Angela's Ashes and The Color Purple


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Angela's Ashes and The Color Purple

  2. 2. Angela’s Ashes Angela’s Ashes is a moving book full ofpoverty, suffering, and death that shows thatno matter how difficult things seem, the hardtines can always be overcome.Angela and Malachy McCourt, both Irish,were married in America after a passionatenight together that ended up producing theirfirst son, Francis(or Frank as introduced to thereader).Later, the couple had another son, twins, and adaughter while living in a small apartment inNew York. Margaret soon died and the familymoved to Ireland where their lives were onlyworsened.
  3. 3. Angela’s Ashes Angela had two more children that lived, but the young twins died. Malachy was an alcoholic who rarely held a job and spent his wages at the pub instead of on his family. They were forced to beg for food and other necessities because relatives were cruel and selfish. This novel tells the tell of young Frank having to endure extreme poverty, starvation, and a broken family with strength and courage. He eventually raises enough money to go to America.
  4. 4. CharactersAggie: Angelas angry sister who looks after the McCourtchildren as a last resort.Paddy Clohessy: A very poor friend of young FrankMccourt, his family is in dire need becase his father is dyingfrom tuberculosis.Theresa Carmody: A seventeen-year-old girl withtuberculosis with whom the guilt-ridden Frank has his firstsexual relationship.Delia: Angelas cousin who with her sister Philomeniaforces Malachy into marrying Angela when she becomespregnant and arranges for the McCourts return to Ireland.Mrs. Finucane: Employs Frank to write threatening lettersto her creditors.Grandma: Angelas angry mother pays for the McCourts toreturn to Ireland and helps them numerous times despiteher angry words.
  5. 5. CharactersBridey Hannon: The McCourts Roden Lane neighbor andAngelas friend.Mr. Hannon: A fatherly neighbor who gives Frank a jobdelivering coal.Laman Griffin: Angelas cousin who is cruel to Frankforcing him to move in with his uncle Ab Sheehan.Patricia Madigan: A patient in the same hospital as Frank.She introduces him to Shakespeare before dying ofdiphtheria.Alfie McCourt: The protagonist Franks youngest brother.Angela McCourt: The matriarch of the McCourt family,Angela is a good mother attempting to raise four children inspite of abject poverty, an oppressive society and analcoholic husband.Eugene McCourt: One of Franks twin brothers who dies ininfancy.
  6. 6. CharactersFrank McCourt: The protagonist and narrator whoafter returning from New York to Ireland as a youngchild experiences a life of dire poverty andultimately returns to America.Malachy McCourt Sr.: The patriarch of theMcCourt family, Malachy is an alcoholic whoremains unemployed most of the time and spendshis salary at the pub when he does have a job tothe despair of his wife and children.Malachy McCourt Jr.: Franks charming youngerbrother. The brothers help each survive inLimerick.Michael McCourt: Franks younger brother whom,according to Frank, was left by a Angel on theSeventh Step.
  7. 7. CharactersOliver McCourt: One of Franks twinbrothers who dies in infancy.Mikey Molloy: Franks older friend whosuffers from fits and provides Frank withinformation regarding sexual matters.Nora Molloy: Neighbor and friend whoobsessively bakes bread before beingcommitted to the Insane Asylum for a restfrom her alcoholic husband.Pa Keating: Aunt Aggies gentle, kind andencouraging husband.
  8. 8. CharactersPhilomena: Angelas cousin who, with her sisterDelia, forces Malachy into marrying Angela whenshe becomes pregnant and arranges for theMcCourts return to Ireland.Seamus: The kind-hearted hospital worker whomemorizes poetry for Frank and helps himcommunicate with PatriciaAb Sheehan: Angelas mentally deficient brotherwho is cruel to Frank when he helps him deliver hisnewspapers. Frank calls him Uncle Pat.Mr. Timoney: An old man to whom Frank readsliterature. He treats him as an adult andencourages him to pursue his studies.
  9. 9. ElementsPremise: Based on Frank McCourts best-sellingautobiography, Angelas Ashes presents the dismaland rain-drenched story of a poor Irish-Catholicfamily living in Limerick, Ireland, during the 30s and40s. Tragedy after tragedy haunts their everywaking moment as disease, death, alcoholism,prejudice and poverty wedge them into anoutrageously cruel existence. A grown-up Franknarrates his childhood experiences and hisdesperate quest to leave Ireland for the goldenshores of America.
  10. 10. ElementsPositive Elements: As a history lesson, Ashes canserve as a reminder to those prone to self-indulgence that life doesnt owe them anything. Theflip of a coin, the change of a decade, or a tripacross the ocean and one might find everythingstripped away. The creature comforts, even thebare necessities of life. Despite being forced into alife of extreme poverty and desperation by herdrunk and deadbeat husband, Angela devotes herlife to keeping her children fed and clothed. Hermaternal love knows no bounds and no obstacletoo big.
  11. 11. ElementsSpiritual Content: Catholicism is frequently depicted throughthe youthful and disillusioned eyes of Frank. He is rudelydenied the privilege of being an altar boy because he is poorand "from the North." When his teachers see that he is abright boy and deserves the chance to go on to highereducation, the Christian brothers in charge flatly deny him thatchance, for the same reasons.After his first communion and communion breakfast, Frankbecomes sick and throws up. His horrified grandmothershrieks at him, appalled that he has "thrown up the body andblood of Jesus." Convinced that "the body of God is in thebackyard" where Frank threw up, she sends him to confessionto ask the priest what to do. A school teacher uses Jesus ownlack of material possessions to reprimand Franks classmatesfor laughing at his old and repaired shoes.
  12. 12. ElementsNudity and Sexual Content: Frank and hisyoung pals climb up a trellis to spy on nakedgirls (the womens breasts are shown). Theboys talk about female body parts, and Frankbriefly contemplates bestiality after a priestasks him if he is committing that particular sin.Later, the boys are pictured standing togetherin a field, masturbating (their bare backsidesare shown). When Frank is fifteen years old,he succumbs to a sexual relationship with agirl.
  13. 13. ElementsDrug and Alcohol Content: Franks father, Malachy,suffers from a severe case of pride mixed withalcoholism. He is repeatedly shown falling-downdrunk. He drinks up every wage he ever earns, alongwith gift money for a new baby. He cant keep a jobfor longer than a few weeks because he becomes toodrunk to work once the paychecks arrive. Malachyand Angela also smoke frequently. When Frank turns16, his uncle takes him to a pub for his first "pint."Frank stumbles home, just like his father, slaps hismother across the face and calls her a slut beforecollapsing. Alcohol is never glorified here. Its evileffects are felt too deeply for that. Yet, it is toleratedand even embraced from a cultural and socialperspective despite its obvious dangers.
  14. 14. ElementsOther Negative Content: Franks obsessivequest to flee to America prompts him to stealmoney from a dead employer to finance hisjourney. When he curses at, slaps and revileshis mother, he goes to confession, but neverapologizes to her. The concept of moralityseems to remain foreign to him, despite hisimmersion in the Catholic faith.
  15. 15. Frank McCourt was born in 1930 in Brooklyn, New York, to Irish immigrant parents, grew up in Limerick, Ireland, and at the age of nineteen, returned to the United States. Surviving initially through a string of casual jobs, spending every spare minute reading books from the public library, Frank began a process of self- education and improvement that led,Frank McCourt Biography eventually, to a careerPulitzer Prize for Biography as a high-schoolFrank McCourt Date of birth: teacher.August 19, 1931
  16. 16. For twenty-seven years he taught in various New York City public schools, the last seventeen of which were spent at Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan. After retiring from teaching, Frank and his brother Malachy performed a two-man show titled "A Couple of Blackguards," a musical review about their Irish youth. Then, in his sixties, Frank McCourt sat down and beganFrank McCourt writing about his past. The tales of his childhood that he had told many times to his classes at school and in theJanuary 24, 2006 bars of New York soon took shape as the highly acclaimed memoir that is Angelas Ashes(1999). Published initially in the United States, it went straight into the bestseller lists and then crossed the Atlantic to take the bookshops by storm in Ireland, in the rest of Europe, and around the world. Angelas Ashes went on to win, in the US alone, the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Critics Circle Award and the LA Times Award His second book, about his life in the US after he moved from Ireland, is called "Tis." Frank McCourt lives with his wife Ellen in New York City and Connecticut.
  18. 18. The Color Purple The Color Purple is about the life of Celie, a black woman growing up in theSouth. She must overcome mysogyny, racism andpoverty to establish herselfas an independent person. The novel also follows the maturation of her sisterNettie and the lives of Shug, Albert, and much of his extended family.
  19. 19. The Color PurpleCelie is raped by the man she thinks is herfather when she is only fourteen years old.She bears two children as a result, both ofwhom are taken by "Pa" and given to aReverend in the town. After Celies motherdies, Pa marries her off to a man she onlycalls Mr. ______.
  20. 20. The Color PurpleCelies life with Mr. ______ is miserablebecause she must raise his children froma previous marriage. At the same time hedespises her and beats her for no reason.Celies life improves after her sister Nettieruns away from home and comes to livewith her, but Mr. ______ makes Nettieleave after a few weeks.
  21. 21. The Color PurpleNettie goes into the town and meets theReverend who is raising both of Celieschildren. She gets a job as a maid with thefamily. The Reverend, called Samuel, andhis wife Corrine are both missionariespreparing to go to Africa. After one of theirpartner missionaries refuses to go, theyboth offer Nettie the womans position.Nettie leaves for Africa with the family andthe children, Adam and Olivia.
  22. 22. The Color PurpleCelie watches as Harpo, Mr. ______seldest son, gets a young girl namedSophia pregnant and then marries her.Harpo tries to dominate Sophia the wayhis father dominates Celie, but she isstronger and fights him back. EventuallySophia gets fed up with Harpo and leaveshim to go live with her sister Odessa.
  23. 23. The Color PurpleMr. ______ finds out that his mistress ofmany years, Shug Avery, is ill. He drivesoff and brings her home where he makesCelie take care of her. Celie is happy to doso, because she immediately falls in lovewith Shug when she sees her. Shug is ill-tempered and nasty to Celie at first, butsoon starts to like her.
  24. 24. The Color PurpleHarpo converts his house into a jukejointafter Sophia leaves, but no one will come.He finally asks Shug, who is a singer, ifshe would be willing to sing at his place.She agrees and the first night she draws alarge crowd. Shug also insists that Celiebe allowed to come and sings a songdedicated to Celie.
  25. 25. The Color Purple When Shug finds out that Mr. ______ is beating Celie, she forces him to stop. At the same time, she learns that Celie does not enjoy sex with Mr. ______ at all. Shug tries to teach Celie about the pleasures of sex, but soon realizes that Celie is only attracted to women. Shug then arranges things so that she is able to sleep with Celie one night.
  26. 26. The Color PurpleShug returns with a husband namedGrady and they stay for a while. Shugsoon discovers that Mr. ______ hasbeen taking letters from Celies sisterNettie and hiding them from her.When Celie finds out she is madenough to try and kill Mr. ______, butShug prevents her. Together they findall of the letters and start to readthem.
  27. 27. The Color PurpleNettie goes to Africa with the family andthey set up their mission in a small villagewhere the Olinka people live. The nativesview Nettie as a second wife of Samuel,which makes Corrine very jealous. Soonshe stops Nettie from meeting withSamuel in private or from borrowing herclothing. After a few years, Corrine comesdown with a fever and passes away afterlearning the truth about Nettie and heradopted children.
  28. 28. The Color PurpleAdam and Olivia have become very good friendswith a young Olinka girl named Tashi. Tashidecides that she must undergo the ritualscarification ceremony on her face and also thefemale circumcision in order to remember hertribal roots. However, she is so ashamed of themarks that she soon leaves to join the mbeles.Adam goes after her and fetches her homeagain, but she refuses to marry him because sheis afraid she will not be accepted in the UnitedStates. Adam then gets his face marked as wellso that they look alike, at which point they getmarried. The whole family then makes plans toreturn home.
  29. 29. The Color PurpleAfter finding her sisters letters, Celiedecides to leave home with Shug. She tellsMr. ______ she is leaving and jams hishand with a fork when he tries to hit her.Before she leaves, she curses him for theway he has treated her and tells him he iscursed until he does right by her. Inresponse he refuses to send her any ofNetties letters as they keep arriving.
  30. 30. The Color PurpleCelie goes to Memphis with Shug where shestarts making lots of pants. Eventually she getsso good at designing pants that people from allover start to order from her. Shug helps Celieturn the work into a business. Soon thereafterCelie learns that "Pa" is really not her father butan imposter who married her mother after herreal father died. Pas real name is Alphonso. Afterhe dies Celie receives a phone call telling herthat the house actually belongs to her and Nettie.She immediately returns home.
  31. 31. The Color PurpleCelie fixes up her new house while Shugtakes off with a nineteen year old fluteplayer for a tryst around the country. Celieis heart-broken but she discovers that Mr.______, now called Albert, has finallymade something of his life. After Celie lefthe almost died of malnurishment and onlystarted to recover after Harpo made himmail Celie the last of Netties letters. Albertasks Celie for forgiveness and they soonbecome good friends.
  32. 32. The Color Purple Shug returns and decides to retire.Her flute player ends up going tocollege and Shug has gotten old andneeds to relax. Celie is now quitewealthy because she also inherited adry goods store. She gives Sophia ajob there and keeps running her pantbusiness as well.
  33. 33. The Color PurpleNettie finally returns homewith Samuel, whom shehas married. Their childrenare with them, so Celiegets to see her realchildren now that they areall grown up. She andNettie fall into each othersarms and lie on the groundhugging. Celie commentsthat she has never felt soyoung before in her life.
  34. 34. Alice Walker · 1944: February 9, Alice Malsenior Walker is born to sharecroppers, Willie Lee and Minnie Tallulah (Lou) Grant Walker in the farming community of Eatonton, GA.· 1952: At the age of eight, Alice is accidentally blinded byone of her brothers while playing a game of "Cowboys andIndians."· 1952-58: Alice is ostracized as an outcast because of herscar. To deal with her feelings of loneliness, Alice begins toread and write poetry.· 1958: At the age of fourteen, while visiting her brother Billin Boston, Alice is taken to a hospital to have the cataract inher eye removed. She becomes confident and her life istransformed.
  35. 35. Alice Walker· 1960: Alice graduates as valedictorian from her high school class.She is voted most popular student of her graduating class and iselected queen of the prom.· 1961: Alice Walker is awarded a scholarship to attend the historicalAfrican-American womans institution, Spelman College.· 1965: In the winter, during her last few months of school, Alicelearns that she is pregnant. For three days Alice sleeps with a razorblade underneath her pillow and contemplates suicide. A friend of herslocates a doctor to help Alice get an abortion.· 1965: After the abortion, Alice suffers from anxiety and depression.She writes poems based on her experiences which she submits to herwriting teacher and mentor Muriel Rukeyser. Her professor submitsthem to her agent for review. These poems will become the basis ofAlices first book of poetry, Once, which will not be published untilthree years later.
  36. 36. Alice Walker· 1967: Alice falls in love with Melvyn Rosenman Leventhal who shemarries on March 17, 1967. He later becomes an attorney whoprosecutes civil rights cases in court. They move to Mississippi inbecoming the states first legally married interracial couple in history.· 1967: Alice Walker publishes her first short story, "To Hell withDying," based in reaction to her depression.· 1969: Alices work in Georgia helps her to see the effect poverty onrelationships between black men and women.· 1976: She and her husband Mel Leventhal divorce amicably.
  37. 37. Alice Walker· 1982: Alice Walkers third Novel The ColorPurple is published and is nominated for aNational Book Award.· 1982: Alice Walker becomes a professor atUniversity of California duirng the Spring andBradeis University during the Fall.· 1986: The Color Purple premieres on January18 in her hometown of Eatonton, GA