Celebrity endorsement in Practice (KIA MOTORS EXAMPLE)


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This Presentation is about Celebirty Endorsements. What we know about theory and how it can be used in pratice (KIA MOTORS EXAMPLE).

  • Dear @Jacinto Thanks for your comment, appreciate alternative views.

    I'd say that, your comment would be fair enough if we were talking about KIA's Global Strategy. Though, Georgian Market itself is very specific, Here 90% consumers either choose BMW or Mercedes (Secondary ones), Therefore Positioning Kia as something 'Cool' and source consumers from Mer. or BMW is quite good decision. I agree with you that more consumer insights would be useful. But, this is just PPT of Main Points. Thanks!
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  • You mean to say the source of business in the Kia strategy is BMW/ Mercedes Benz customers? I don't think people who would want to be associated with BMW and MB would want to be associated with the Kia brand which stands for affordability (few brands are more affordable than a Kia), I think we have a case of wrong target market here which brand endorsers CANNOT solve. Additionally, there are too few consumer insights on this presentation to be helpful.
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Celebrity endorsement in Practice (KIA MOTORS EXAMPLE)

  2. 2. Celebrity Endorsements To clarify exact meaning of Celebrity endorsement – it’s when brand involves a well known person in their advertising campaign to promote a product or service. You all should have seen thousands of ads starring celebrities, presenting us clothing collections, food, makeup, perfume and other products and services, which seem to be same as before, but the fact that “cover girl” tells you she’s drinking that water, makes this product more wanted and puts it on another level.
  3. 3. Celebrity Endorsements Companies spend huge amount of money to make celebrities appear in their ads: Brad Pitt David Beckham Beyonce Brand: Chanel (Chanel No. 5 ad) Brand: Adidas Brand: Pepsi Payout: $7 million Payout: $160 million (lifetime) Payout: $50 million
  4. 4. PROS Celebrity endorsement makes us remember ads better It makes us perceive product more differently. Product contributes star status It helps ad to stand out from clutter. Celebrity-based campaigns hold the viewer’s attention
  5. 5. Celebrity Endorsements Gone Well Face of Chanel No. 5, Nicole Kidman had been a major success to the fashion fragrance as she reportedly helped raise their business to 16%. In 1984, Nike launched the most successful athlete endorsement campaign in history. Even though Michael Jordan has been out of the game for nearly 9 years. The Jordan Brand is now a branch of Nike that has grossed over $1 billion.
  6. 6. CONS It’s always a risk. Brand image may easily be affected by celebrities’ good/bad behavior Celebrity may overshadow brand and customers may focus on celebrity, not on product It’s always better when celebrity is representing one brand. When endorsing in too much campaigns it may not be effective separately for each of these companies
  7. 7. Celebrity Endorsements Gone Bad After publishing pictures of In November 1991, L.A. Lakers Kate Moss in Daily Mirror star Johnson stunned the sports world by announcing that he had been infected with HIV while cheating on his wife. Industry experts said within six months, all of Johnson’s sponsorship deals, including those with Pepsi and Converse, had vanished newspaper where she was taking drugs Chanel, Burberry and H&M cancelled their campaigns and contracts with her. In 2004, the milk processors and dairy farmers responsible for the “Got Milk?” advertising campaign were forced to terminate ads featuring Olsen Twins after Mary-Kate checked into a treatment facility for a “health-related issue” that some publications reported as an eating disorder.
  8. 8. Celebrity Endorsement in Practice TASK Client: KIA MOTORS GEORGIA Chief Branding Officer wants brand Localization and use Celebrity Endorsement Brand Identity: Vibrant – Kia’s challenging spirit, fun attitude and proven capabilities resonate in people’s minds. It continuously strives to be at the pulse of time to deliver inspiring customer experience. Distinctive – it offers unique product designs, smart technologies and enjoyable services. Kia’s free spirit creates new and colorful life for everyone. Reliable – Kia never compromises quality. Its relentless pursuit of safety, performance and comfort makes Kia a trustworthy friend.
  9. 9. Brief Target Audience 25-35 years, Urban, male, upper income earners, Young Achievers, Looking for Status Brand Challenge I would rather prefer to pay same amount of Money for secondary BMW or Mercedes rather than buy BRAND NEW KIA. As far as I don’t know what does the brand stand for Brand Opportunity To show Georgian consumer that Driving New KIA is a New Status Trend of those who already Achieved something Brand Deflectors: Brand Attractors: • • • • Refined Car Design Affordability Long-term Guarantee Strategic alliances with Banks and Insurance • • • Not established Brand Image Perception of low-status brand Brand is distant from consumers
  10. 10. 3 Stages 1st - Defining Desired Brand Image Attributes 2nd – Celebrity and Brand Story 3rd - Defining Celebrity Program for Brand Support
  11. 11. Desired Strategy 3 Prestige 2 Reliability Experience 1 Trendy Comfort Design Distinctiveness Status pleasure Youngish 0 Quality Affordability Benefits (Guarantee, fr ee Insurance) -1 -2 -3 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3
  12. 12. Story Achievement has always been significant issue for Georgian People. Friends in their 25-35 love to talk a lot about their personal/career/sport Triumphs. Car is the most outstanding attribute that defines their status and achievement Level KIA AWARD – Celebrity/Achiever of the YEAR George Loria Attributes: •Young-Achiever •Trendy •Likable
  13. 13. Brand Program objective: • Develop Emotional attachment with Target Audience via leveraging “Status” territory • Impress consumers & make brand more closer through George Loria Celebrity Endorsement mechanics: ATL: TVC - Kia Main Copy +5 sec Tag for G.Loria Testimonial; 16weeks; 2 flights; average – 250 weekly GRPs; 50-60% coverage. Key Visual - G. Loria photo shooting with Kia Vehicles in Socially Active Themes (Saving Goal at stadium; Desirable Friend; etc) OOH - -Tbilisi/Batumi/Kutaisi – 30 Boards (4 months/2 flights) Print – 3 Yellow Press Magazines – 6 Months/2 flights (60k Circulations Total) PR: Test Drive - with George Loria every week days Presentation and Award ceremony - for “Achiever of the Year” – George Loria - In KIA MOTORS GEORGIA Show Room. Press campaign with G.L.- interviews about life,, carrier, Interests, etc all about Achievement of Young Georgia Professional TV-Story with G.L. - incl. product placement: G.L home, at football Ground, with friends, with parents, Going Out. BTL: Consumer Promo - Buy Kia and Get Infinite Credit Card; Allowance for G.Loria’s every Football Match for 2014; KIA Club Card – entitling permission on KIA Party during New Year expected results: Increase Top of mind +5pp Increase “brand for me”, Attribute +2pp
  14. 14. KIA Activity Calendar - 2014 JAN TVC FRB MAR APR MAY JUNE JUL KIA Main Copy +5 Sec Tag AUG SEPT OCT KIA Main Copy +5 Sec Tag 1st Flight 2nd Flight OOH 1st Flight Press 2nd Flight Presentation & Award Ceremony PR Test Drive TV Story BTL Press Campaign Consuemr Promo/ Special Gifts NOV DEC
  15. 15. 15 Thank You Vakhtang Antadze GUM Category Manager Caucasus – Kraft Foods LLC Part of Mondelēz International Family of Companies Anuka Chokhonelidze Marketing Manager Adress LLC.