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The Answering Service Advantage: Learn How Your Small Business Can Benefit


Published on | Learn how using a small business answering service can keep your customers and employees happy, as well as save you money and time. Contact 1-800-673-2000 to learn more about AnswerMTI.

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The Answering Service Advantage: Learn How Your Small Business Can Benefit

  1. 1. Learn How Your Small Business Can Benefit
  2. 2. • A live, fully-staffed phone answering service that takes your company's calls for you and directs them as you see fit. • Agents are thoroughly trained to represent your company and understand what you do. • Service is valuable for use in a variety of small businesses, including those in real estate, law, medicine, HVAC and more.
  3. 3. • Having an outside call answering service means that your employees will be able to work on other more mission-critical tasks instead of fielding calls. • 24/7 call answering means that more work can be done even outside of standard business hours; agents can book appointments or input information directly into your systems. • Not having to hire additional administrative staff to cover call volume means that you'll be able to invest in other areas where it's needed.
  4. 4. • In-house staff won't find themselves distracted by having to answer calls or having to deal with rude/disgruntled callers (answering service agents are specially trained to deal with these situations calmly and professionally). • Phones that ring off the hook are a thing of the past; off-site answering services = quieter office space, which will promote more peaceful productivity.
  5. 5. • 24-hour daily service and dedicated answering staff means no more missed calls, allowing customers to get through to someone quickly each time they dial. • Live agents remove the frustration of navigating complicated and annoying automated phone systems with pre- recorded prompts that don't always fit the customer's needs. • After-hours call answering means that customers/clients who work late or are otherwise unable to call during business hours can still get through to make appointments and get their issues handled.
  6. 6. • Agents are able to provide updated information or mention any upcoming promotions or business changes, keeping customers informed and up to date. • AnswerMTI's small business answering service is based in the United States, reducing the risk of misunderstandings due to cultural differences or insufficient language fluency. • Bilingual service options are available to help customers who can't speak English or do not understand it well.
  7. 7. • Freeing up employees to do other work means that you'll be paying less for time spent on the phone and more for actual progress on true revenue generating activities. • Not having to hire a dedicated reception staff for phone calls reduces overall employee costs. • Being able to book appointments, make sales, or do other tasks outside of business hours means more business and more profit.
  8. 8. • You won't need to pay for call staff sick days, lunch breaks or vacation. • Answering calls around the clock means more opportunities for agents to bring in new sales leads or sign up new customers (ultimately leading to profit).  AnswerMTI live answering services are provided on an affordable, month-to-month basis with no contracts or hidden fees.
  9. 9. • AnswerMTI is a professional call answering service company that provides live agent services for a variety of purposes across a broad range of industries. Our services have been used as virtual reception desks, consumer call centers, appointment setting services, emergency dispatch services and even whistle-blower hotlines. • To learn more about how AnswerMTI small business answering services can help build your business, visit CALL US: 1-800-673-2000
  10. 10. Summary Learn how using a small business answering service can keep your customers and employees happy, as well as save you money and time.