urov Cont ision gan est Song
  62. 62. Mich ael Ja1987 Bad, the f ckson re irst s l after tudio eases Thril albu ler m
  63. 63. Geo rge M1987 his fi rst so ichael re lo stu lease dio a s Faith lbum ,
  64. 64. Film s : Th baby ree m Beve , Fata en an1987 rley l Attr da a Morn Hills Co ction, Unto ing Viet p 2, Goo ucha nam d bles , The Wea and Leth pon al
  65. 65. Marg beco aret Tha mes tche r1988 serv the l ing B onge mini ritish st havin ster this prime g be cent eigh en in ury, t yea rs an power fo d 24 4 day r s.
  66. 66. Acto laun r Rowan1988 ches Atkin the n s Relie f cha ew C on rity a omic ppea l.
  67. 67. Arth elec ur Scarg ted a ill is1988 Natio s leader re- Mine nal U of th work nion e ers b of majo y a narr rity. ow
  68. 68. Grea t Brit Irela ain a nd c nd N1988 Wint ompete orthern Calg er Olym at the ary, C pics not w anad in in an a, bu y me t do dals.
  69. 69. Plan Euro s are un1988 pes veile to be tallest sk d for built yscr at Ca aper Wha nary rf .
  70. 70. Wim bled been on F.C., mem Footb who bers all Le have1988 and f First or just 1 ague for tw Divis 1 sea o, wi ion m sons n the e 1-0 w FA C mbers cham in over le up with pion ague a s Liv erpo ol
  71. 71. More footb than all fa 100 E W ns ar nglis conn est Ger e arreste h1988 ectio man of fo n y in d in otba with inc durin ll hoo iden ts g the ligan Cham Euro ism pion pean ship s
  72. 72. Pipe r Alp in th ha d1988 e No isast and rth S er oi resu ea ex l rig lts in plod 167 w the dea es orke th of rs
  73. 73. Paul G old m ascoign idfie e, 21 the f lder, b -year-1988 footb irst £2m ecome Britis aller illion s h clu sign New castl b wh ed by Totte e Un en he le a nhamited and aves Hots joins pur
  74. 74. E £2.3m verton F Unite illion f .C. pay d str or W1988 22, b iker est H reak Tony am reco ing t rd se he n Cottee, by P t six ation aul G weeks al asco ago trans igne fer. s
  75. 75. Ian R ush b expe ecom nsive es th play e mo1988 Britis retur h clu er to jo st ns to b wh in a £2.7m Liver en h illion pool e after F.C. f Juve ntus a yea or in Ita r at ly.
  76. 76. New pubs licensin1988 to sta g law Engl y open s allow and all d and W ay in ales.
  77. 77. The gove plan rnme card s for a ne nt unveil1988 sche w id s to cl me i entit amp n an y down attem hool on fo pt igan otba ism. ll
  78. 78. Heal Curr th minis ie pr ter E statin ovok d g tha es ou wina1988 egg t mo trage with producti st of Brit by the s on is ains caus almonel infected natio ing an la ba nwid imm cteri e fal edia a, l in e te gg s ales.
  79. 79. Pan A m over Flight 1 Lock the Scot 03 explo Gallo erbie tish t own des1988 , peop way and Dumfrie of le - i kills s and were nclu a that on boa ding total of the c rd. It all 259 w 270 was ause of th is believ ho a ter e roris e explos d t bom ion b.
  80. 80. The grow Hous ing p1988 e Mu opul in th sic w arity e cha as ev of rts b y the ident 1988 start of
  81. 81. New Britis1988 took h bo five s yban ingle d Bro Top s into s 5 thi s yea the r
  82. 82. Film s : Ra Fram in M a Com ed Roge n, Who1988 ing t r Rab Twin o Amer bit, Nake s, Die H ica, Big d Gu ard, , n, Co The Beet cktai lejui l and ce
  83. 83. Musl ims d Brad ford emonstr agai a Satan nst th te in1989 writt ic Ve e Th en b rses, burn y Sal a bo e ing c man ok opie Rush in th s of t die, e cit he b y str eets. ook
  84. 84. Sky T broa elevisio1989 dcas n be satel ting gins lite T as th V se e firs t Brita rvice in in.
  85. 85. Ayat Khom ollah R1989 eini uhol fatwa of Ira lah (ord n pla auth er to ces a or Sa lman kill) on Rush die
  86. 86. 500 w Chan orkers strik nel Tun on the1989 e in n a pro el go on pay test a and cond work gainst ition ing s.
  87. 87. Nick first Faldo be1989 Engl Mast ish w comes th ers T inner of e ourn The ame nt
  88. 88. 96 fa ns ar durin e kil g at led i Stad the H nac1989 ium illsb rush the F in Sheffie orough A Cu l betw een p sem d during FC a Notti i-fina nd L ngham F l iverp ores ool F t C.
  89. 89. Hom e Sec Hurd retar y mak announc Dougla e all es pl s1989 com - Leag puls seater st ans to ory f a ue F or al diums redu irst D l Foo ce th ivisio tball the H e risk o n club illsb f a re s to orou gh tr peat of aged y.
  90. 90. Arse nal w Divis in th agai ion l e Fir1989 nst L eague t st goal iverp itle f in th rom Mic ool, with e las hael a t min Thom gam e of ute of the as the s easo last n.
  91. 91. Man chair cheste man r Uni1989 agre Mart ted es to in Ed Mich sell t ward ael K he cl s nigh ub to £10m ton f illion or .
  92. 92. Marg aret with That Ame cher Geo rican , a lon1989 rge B pres g lead er M ush and ident decl ikha are t il Go Soviet he e rbac War nd o hev, after f the 40 ye Cold ars.
  93. 93. A ne w-lo for a ok B new and1989 They vers Aid f Know ion o orms char ity si Its C f the Do ngle hristma fami for A s? ne re frica lief . n
  94. 94. 27 m epis illion wa ode of Co tch the1989 Stree Brad t in w ronatio ley is hich n by a fatal Alan Black ly run o pool ver tram .
  95. 95. First anim show ated ing o1989 f Out i film A G the char ntroduc rand Da acter ing t y s Wa he Grom llace a nd it.
  96. 96. Mad Num onna1989 ber 1 retur in M for th ned to arch e six with th tim Pray Like e er a
  97. 97. Two soun Sum ds d1989 mer omin first and ated Autu t and came from mn. T he the M Jive B he aster unny mixe rs
  98. 98. The hous seco e nd w whos sound o as the ita the b e Ride o f Black B lio1989 igge n o of th st-se Time w x, week e yea lling as s, sp r, and single time ent t , at six at nu he lon mbe gest r one .
  99. 99. Film s : Ba Talk tman1989 ing, L , Loo Whe etha k Wh n Ha l We o’s The W rry Met apon 2, ar of Sally the R and oses
  100. 100. Cont Pick roversi les s al jud e old H ntences ge Jame supe1990 u 1 s Scott rmarke ddersfie 9-year- baby , who ha t ca shie ld r after, to six ms a 10-weTracey she a onths ek-o dmit in pr ld shop ted h ison lifter elpin s. g
  101. 101. Som dem e 50, onstr 000 p Lond ate o eopl on su n the e1990 amb ppor stree ulan t of B ts of ce w ongo ing a orke ritains strik mbu rs, as th e has lance e yet t mon ths a o en crew fter i d fou t beg r an.
  102. 102. 37 p eopl 10 p e are olice arres1990 Brixt offic ted a ers i riotin on, L ondo njure nd g ag n, du d in Com ainst ring mun the n ity C ew harg e.
  103. 103. 1990 Stran Prisoner gewa ’s rio ys in t at Man ches ter
  104. 104. Liver cham pool1990 pion F.C. a Leag s of t re ue fo he Fo r a re otba cord ll time 18th .
  105. 105. Step beco hen Hen1990 mes dry, ever the y 21, worl oung d sno est cham oker pion .
  106. 106. Man the r chester ecor Unite wins d tot d eq a repla by winn l for FA ual1990 y 1-0 ing t Cup Palac agai he fi Mart e. De nst Cr nal in sc fend ystal ores er Le of th the on e e ga ly go me. al
  107. 107. Bobb that y Robso he w n job a ill be announ s Eng leavi ces1990 man land ng h summ ager a footba is take ers W fter th ll char orld is club ge o Cup PSV f the to Eind Dutch hove n.
  108. 108. Swin don guilt Town finan y on 36 are fou their cial irreg charges nd1990 prom ulari of Divis otion ties a ion i releg s rep to the F nd ation laced irst to th with Divis e Th ion ird
  109. 109. Engl winn ands ing t chan ende he W ces o1990 d by orld f out d a pe Cup efea nalty are Wes t Ger t at the h shoot- man and y in t of final he se s. mi-
  110. 110. The Footb1990 nam all A e the n s Graha ssociatio ew E m Ta n ngla ylor nd m as anag er.
  111. 111. The pena Footb a and lises Ars ll Assoc M poin anches enal twoiation1990 t £50,0 and fin ter Unite points braw 00 for es both d one matc l in a F a mass clubs h be ootb play twee a e at O l n thell Leagu r d Tra two c e fford lubs .
  112. 112. M anno argaret unce That Lead s she cher Party er of the will resig1990 and Cons n as Mini there erva ster. fore tive long est-s She w as Prim ervin ill be th e the c g premi e entu er of ry.
  113. 113. John1990 Majo Prim r e Mi appoint niste ed Que r by the en.
  114. 114. Poun dlan1990 chain d, a s sellin uperm £1, o g all arke pens item t its fir s for st sto re
  115. 115. Netto , a Sw1990 food e supe dish dis open rmarke count s its t cha first in, store
  116. 116. Tony Adam capt s, the defe ain and Arse four nder, is Englan nal1990 mon s d drink ths in entence com -driv prison d to mitte ing o for a Sea o d in So ffence n6M uthe ay th nd-on is ye - ar.
  117. 117. Kylie song Minogu "Tea es co take Delin n frors on Myver of th1990 her f quentsm the fil Pillow",e ourth , whi m The in th numb ch bec num e UK e a team ber o and r one sinme t Stock ne for p he final gle Aitke roduc n Wa tion term an.
  118. 118. Danc the m e music ore p was the y opul one1990 ear, w ar ge of of th ith se nres at ty vera of the S pe hitti l son gs pring ng # Snap , incl 1 in !s "T udin he P g ower "
  119. 119. Hous popu e musi lar in c wa1990 like T 1990 s ver echn with y the c otron artis harts ic po ts with weri n Get U songs li g p! ke
  120. 120. Film s :G Prett host,1990 y Wo Hom and man e Alo Teen , Tota ne, age l Rec Muta all Turtl nt Ni es. nja
  121. 121. The Gulf Roya War1991 l Air begi aircr Forc ns, a aft in e joi s the bom ns Allie on Ir bing rai d aq. ds
  122. 122. The IRA e at bo xplo1991 th Pa des b and V ddingt omb s ictor on st ia sta ation Lond tion on. in
  123. 123. The anno Football "sup unces pl Associat er le a i ague ns for a on1991 to re Leag place " of 18 c new ue F the F high irst D ootb lubs est d ivisio all ivisio n as footb n of Eng the all. lish
  124. 124. Man Utd m to Eu Engl rope ake a wi ish c an com nning re susp lu p t1991 ensio bs after etitions f urn disas n due five ye or Barc ter, by to the ars o elon defe Heys f Euro a pean of Spain ating FC el final Cup Win 2-1 in th in Ro ners e tterd Cup am.
  125. 125. Paul Gasc knee oigne Totte ligam suffer nham ent d s cruc final1991 Hots amag iate Fore victory purs 2- e in s o 1 trans t, which ver Nott FA Cup fer to puts ingh hold h a , and Italian si is propos m is ex d e him out f pect e Lazio o d or up ed to n to a y rule ear.
  126. 126. Dean Wels Saunde beco h inter rs, 27- play mes th nationa year-ol er to e d1991 l be si most ex striker, club take when gned pens Livers him fro a £2.9mby a Briive reco pool, w m Derb illion fe tish rd fe h y e the t e in o have b County hird British roke to time n the in fo football ur ye for ars.
  127. 127. Boxe r Mi c suffe hael injur rs a ser Watson1991 y in a ious Euba fight brain nk at Totte Whit with Chr nham e Hart La is , Lon ne, don
  128. 128. The1991 1991 begi Rugb ns in y World Engl Cup and.
  129. 129. Cana Adam dian s s ma inge his h it sin kes h r Brya gle ( istory w n1991 Do) I its 15 Do It fo Everyth hen th su r You ing I num cces , ente ber o sive w rs sing ne in th eek at les c harts e UK .
  130. 130. Robe num rt Max erou w inclu s bus ell, own news ding th iness in er of1991 the c paper, i e Daily Mterests oast s fou of de of Te nd d irror ath i nerif e repo s e; his ad off rts su unconfi com ggest th rmed cause mitte d sui at he , but cide has .
  131. 131. Terr hosta y Waite1991 ge h , a Br freed eld i itish after n Leb four- anon year and- , is s in c aptiv a-half ity.
  132. 132. Engl and Line strik cont ker ag er Gar ract rees y1991 Eigh to join G to a Totte t of Ja r pan ampus end nham Ho from of th e cur tspur at footb rent the all se Engl ason ish .
  133. 133. Fred his h die Mer ome cury1991 hour in Lo dies s afte ndon at with r goi , just the n ng p 24 suffe ews tha ublic ring t he from was AIDS .
  134. 134. Bohe retur mian R Britis ns to th hapsod h sin e top y1991 16 ye gles c of th relea ars, w harts a e ses p ith th fter dona roce e re- ted t eds b Higg o the Ter eing ins T ence rust.
  135. 135. Film s : Te Hood rmina1991 : Prin tor 2 The , Silen ce of Th Robin JFK a ce of ieves nd C the Lam , ape b Fear s, .
  136. 136. The lovel y ‘Be ol ye r ars in ou 1985 rtha’ ran -86 ision schoTelev
  137. 137. ‘Tell y Ad dicts ol ye r ars in ou 1985 ’ ran from -98 ision schoTelev
  138. 138. ‘Vict oria TV’ r Wood a ol ye r ars in ou an fr om 1 s see 985- n on 87 ision schoTelev
  139. 139. Who ‘Sup could fo ol ye r ars in ou ergr an’ 1 rget 985- 87 ision schoTelev
  140. 140. ‘Sorr y’ ra but t n from 1 ol ye r ars in ou hen in 19 981-82 85-8 8 ision schoTelev
  141. 141. ‘Blin Black d Date’ ol ye r with ars in ou ran f rom 1985 Cilla -200 3 ision schoTelev
  142. 142. ‘Pob ’s Pro ol ye r gram ars in ou from 1985 me’ r -88 an ision schoTelev
  143. 143. ‘Gra simil nge Hill ar to ’ was ol ye r ars Haw too in ou from 1978 kley it ran -200 8 ision schoTelev
  144. 144. ‘3-2- 1’ wi th Du ol ye r ars sty B in ou from 1978 -88 in ra n ision schoTelev
  145. 145. ‘The Tube and ’ with Jools ol ye r Holla Paula Ya ars in ou 1982 nd ra n fro tes -87 m ision schoTelev
  146. 146. Telev ision scho in ou ol ye r ars ‘No. 73’ r an fr om 1 982- 88
  147. 147. Telev ision scho in ou ol ye r ars ‘Ban anam -86 an’ r 1983 an from
  148. 148. ‘Just Goo ol ye r d Fri ars ends in ou from 1983 -86 ’ ran ision schoTelev
  149. 149. ‘Rob in of ol ye r Sher ars wood in ou from 1984 -86 ’ ran ision schoTelev
  150. 150. ‘The Trap ol ye r Door ars in ou 1984 ’ ran fro -86 m ision schoTelev
  151. 151. ‘Wid e Aw ol ye r ake C ars in ou from 1984 lub’ -92 ran ision schoTelev
  152. 152. ‘Spit ting Imag ol ye r ars e’ ra in ou 1984 -96 n fro m ision schoTelev
  153. 153. Telev ision scho in ou ol ye r ars ‘Brea d’ ra n fro m 19 86-9 1
  154. 154. ‘Joss y’s G ol ye r iants ars in ou 1986 ’ ran from -87 ision schoTelev
  155. 155. ‘Brus h Str ol ye r okes ars in ou 1986 ’ ran fro -91 m ision schoTelev
  156. 156. It’s g ood ‘Catc but i hphr t’s not r ol ye r ars in ou 1986 ase’ ran f ight rom -200 2 ision schoTelev
  157. 157. Telev ision scho in ou ol ye r ars ‘Boo n’ ra n fro m 19 86-9 2
  158. 158. ‘Strik e it L ol ye r ucky ars in ou 1986 ’ ran fro -99 m ision schoTelev
  159. 159. ‘Bea dle’s Abou ol ye r ars in ou 1986 t’ ran fro -96 m ision schoTelev
  160. 160. ‘The Char t Sho ol ye r ars w’ ra in ou 1986 -98 n fro m ision schoTelev
  161. 161. ‘Goi ng L ol ye r ive’ r ars in ou 1987 an from -93 ision schoTelev
  162. 162. ‘Goi ng fo r Go ol ye r ld’ ra ars in ou 1987 -96 n fro m ision schoTelev
  163. 163. ‘The New ol ye r State ars sman in ou from 1987 -94 ’ ran ision schoTelev
  164. 164. Telev ision scho in ou ol ye r ars ‘Red Dwa 1988 -99 rf ’ ra n fro m
  165. 165. ‘Cou nt Du ol ye r ckul ars in ou 1988 a’ ran fro -93 m ision schoTelev
  166. 166. ‘Cha lleng ol ye r e An ars neka in ou from 1989 -95 ’ ran ision schoTelev
  167. 167. ‘Bird s of a Feath ol ye r ars in ou 1989 er’ ran fr -98 om ision schoTelev
  168. 168. ‘Byk er G rove ol ye r ars in ou 1989 ’ ran fro -200 m 6 ision schoTelev
  169. 169. ‘Mai d Ma Merr rian ol ye r y Me and ars her in ou 1989 n’ ra n fro m -94 ision schoTelev
  170. 170. ‘A bi t of F ry an ol ye r d Lau ars in ou from 1989 -95 rie’ r an ision schoTelev
  171. 171. ‘A bi t of F ry an ol ye r d Lau ars in ou from 1989 -95 rie’ r an ision schoTelev
  172. 172. ‘Pres s Ga ol ye r ng’ r ars in ou 1989 an from -93 ision schoTelev
  173. 173. Telev ision scho in ou ol ye r ars ‘Fun Hous 1989 -99 e’ ra n fro m
  174. 174. ‘The Ma ry Expe Whit ol ye r rienc ehou ars in ou 1990 e’ ra n fro m se -92 ision schoTelev
  175. 175. ‘The Ma ry Expe Whit ol ye r rienc ehou ars in ou 1990 e’ ra n fro m se -92 ision schoTelev
  176. 176. ‘Dun geon ran f s and Dr ol ye r ars in ou rom a 1983 gons’ -85 ision schoTelev
  177. 177. Telev ision scho in ou ol ye r ars ‘A-Te am’ r an fr om 1 983- 87
  178. 178. Telev ision scho in ou ol ye r ars ‘Airw olf ’ r an fr om 1 984- 87
  179. 179. Telev ision scho in ou ol ye r ars ‘ALF ’ ran from 1986 -90
  180. 180. Wan kwat ‘Bay ch, I ol ye r watc mea ars in ou 1989 h’ ra n fro m n -200 1 ision schoTelev
  181. 181. Telev ision scho in ou ol ye r ars ‘Blac kadd 1983 -89 er’ ra n fro m
  182. 182. ‘Cag ney & ol ye r Lace ars in ou 1982 y’ ran fr -88 om ision schoTelev
  183. 183. ‘Cha rlie B rown ol ye r show ars and in ou ’ ran from Snoo 1983 py -85 ision schoTelev
  184. 184. Telev ision scho in ou ol ye r ars ‘Che ers’ r an fr om 1 982- 93
  185. 185. ‘The Cosb y Sho ol ye r ars in ou 1984 w’ ran fr -92 om ision schoTelev
  186. 186. Telev ision scho in ou ol ye r ars ‘Dea r Joh 1986 -87 n’ ra n fro m
  187. 187. ‘The Gold en G ol ye r irls’ r ars in ou 1985 -92 an fr om ision schoTelev
  188. 188. ‘The Fall G ol ye r uy’ r ars in ou 1981 -86 an fr om ision schoTelev
  189. 189. ‘Hill Stree t Blu ol ye r es’ ra ars in ou 1981 -86 n fro m ision schoTelev
  190. 190. ‘High way ol ye r to He ars in ou from 1984 aven -89 ’ ran ision schoTelev
  191. 191. ‘Knig ht Ri ol ye r der’ ars in ou 1982 ran from -86 ision schoTelev
  192. 192. ‘Mag num ol ye r P.I.’ r ars in ou 1980 an from -88 ision schoTelev
  193. 193. ‘Mar ried with ol ye r from Childre ars in ou 1987 -97 n’ ra n ision schoTelev
  194. 194. ‘Mia mi V ol ye r ice’ r ars in ou 1984 an from -90 ision schoTelev
  195. 195. ‘Mur der, She W ol ye r ars in ou from 1984 rote’ -96 ran ision schoTelev
  196. 196. Telev ision scho in ou ol ye r ars ‘My Two Dads -90 1987 ’ ran from
  197. 197. ‘Pun ky B rews ol ye r ter’ r ars in ou 1984 -88 an fr om ision schoTelev
  198. 198. ‘Qua ntum ol ye r Leap ars in ou 1989 ’ ran fro -93 m ision schoTelev
  199. 199. Telev ision scho in ou ol ye r ars ‘Rose 1988 anne -97 ’ ran from
  200. 200. ‘Save d by the B ol ye r ars ell’ r in ou 1989 -93 an fr om ision schoTelev
  201. 201. ‘Stre et Ha ol ye r wk’ r ars in ou 1985 an from -85 ision schoTelev
  202. 202. ‘Alie n Na ol ye r tion’ ars in ou 1989 ran from -90 ision schoTelev
  203. 203. ‘Dem psey ol ye r ran f & Make ars in ou rom 1985 piece’ -86 ision schoTelev
  204. 204. ‘Pris oner Cell ol ye r Bloc ars in ou from 1979 k H’ ran -86 ision schoTelev
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